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  1. Thompson Chandler Bryant Oak Ridge Sierra Canyon Columbine N. Gwinnett Marietta Male Catholic BR Oxford Richmond Eldr LaSalle Bixby SJP Dutch Fork Maryville Duncanville Judson Maury O 'Dea
  2. 10) SJP 9) Dutch Fork 😎 Chandler 7) O'Dea 6) Bryant 5) N. Gwinnett 4) Catholic BR 3) Oxford 2) Converse Judson 1) Elder
  3. MD Serra Armwood MC Lowndes McEachern St. Louis LWE Nazareth Acad. Carmel Catholic BR DeSmet Jesuit SPP Myers Park Elder SJP Dorman Maryville North Shore Duncanville
  4. 10) Mater Dei 9) Armwood 😎 St.Louis 7) SJP 6) North Shore 5) Mentor 4) Carmel 3) SPP 2) McEachern 1) Nazareth Academy
  5. 10) SJB 9) Corner Canyon 😎 Southlake Carroll 7) SJC 6) MNW 5) Byrne 4) Chandler 3)East St. Louis 2) SJR 1) St. Ed's
  6. Chandler Hamilton MD SJB SJC Lakeland MNW St. Louis, Hi East St. Louis SJR St. Ed's Colerain Dutch Fork Byrnes SOuthlake Carroll Allen Cedar Hill Corner Canyon Bayport
  7. Me too...tough week...11-7 not great but could have been worse.
  8. Final...MSJ 17- McDonough 10.
  9. Halftime ...10-7 MSJ.
  10. They got dominated on both sides of the ball..hard to explain their performance but maybe they need to toughen up their non-league schedule to get ready for the WCAC playoffs.
  11. Never thought (or said) Gonzaga was great...just thought they were better than GC. And I was wrong...something The Guru has never been...lol.😉
  12. They ran all over Gonzaga and threw a couple of TD passes. Also had a pick six ...and 12/13 sacks. Losing late to SJC seemed to take something out of Gonzaga. The Purple Eagles are now 5-6 in league play over the last two seasons (but did win the championship last year).
  13. Didn't see that coming...was never close.
  14. Final...Good Counsel 44 Gonzaga 14.
  15. Hoover Hamilton Pinnacle Servite Gonzaga SJC (44 points) Bartram Trail BTW LWE Cathedral MSJ DBP Stepinac Elder Fairfield Corner Canyon American Fork
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