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  1. Servite has something building over there. MD blows Bosco out like everyone else.
  2. I'm more interested in how Cathedral plays defense against C10s offense. Centennial has played against the same opponents these last couple years so most of their opposition has experienced and adjusted to it, but Cathedral is coming in never playing against an offense like cen10s. It's easy to practice for it but actually facing it is a completely different story.
  3. Never understood why Logan went with rotating two bad qbs, just not very effective. Logan's offense has been effective and unstoppable for years now, but since teams have learned how to stop it aswell as CC's overall talent drop in general he has to add more diversity to his arsenal.
  4. Of course the year Narbonne gets all this star power, they actually schedule down jeez.
  5. CC will have to use the same strategy they used against Kyle ford the second half of that game against Bru McCoy. If they take him away that will make Bryce start to scramble and hesitate on his reads, which is the recipe in slowing down MD offense.
  6. Would like to say th Hope he keeps that same energy in the playoffs 😁
  7. Those who like to predict the brackets, does MV end up on the CC/MD side or the Bosco side of the bracket?
  8. If Jserra can control the LOS like IMG and Bosco did they have a chance Mater Dei's front 7 was always a question mark this season and against similar or above talent they have been exposed . I think Jserra finds success on the ground and hits a couple big plays over the top of whoever MD's two top corners are not guarding. They keep it close for 3 quarters, but would not be surprised if Jserra pulls off an upset.
  9. Mater Dei better have a good mindset going into this Friday, because Jserra can pull off a big upset. This is the perfect time to catch MD aswell coming off a big disappointing loss.
  10. That would suck top highschool game of the year and no video coverage jeez.
  11. Might just cancel it and play it on saturday maybe?
  12. Serra must of used up all their energy in 7v7, totally different game when you have linemen in front of you.
  13. Not feeling the "Rusty" Excuse for Bosco, yeah they hadn't played a full game but they have played games none the less. Also factoring in they have plenty of returning experience from the last year, rust shouldn't be a issue.0 Realistically the offense didn't look bad at all, they could've ran every single down and Jserra still wouldn't be able to stop them. QB was just missing wide open receivers and panicked when pressured, the exact opposite of the QB for MD. Not convinced they are #1 in the nation.
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