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  1. And all were in the last four years...as were SJB, MD, Duncanville, IMG (3) Marietta, SJR (2), Christian Brothers (Mo), Pittsburgh Central Catholic and both Good Counsel and Gonzaga every year (often twice) ...with a combined record in these game of 20-12 . SJC may not be the best team in the country but no one has challenged themselves more the last four seasons. I wonder if that will continue with the AD/coaching change.
  2. SJC has also played five...Hoover, DeLaSalle, Miami Central, SJP and DeMatha (every year...often twice).
  3. Maybe true...last year...if this season gets played I look for IMG to get revenge on SFA and go undefeated...probably being the mythical champs.
  4. I heard this was part of the Patriot’s penalty for filming the Bengals. Apparently the million dollar fine and loss of a third round draft pick wasn’t sufficient punishment so the league forced the Pats to sign Cam. 😁😁😁
  5. How 'bout the Washington Monument...dude owned slaves...can they yank that big boy down?
  6. Big kid...heard some good things about him. Before the transfer did he have a shot to win the job? Is he a dual threat or primarily a passer?
  7. Is that the kid who started for the JV but got hurt? From Columbia or somewhere inHoward County?
  8. No idea...the ex-DeMatha QB has gotten huge and is a starting lb...guess they can find somebody to hand off 40 times a game.
  9. Interesting...GC really stepping up their schedule...four Top 20 teams from the DMV (only state with four is California...three from Texas and Florida)... pretty impressive for such a small area.
  10. After last years killer schedule SJC rolled it back a hair...instead of four of the top ten they only play four of the top 20 (1-7-18-20)...the WCAC is crazy...the top four could end up in any order...and IMG is loaded...and not done yet most likely. DLS-NS was just cancelled...won't be the last.
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