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  1. Pretty sure that SJC vs Mater Dei is an ESPN game.
  2. This is the first of several WCAC games live-streamed by 1st Amendment sports.
  3. 10 - SJB 9 - BG 8 - Colquitt Co. 7 - Chandler 6 - Dutch Fork 5 - Carol City 4 - STA 3 - Columbia 2 - Central City 1 - MC
  4. Central Chandler MD SJB STA MC Columbia Carol City Colquitt Brandon BG Dutch Fork
  5. I think that both DeMatha and Good Counsel will be good this year but both may be in over their head against a great SJB team in California...I'll be pleasantly surprised if either game is extremely close. A Tier 1 hosting a Tier 2/3 and a Tier 3/4.
  6. Good Counsel may not be the fourth place team in the WCAC as many have predicted...but it's also possible that SFA is overrated...probably a little of both. Also remember when these two scrimmaged last year SFA had their way with GC ...maybe the Falcons saw this as a chance for a little payback.
  7. Extra games against weak teams are not that big of a deal...SJC played 8 games against teams that were ranked in the top 100 nationally at some time during the season. Duncanville played 2 or 3 such games.
  8. Pulling for SJC but not sure they can overcome the two touchdowns they are already down (travel/Texas refs)...I'd guess Duncanville wins a fairly close game (28-20?).
  9. Can't find a clip but the game is on YouTube...it is in the last minute or so in the WCAC 2018 semifinal (Gonzaga at SJC).
  10. Those are not homer refs...they are just incompetent refs. I was at the SJC-SJB game and there were a couple of terrible missed calls that went against SJB but none close to the missed fumble call that cost SJC the playoff game against Gonzaga last year and ended their undefeated season.
  11. I've been around since the '70s and as greatly talented as SFA is I think it's highly debatable that they are the most talented team in the DMV this year. IMO SJC is more talented at QB (SolJay Maiva senior BYU commit)...receiver (Rakim Jarrett senior LSU commit), Caleb Coombs ( junior with multiple Power 5 offers) and TE Bryce Butler (junior with multiple Power 5 offers)...running back (Colby MacDonald junior with multiple Power 5 offers and 280 pound junior Antoine Littleton who has dozens of big-time offers). The SJC defensive line has five guys with Power 5 offers including MJ Sherman (Ga commit), Tre Williams (Clemson commit), Greg Hutchins (Purdue commit) and junior Taise Johnson (multiple Power 5 offers including Alabama). SJC also has the #1 rated long snapper in the nation (Alex Pieshe - Notre Dame commit). SFA may have the edge on the o-line (SJC has five with D-1 offers but only two with Power 5 offers - Colin Henrich and Demond Arter). SFA is deeper and may be more talented at LB and DB but Mordecai McDaniel is a top recruit with multiple Power 5 offers and the linebackers are experienced players with D1 offers (Isiaih Jordan and Christian Taylor). These two teams are extremely talented and if either was to run the table they would have to be considered the best ever in the DMV...but I saw the 1998 DeMatha team and I would agree that they were the best ever in this area.
  12. I doubt it...looks like a good team (DeMatha) on the road against a great team (SJB)...but crazier things have happened.
  13. The MD-SJC game will be played at Catholic University...an ESPN game.
  14. Yes Sol Jay Maiva is a senior who recently committed to BYU...more of a playmaker than a passer but can be special at times. Expect a big year from him and the weapons around him.
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