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  1. Big game…McNamara hung tough for a half (7-6 DeM) but got overwhelmed in the second. And Good Counsel shutout Gonzaga 17-0. Life without Caleb Williams hasn’t been kind to the Eagles (unless you count their self-declared “WCAC Spring Championship”…they actually bought “championship” jackets…lol…enjoy wearing them around town with a losing record…😂
  2. Aggies pull off the upset …what a game.
  3. Anybody know how the LSU-Kentucky game is going? Can’t seem to find a score…lol.
  4. From Heisman favorite to a backup in half a season? Caleb Williams (WCAC guy) is better than Rattler and led the Sooners to a big comeback win vs Texas today. I don’t see Rattler getting his job back, barring injury.
  5. Congrats…not surprised by the outcome although it was a little more one-sided than I expected. Seems like the freshman QB is getting better every week. Sure looks like a two-horse race in the WCAC. Enjoy…beating Gonzaga is always enjoyable…I like all the WCAC teams…but not the Purple Eagles.
  6. You and me and many WCAC fans have been spoiled the last few years since 1stamendmentsports began covering the WCAC in multiple sports. Not only do they give great coverage in a Tuesday night blog but they also stream all the playoff games and many regular season games. All free of charge. Lately these money-making outside operations (Flo, NFHS, Monumental Sports,etc) have been paying the schools for the rights to do the games and then turn around and charge a fee to watch it. Luckily 1stamendmentsports is still doing many games (SJC v McN this Saturday). And to top it off they do a much better job than the bozos you have to pay to see (more knowledgeable and more professional). But if the schools are offered a chunk of change you know they’ll take it, so some of the best game in the regular season you’ll have to pay to see.
  7. DeMatha has more talent including the underclassmen. Gonzaga is well-coached but DeMatha should win even though they are struggling a bit on offense without their starting QB (playing a freshman since week 1). My guess would be a low-scoring DeMatha win …maybe 17-7..
  8. Again no complaints from me…as far as the WCAC teams go I think you got it right. SJC is a Tier 3 team…could beat some tier 2s but could lose to some 4s. DeMatha may be a higher Tier team when and if they get their QB back but not now. Gonzaga may not belong in the Tiers at all…and take a look at Archbishop Spalding (a Maryland school in the MIAA…they’re undefeated and beat Gonzaga and I don’t think it was a fluke).
  9. Did someone from Folsom attempt to pay off the head Tiersman a la the Cowboy offensive lineman? …lol
  10. I know Spaulding has a decent team this year but does anyone still think Gonzaga is the favorite in the WCAC this year? This also slightly explains the SJP rout of Gonzaga last week after losing to Milton previously. Bottom line is that Gonzaga and Good Counsel are down a bit this year and DeMatha is without their starting QB for half the season so they have struggled a bit. SJC is now the favorite.
  11. The number of OOS games has been on the rise in recent years. One WCAC school (SJC) has played in 28 OOS games in the last eight years against teams from 12 different states. Some are top teams and some not. The results are fairly interesting…the Cadets are 20-8 with losses to IMG (2), MD, SJB, DLS, SJP, DV and Steubenville. Best wins were IMG, MC, SJR (2), Hoover, Marietta, CBA, Pittsburgh Central Catholic,DBP and Deerfield Beach plus a few others. SJC is 0-3 vs California, 0-1 vs Texas and Ohio but has a winning record against all others including 7-2 v Florida, 3-1 vs Pa, 3-0 vs NJ and 2-0 v Ga. Not sure what all this means other than SJC has a nice travel budget and some schools value a trip to the nation’s capital.
  12. Always will be hairs to split but I think you nailed it Sammy…well done.
  13. Not a competitive game. SJC has dominated against four mediocre out of state teams.
  14. Not that it mattered but real classy move by SFA at the end of the game going for two to get to 50…bush leaguers. And GC is the only WCAC team that has had anything to do with the renegades…lol.
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