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  1. Clowney spent his freshman year at St. John’s, DC before transferring to SFA.
  2. Anyone else shocked to hear that Dez is younger than Antonio Brown? I’d have lost that bet.
  3. Maybe so...but they didn’t look like a top 10 team tonight. Not like SJB, MD, SFA and Duncanville did last year. Not close.
  4. Men against boys...hard to believe MNW is #6 in the country. Not much fun to watch.
  5. Guess being a second round playoff team ain’t bad ...for a JV...lol.
  6. Are these guys that can’t make the “national “ team...basically their JV but with some seniors?
  7. CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Two teenagers were stabbed, and a coach was attacked during a high school football practice, according to Chesterfield Police. Police confirm that the two football standouts were protecting their coach when they were ambushed with a knife. The county’s police chief, Jeffrey Katz, called the teens “heroes.” A disgruntled father, whose son plays on the team, is accused of carrying out the violent act that started with a fight on the football field. Chesterfield police search for teen accused of double stabbing Life Christian Academy is well known
  8. And laughing at your head exploding...😂
  9. Great thread...here’s what we learned: 1) BS shouldn’t be playing IMG 2) Reggid is an angry poster who doesn’t much like BS or GSB. 3) Apparently it takes 15 repetitive posts for Reggid to make his point. 4) The game did get played...Reggid needs better sources.
  10. No chance the MIAA takes SFA back as long as Biff is there. Can’t say I blame them...he’s playing by different rules.
  11. Remember this significant win was over a disappointing 7-5 team.
  12. IMG certainly can pay that...
  13. So is the IMG game on or off? Dying to find out who is full of shite...GSB or reggid.
  14. Oh reggid...where are you?
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