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  1. Severino


    There won't be high school football in Ohio this Fall.
  2. Severino


    Next time you're on the phone, would you remind your Bishop Sycamore buddies Roy Johnson and Jay Richardson that they have depositions scheduled next week in their bank fraud case. Wouldn't want them to miss it.
  3. The official guidelines have been released and the state has relaxed this requirement by removing the "out of state" stipulation and replacing "must" with "may choose" to self-quarantine instead. So it's a go for Bishop Sycamore! Kickoff in 50 days!
  4. In Ohio, Akron Public Schools and Columbus City Schools are going full remote learning for high schools. No word on sports yet but how can you have football in that scenario? But forget sports, this is shaping up to be a disaster in education. They should just call it "Every Child Left Behind."
  5. The Ohio Department of Education will require any students or staff who travel out of state to self-quarantine at home for 14 days. This wipes out 8 of Bishop Sycamore's 12 games. They still have 4 home games though. Where is their home field again? Oh wait, they're building it now. Or no, Ohio State University will let them use their facilities.
  6. Err' body tryna get to the state that will have football. Hint: focus entirely on education for the next 12 months.
  7. It's too bad but normally you could catch some minor league baseball games in Nashville, Memphis and OKC. Another place in OKC to eat is Bourbon St. Cafe, try the alligator bites.
  8. Also Pearl's Crabtown in OKC, great seafood.
  9. Nashville: Country Music Hall of Fame Johnny Cash Museum Ryman Auditorium Andrew Jackson's Hermitage The Carter House (Civil War battlefield and museum) Memphis: Graceland Sun Studio Stax Records Museum Blues Hall of Fame B.B. King's restaurant (great live music) Oklahoma City: National Cowboy Museum Oklahoma City National Memorial Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame Bricktown water taxi tour
  10. Why fly with the Eagles when you can attend community college in Kansas?
  11. The Ohio Department of Education will require any student that travels out of state to self quarantine for 14 days upon return.
  12. And what's the deal with Bishop Sycamore? It's not a real school, and they don't have any teachers, coaches, players or anything. Some stolen helmets that haven't been re-certified don't cut it.
  13. Dusty has launched another Facebook Money Wheel pyramid scheme which should provide enough cash to keep the USA Academy charade going for another week. Not that there's an actual USA Academy, but anyone can ask him about it anyway.
  14. I'm surprised no one is talking about the biggest news of the day. IMG Academy will be taking on Bishop Sycamore Innovation High School from Columbus, Ohio on Friday, November 6th. What's the line on this game? I'm not a betting man but I'll say 2. What's the word on Bishop Sycamore's roster? Who will be the starting QB? Starting RB? Forget that, who's the head coach? OC? DC? Where are they practicing? Where will their first home game be played in just 65 short days? Just wondering.
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