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  1. B-Sick is back? Where'd they go? Oh, I forgot they were evicted. Again. 2018: The Baymont Inn 2019: The Griff 2020: The Commons On Kinnear 2021: The Graybar Hotel?
  2. They could play at Bishop Sycamore High School in Columbus. The stadium is wide open, all the players went home to Detroit to vote. #anybody #anywhere #anytime
  3. Their weakest links enrolled at some scam school called Bishop Sycamore and they are now on the outside looking in. Addition by subtraction.
  4. St. Joseph's Prep has gone to remote learning due to coronavirus cases and students in quarantine. All athletic activities are cancelled through October 30.
  5. Is Roy Johnson AKA David Brown gonna punk St. Joseph's Prep for a cheaper game in Ohio? Interesting reading.
  6. Say, is that COF Academy founder Roy Johnson on the sidelines for Bishop Sycamore? Why yes it is! Indeed!
  7. Bishop Sycamore at Clearwater Academy International is cancelled.
  8. Massillon, St. Edward and St. Ignatius have difficulty filling their schedules in a normal year. None of these schools were on Bishop Sycamore's original schedule but with all the last minute scheduling and cancellations this season they had no choice but to take the game. The other option was to not play at all that week. Bishop Sycamore High School doesn't exist.
  9. Bishop Sycamore cannot participate in the playoffs because it is not an OHSAA member. There is a football team called Bishop Sycamore but there is no high school. The school doesn't exist.
  10. My No. 1 has to go to the educational institution that not only committed multiple felonies, but was actually created to cover for a previous felony completely unrelated to education or football. #UBS25027
  11. Wait, Bishop Sycamore will not play their new TCAL rival Trinity Christian (TX) and will now take on Warren Harding (OH) instead? Are they punking their new league? What happened to the national schedule?
  12. Check out the wall-to-wall coverage of the St. Edward-Bishop Sycamore game! https://www.cleveland.com/highschoolsports/ https://www.dispatch.com/sports/high-school/ Hey, what up? Nobody covered the game? Is everybody just pretending it never happened? Embarrassed?
  13. That is so awesome! Go for it!
  14. You are flat out lying. OHSAA hasn't approved anything related to Bishop Sycamore. The point system is suspended this year and every school is in the playoffs. It doesn't matter who you play or how many games you play in the regular season. In a normal year no school will play BS because OHSAA considers it a bye and points are based on 9 game season.
  15. It was the same when they were COF Academy, said they would be applying to OHSAA while they were scheduling, then nothing. OHSAA said they never followed through. Also like COF Academy, the Ohio Department of Education will soon revoke their 08 registration when they find the school is not operating at the address provided to ODE.
  16. Actually he pays me. I'm sub-leasing space in your head.
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