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  1. Just needed good football fans with guns. Have a good ol shootout at the game. The TX way.
  2. @whiteshoes why all the love for JCA?
  3. So we've concluded that X is one of the best teams in Ohio?
  4. You know what that makes sense. So two top DFW area teams will/do play even if not mandated by region?
  5. I was talkin to one of my brehs who moved out to Frisco a few years back. After I clowned him for the TX electrical grid we talked some football. He said the top TX schools don't play eachother in the regular season for the most part. Is this true?
  6. Gonna trade Nebby back to the Big12
  7. In IL no, I couldn't tell you. I think it makes for better football that way as well. What's the point in NV?
  8. Bout to say, these schools can barely handle the IL 6A runner up, they're biting off more than they can chew with colleges.
  9. WTF why is that allowed? Benedictine better win.
  10. I mean it doesn't seem like Creekside lost to some busters and they played their two losses tough. One day yall will listen to me about IL football.
  11. This is good business. I think we can squeeze 1 more IL team in with Simeon, but there will be more support for that later.
  12. I did that with TX last week. Never been more wronger. Not buying the hype on these states no mo.
  13. What's this Creekside team talmbout?
  14. I assumed it was for the Commanders in Handmaids Tale. Seems more in line with the org.
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