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  1. More craziness described in this article. https://scorebooklive.com/ohio/2021/09/17/one-reporters-experience-covering-a-bishop-sycamore-game-missing-uniforms-incomplete-rosters-complete-disarray/ Some of the highlights: A coach was asking players for their names before the game. Their jerseys arrived less than an hour before kickoff. A coach identified himself as Roy Johnson but Johnson wasn't even there. This game was their first time in pads. (Second time they've done this)
  2. Into their fourth season and this is the first time anyone has ever heard of anyone named Lorenzo Roy? That's odd. What is his position at Bishop Sycamore High School?
  3. The Governor asked the Ohio Department of Education to investigate the school. The Ohio Attorney General's office said they do not comment on "the existence of or potential for investigations." The OHSAA is a private organization and it is not investigating anything. Also, the U.S. Secret Service said it "does not confirm the existence or absence of a potentially ongoing investigation."
  4. This is the second time you have mentioned a non-existent OHSAA investigation. Why?
  5. The helmet exchange program was a great success. That toss and catch was impressive! Why did the Head Coach say "we are not a school" after you said "once and for all it's NOT a scam school"?
  6. Let's not forget who was the first and most vocal supporter of this human trafficking ring disguised as a football team.
  7. How come Jay Richardson isn't on The Football Fever show on ABC anymore?
  8. Since you know so much about all this, can you explain what exactly is the relationship between Leroy Johnson Jr. and James Richardson IV? They were business partners in the Richard Allen Group LLC and both have a court judgment against them for fraudulent misrepresentation for posing as representatives of the AME Church and taking out a $100,000 loan in the church's name and didn't repay it. They seem to have listed the same residential address on various court documents. They shared the same vehicle, a 2017 Range Rover that was repossessed. They seem to go way back. https://www.metro.us/richardson-hopes-to-broker-future-with-jets/ Hmm... why does this thing keep coming back to insurance? I'll get back to that.
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