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  1. For today's burning political question.... It looks like twit is not only airing the dirty laundry, But showing the receipts to start the fire. Anyone concerned about your government being shown to use and direct companies to restrict an individuals speech etc.? PS: Many people trying to play this as bigger than Watergate... BTW: Wassup w/that devil champion suit ?....I thought electric cars were supposed to be "good" 🤔
  2. Yer done because you post crap that you can't even defend....🤣 Most People are not that stupid, but we can all see here, how yer an exception. 🤣🤣 PS: But thanks for playing Mr. Conviction, the Didndonuttin' loser backtrack, was such a great ending for all the butthurt spewing. 👌 BTW: But as far as all yer bowel fixation problems go...well...you probably shoulda kept all that to yerself. Hope this helps...👍
  3. Yes, and it's intentionally misleading also...but you already knew that and yet you posted and promoted it, and refuse to recognize your own culpability when called on it. 🤣 PS: I guess everyone will just have to place a zero on the scoreboard, for the poor attempt, and lack of conviction... BTW: Of course you are done, claiming now that you didndonuttin', is as good as admitting defeat... ...to everyone else but yerself that is. 👍
  4. Hey if you can agree that the DJIA is NOT a good representation of the economy as your post tries to imply, recognize that this difference was even more skewed for "the last 22 months" that you highlighted, and admit that your post was intentionally misleading....well I'm sure everyone will let you run away from it...🤣🤣🤣 PS: in the alternative, you can continue to divert and toss half-baked spaghetti against the wall, and hope everyone else is stupid....your choice. BTW: I heard spaghetti was not good for your bowel movements... ...you might want to cut that out. 👍
  5. Embarrassing is more like skipping over a dozen questions and refusing to answer... then asking one and getting even more butthurt if not immediately accommodated. LOLOL I guess everyone will just have to interpret that as you not even knowing yer own posts/references/insinuations/and false conclusions... 🤣 PS: Maybe some more of your spaghetti will help you out of yer hole... BTW: Thought you had already reached maximum butthurt....guess not 🤣... ...obsessing on your bowel movements like you do, must give you greater capacity.
  6. Hey at least this time you picked out a metric more directly tied to current administrative policy, than some skewed indicator from Wall Street... But you probably STILL don't know the difference between Wall Street and Washington. 🤣 PS: You must STILL be thinking that somehow you can't be wrong... ...and the DJIA is somehow a proper representative of the economy LOLOLOL. BTW: If the DJIA were... you wouldn't need to offer some entirely different replacement metric at all...🤣🤣 ...You must think people are as stupid as you, thinking they are even similar, because they are both presented in a "by president format. LOLOLOL
  7. ass backwards... Disney didn't "leave the relationship for her lesbian lover" because the customer was not giving what the business, what it wanted... (as in they were already making tons of money) PS: But I get the point you were trying to make ...and don't necessarily disagree.
  8. Already did... but you keep running away from it, instead of admitting it, when will you learn the market is not the economy? hopefully soon, before you embarrass yourself any further...👍 PS: BTW:
  9. Do you think a good business has a "relationship" with their customers ??? Yup... same thing happened to a man I know, Wife just up and left him, for her new lesbian partner... PS: you think we should call her Disney? 🤔
  10. Pssssst,,,, you must have missed the fact that you couldn't even hurdle the first sentence... "1. The market is not the economy. " PS: kinda makes your whole argument a little "skewed"...no? BTW: but feel free to continue to ignore/abandon your own claims ... ...maybe a little more of yer half-baked diversionary and irrelevant spaghetti will help you forget, what you were actually called out on...LOLOL.
  11. PS: ...and so sorry that's the best you got. 😒 BTW: Flinch Anus Flinch.... ...some nice spasms there 👍
  12. Oh this is good LOLOL... Soooooo...WHICH Cramer do you prefer...🤔 the Bitchute one? https://www.bitchute.com/video/E1qoWnJtuKoR/ or the Youtube one... .....do tell...LOL. 🙄
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