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  1. I get what you are saying and don't entirely disagree.... You did drill down to the point I guess I was trying to make tho...acceptance in the sport. It appears the league is quite accepting of the concept...but should the fans be? I personally think it's a big black eye, that if not treated properly, could lead to a worse infection...
  2. Irate Yankee fans already calling to have the 2017 world series vacated 😝 😵
  3. My thoughts today are that...... I was not so far off about the Stros…. Of course the "grassroots" fans probably are not working with... all the technology that the MSM is... Thoughts now?
  4. You do realize that the Dem that just won, causing you all this grief.... Is pro gun and pro life right? or did you miss that? You should base your approval or disapproval more on 'your own' policies ... than some label.... just sayin'
  5. You mean like exactly when HSFBfan left the game and stopped watching them.....😮 Coincidence? 🤔 🤣
  6. BTW:.....Nice prognostication... ….From your lips to...😁 LOL PS. You sure that Freudian slip was not caused from worry? 🤔🤣
  7. Just like the last time you say? 🤣 Worried or not, you ARE still on a board full of coaches discussing injured players for your next week's opponent... ...in that 'small' game...🧐 sounding like the 'doctor' that slept at a Holiday Inn last night... even have your own 'reasoned' conclusions and everything... Good to know that you are not worried tho 👍... glad you straightened that one up...
  8. Just an update, arrests have been made.... Prayers to those affected, and hopefully the town can sleep a little better tonight. https://www.nj.com/atlantic/2019/11/5-charged-in-pleasantville-hs-football-shooting-that-injured-adult-2-kids.html
  9. Dude just give it up and don't prep for it...👍 that might make things easier for you...🙄
  10. Do you actually think you know what Pleasantville was like under the last admin??? 🤔 You do realize of course how Pleasantville, being Atlantic City's slum outskirt, is tied to all those AC policies.... as well.... That's some connection between your "orange man bad" and Atlantic County's governance tho 🙄 ..like twins almost...
  11. This video was posted to assist in apprehension, not for the shock value 😕
  12. Maybe they should talk to a few people in Pleasantville and Camden.... You guys probably never experienced the pleasantries of Pleasantville... Last nights game was suspended after the 3rd quarter shootings..... not sure how it will effect playoff schedule etc.
  13. or back at Bosco if PC beats SJR tomorrow.... But I guess you are already giving that game to Joe's....🤣
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