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  1. Did the Jets trade a former overall No. 1 pick and 3 future first round picks to pay some deviant $240 million to throw a ball 7 yards? Nothing can surpass the Factory Of Sadness.
  2. Bank petitions for default against Bishop Sycamore’s Roy Johnson, following filing blocking Michael Strahan’s company’s payments to him So if Johnson ever gets paid, the money goes straight to the bank. Classic. The fact that SMAC Entertainment didn't respond to the complaint tells me the HBO documentary isn't happening anyway.
  3. That is correct. Having 5th year players disqualifies them from the National Championship and automatically relegates them to Tier 2. Also their strength of schedule component is lowered since the would-be college students are competing against high school kids. Those are the rules. Which I made up.
  4. Looks like they have seven 5th year players on this year's team.
  5. Why would the vast majority of a state athletic association's member schools approve of by-laws which can be exploited by a relatively small number of schools to gain an unfair competitive advantage? The simple answer is they won't. In Ohio, rules have been changed in recent years so that transfers are ineligible for the second half of the season and playoffs, and games against non-member schools like Bishop Sycamore and St. Frances don't count. Considering the number of Ohio schools still trying to fill their schedules for this season, I expect the minimum number of games against OHSAA member schools will be raised from 5 to 6 and restrictions on out-of-state games will remain in place.
  6. Don't forget Roy Johnson's trial for Aggravated Menacing starts next Thursday.
  7. That's why it's not allowed.
  8. Eligibility is based on age, time limits and graduation. Typically if a student turned 19 before a certain date he is ineligible, if it has been more than 8 consecutive semesters since entering 9th grade he is ineligible, if a student has graduated he is ineligible. NFHS requires all member associations to have such rules. Some states start at the beginning of 7th grade with 12 consecutive semesters of eligibility.
  9. Sorry but that's how it's registered with the State of New Jersey: National Interscholastic Football Conference LLC.
  10. Maybe all these rogue football schools will join the National Interscholastic Football Conference. Then they can be collectively banned by NFHS.
  11. I was wondering why both guys said they were the Director of Football Operations. They have two teams! I'll bet they have about 118 ballers there. 118 kids paying $27,200 tuition each, that's more than $3 million. You could almost buy a small college campus in Ohio for that. I hear Ryan Day wants it to happen.
  12. A rising 12th grader from a middle school that doesn't exist? Ok, whatever.
  13. Can't wait for the season to start! Schedule coming soon!! Baller alert!!!
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