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  1. @Nolebull813 Yes, their crimes were reported. Yes, the athletic directors were notified. Some ADs chose to put their students at risk rather than have an open week, some were duped by unscrupulous game schedulers. And yes, you are mentally disabled.
  2. Who knew? How could anyone have known?
  3. Thankfully Bishop Sycamore is finished for good now.
  4. Roy Johnson said the exact same thing two years earlier. The two scams were practically carbon copies of each other.
  5. The bank fraud case required the bank to file a Suspicious Activity Report with the U.S. Secret Service. Roy Johnson and Jay Richardson have admitted they were questioned by the Secret Service. In a recent USA Today article about Bishop Sycamore, a spokeman for the Secret Service said it "does not confirm the existence or absence of a potentially ongoing investigation." The FDIC doesn't cover losses due to bank fraud, the bank would have private insurance for that but has to prove fraud. The court has granted summary judgment against Johnson and Richardson, meaning there was no dispute of the material facts, and the case will be concluded after a damages hearing on January 25, 2022. Any related criminal charges now would put three years of civil litigation on hold just before the victim is about to prevail. After the 25th I'd be very worried.
  6. The Feds have a way of making a federal case out of everything. This is one of them.
  7. It sure beats the I-70 off ramp!!!
  8. Any spare change would help!!!
  9. Before I thought Peterson was a rube being taken for a ride by Johnson, but he's pretty actively involved in the scam. I guess some guys will do anything to surround their kid with an All-Star team to make them look good. Where have we heard that before?
  10. Just further confirmation that you and GardenStateBaller were lying about everything all along. How will it end? Badly. Very badly.
  11. The Ohio Department of Education report is in. No evidence the "school" enrolled any students or had a physical location. Governor has referred the case to the Attorney General for further investigation. https://www.wkyc.com/article/sports/high-school/hs-football/ohio-bishop-sycamore-investigation-results/95-1e804908-1d36-4cf0-aa11-3305c9699cb3
  12. Live feed from Bishop Sycamore High School signing day. Fin
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