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  1. Don't forget the stupidity confirmation πŸ‘
  2. You replied without even taking the time to view the clip...πŸ™„ It's a good thought, but if it comes from all sides....there is usually never just one answer.
  3. good point. A bit tangent, and you must have the acceptance of the people as well , therefore control the mindset thru education etc. Was trying to keep on the topic. But It comes from all sides....never said it didn't... But hey, at least you live in the US and it's not 'that' bad πŸ™„ ...check out the latest Commercials you would have to watch if you were say Scandinavian...
  4. What I realize is that if you want to take down a Gov...and you can't do it militarily... A good approach would be to control at least one of the parties... Control both and you have hit the bonanza....stalemate defeat. How to control? "historically" thru money or blackmail or both is usually best... Even if a whole batch of alphabet soup gets tossed in the trash...(or even 'gasp' some politicians 😲), Do you think they will have gotten those "main guys" ??? πŸ€” Just some random thoughts to keep in mind here
  5. Did you see T's History on the topic? He seems a bit upset about it LOL (don't have a direct video link, so here's some tweet)
  6. The dirt today is ALL logged in 1's and 0's.... Somehow I might think there's quite a bit more of it that lingers around...say today... Yes you do point to the appropriate analysis tho... Stalemates have run our system... for quite some time now. Sounds like you just brushed up on some of your history 😜
  7. Dude who said he supports 'anyone' ??? You know 66 set us all straight πŸ™„ in that he refuses to support ANYONE...... Until the party tells him who it is... Right 66 ? (just ask which way he's going...) PS... Isn't he the happiest sheep? 🀣
  8. I don't know, if your talking the Dem Nominee thread, those hardcore Bernie fans are pretty entertaining....πŸ”₯ https://www.bitchute.com/video/0f_lhbfltWA/ Remind you of anyone here? 🀣 (PS: can't keep suggesting boosting playback speed enough lol) BTW: That has GOT to be a deepfake 🀣
  9. RZ The dream... the solid effort... The reality...
  10. Superstitious people might call that blood money... BTW: Rothsomebody already owns the patents, if you look it up... Besides, To be in on the 'inside info'...you have to believe in conspiracies πŸ€”
  11. That's ok...did you hear about the locust plague going on right now in Africa? They have figured out a great solution... Gonna start spraying a chosen fungus that produces toxins that will 'kill'em all'...(and hopefully nothing else πŸ™„) We got science on our side now to make cure all our problems... PS. Not saying it doesn't help...but a tool should not lead the box... Just sayin'
  12. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Hopefully he is just out fishing on vaca... As I always said, you can't always hold it against someone for not being on a board 24/7... Seems alot of that around lately, even some against those who people know can't defend themselves here... Can't say that I agree with it... PS: But if you think it fun to speculateπŸ™„ there IS always the possibility that he is lurking under a different moniker πŸ€” 😝
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