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  1. Now 8 camps in June! Should lessen the sting a bit. http://www.bishopsycamore.org/camps/
  2. Dang, not even a retweet from a current or future coach. That's harsh. It's almost as if the offer never happened.
  3. Camp season for Bishop Sycamore is here, 5 camps in 7 days!
  4. Bishop Sycamore High School, IMG Academy (National), St. Frances, St. Edward, St. Ignatius, Life Christian Academy, DeMatha Catholic 2021 schedules coming soon!
  5. Their latest recruit. He'll fit right in. #themaskedreceiver
  6. Only one game confirmed, still looking for players, maybe even a head coach. No facilities, no uniforms, no helmets, no transportation. Only 100 days to go. I don't know.
  7. Or maybe they won't play any games at all.
  8. Who is the head football coach at Bishop Sycamore High School?
  9. 50 post-grads, 29 with D1 offers. Guaranteed 10-0 season against the high school kids! Maybe 9-1 with IMG. If anyone wants to check them out Kenyatta Watson will be putting the Bishop Sycamore dawgs on display at the Under Armour All American camp this Sunday at Fortress Obetz.
  10. The Bishop Sycamore Fall 2021 schedule is unbelievable!!!
  11. Unfortunately Spring football has been cancelled. Now, about that Fall 2021 schedule ...
  12. Of course I don't like it, but I will say this, looking at Bishop Sycamore's 2021 roster on Hudl, I honestly think they have a legit chance to beat St. Ignatius and St. Edward this year if only based on raw talent. St. Ignatius might be a challenge because it's so early, but St. Edward will definitely have their hands full come Sept. 24. Be careful what you wish for though. If Bishop Sycamore beats St. Ignatius or St. Edward, it will be the last time an OHSAA school schedules them. And it will bring lots and lots of media attention on the mystery school located somewhere in Columbus, O
  13. PHS '20 USAA '21 BSHS '22 Which "school" gets the credit for the offer?
  14. First game in 17 days. Or is it 32 days?
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