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  1. You may be right...they agreed to switch the SJC game to D.C. (played at SJC last year too)...maybe they will play all road games.
  2. IMG Marietta By the time this pandemic is over IMG will have dozens of 4/5 star players transfer in and will be the most talented team in the country by far. Doubt anyone stays within two touchdowns of them.
  3. SFA did wonders for him...took in a drug user/dealer and turned him into a murderous thug. Did get him a scholarship to the University of Jessup though. But they don't care...he's used up his eligibility.
  4. Anyone who watches HS football in the DMV knows that the private schools are far superior and have been for many years. This "poll" is being run on a site that is 90% public school junkies who are voting with their hearts and not their heads. They know that the best public school team would get trounced every year by the top 5 privates...who are much bigger, deeper, more talented and more battle tested. It's not close...D1 v D2, minor league v major league.
  5. He must have a September-December birthday if he reclassed twice...can't turn 19 before 9/1. Not that unusual these days for a player to turn 19 during his senior season...in fact I'm pretty sure that's the case with the top quarterback in the country as well.
  6. Not terrible but who knows...most of these games won't get played.
  7. SJC scaling back? Maybe a bit but still playing IMG, SJP, Milton, LCA and USAA as well as multiple games with DeMatha, GC and Gonzaga. Not the toughest schedule of all time like last year but still a top 5-10 schedule this year.
  8. Wonder what this means in the Caleb Williams sweepstakes (#1 QB in the nation at Gonzaga in DC) who reportedly just narrowed his choice to three...LSU, Oklahoma and Maryland. Sounds like Oklahoma is the favorite but Maryland is keeping a lot of local kids home. Maybe LSU saw the writing on the wall and went elsewhere.
  9. There's a third son in between these two (JD) who set passing records at Hamden-Sydney College...I saw the older two play in HS for SJC...both were terrific players but not heavily recruited due to size ...the youngest was 6'4 and could have played at several D1 schools but followed his brother to Catholic. Great football family.
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