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  1. This is all kindergarten stuff compared to what is going to go down with COF Academy / Bishop Sycamore.
  2. It appears Bishop Sycamore is no longer a high school but is instead a postgraduate football team. Will they play other postgraduate teams and community colleges now?
  3. What exactly is a prep school? Are you referring to a grade 9-12 college preparatory school or is it something different? Serious question.
  4. These guys don't get involved with these kids until they have already demonstrated a certain athletic ability. Instead of standing around in your brand name gear watching 17 year olds bear crawl in an indoor athletic facility, how about volunteering and teaching them about a bear triangle when they're 12. They would be better prepared when they reach senior year, instead of having to repeat 12th grade.
  5. Sports 101: Why build a stadium with your own money when city or county government will build one for you. A stadium which you can then exploit for lucrative marketing deals with Nike, Adidas or Under Armour, given you can attract enough media attention. Of course, that might be giving too much credit to a guy whose background was in education and high school athletics, not marketing.
  6. It was your basic stone soup scam. The problem was it only attracted people also with empty pockets looking for money. In the end everyone is standing around looking at each other saying "I thought I was going to get money from you." I suspect the real target was the City of Wetumpka. Same deal with COF Academy with the added wrinkle of a life insurance scheme, maybe a little embezzlement too.
  7. COF Academy and Bishop Sycamore High School gave fake names to known local players and deliberately altered the spelling of other post graduate players on their roster hoping they wouldn't be found out. Competing under an assumed name also makes you ineligible under NCAA rules so they really screwed those kids over. Oh, and BSHS Athletic Director "David Brown" doesn't exist either.
  8. I noticed that the NJSIAA rules say you're ineligible if you competed under an assumed name. I wonder how that applies if your school's athletic director has operated under an assumed name.
  9. NJSIAA By-Laws J. Semester of Eligibility: 1. No student shall be eligible for high school athletics after the expiration of eight consecutive semesters following his/her entrance into the 9th grade. A student becomes ineligible for high school athletics when the class in which he/she was originally enrolled has graduated.
  10. Doesn't matter if you participated or not, a student who entered 9th grade in 2016 is no longer eligible after the 2019-20 school year.
  11. Hudl shows RHS freshman football 2016 so athletic eligibility expired at the end of the 2019-20 school year. 6th year is the charm though.
  12. I enrolled at Bishop Sycamore High School and this happened. The first rule of Bishop Sycamore High School is you don't talk about Bishop Sycamore High School.
  13. Just wanted to make sure Bishop Sycamore High School is following all the NFHS and NCAA rules for reclassifying. Oh that's right, there are no such rules.
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