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  1. yes and some were 1-2 out of 8 or so, so overrepresented... but this crap is just flat out wrong and modified to suit your needs.... Just can't help making up any old bullshit because that is just how you SEE things..... And your example was an untrue farce....as any promotions solely based on "merit" were out the window, with companies actively being sued on %. Now I would counter here, that your experiences in the service, just like my experiences in the corporate world, BOTH show a benefit to minorities at the detriment of the majority.... In order to prove that statement incorrect, you will need to show that 'wink and nod racism' is more harmful than "codified rule of law" racism....which it is not. I would rather have the rules and law on my side, than some good ole boy (notice the boy bun?) asshole. You have had a whole week now to think about it.... Still nothing?
  2. Go look it up...I did not even give you a %....I said at least 1 and 1 female on the board of single to double digits (so as not to get sued)... But of course you don't believe what anyone states, and "interpret your own meaning" to suit your needs... And your farce of a rationalization, stating ALL must be discriminatory to be discriminated against... is really not your style now is it? That's like me saying that you were not discriminated against because ALL of the people in the Service did not tell you "they were better off without your kind"....and only one did. Fantastic logic. but this really is not about your or my history now is it..... you should easily be able to show how "white" is some benefit today for 'anyone' as you claim.... I have already given written codified examples in both education and work how it's NOT...... How come you can't do the same???
  3. Wrong and wrong.... 'At least 10%' on the 'board'....and the majority of my co-workers were minorities (Orientals and Indians) ….yes it was just last week remember? and your 'benefit' of work being based on merit, is shattered with all those unwarranted promotions based on corporations not wanting to be sued for statistics, and having to "overlook" any merit I might have. Do you see how entirely WRONG you are yet????
  4. WOW you must be playing on tilt now.... Must be nice to assume everyone else had it any easier than you... But you are forgetting, I worked in a corporate environment, at a time when quotas, racial tensions, and lawsuits caused all those corporations to favor and promote 'minorities' by rule, regardless of peoples opinions. So me paying the "corrective price" for societies past historical transgressions is now somehow a benefit in your mind? You can also imagine me in college, in those "racism and sexism" required courses, with a Nigerian teacher who played Farrakhan speeches every day....that was sure a blast getting a D for coursework that was certainly better than the average of the class... Of course that is all History..... And of course your response is not one showing how there is any "white benefit" at all.....but only indicates how you felt you were adversely impacted. So I guess you have no real "benefits to speak of" especially TODAY...….as it pertains to being so called "white"... now do you...
  5. "Boy" must be a north/south thing....It is true that around here, it is an insult if used to try to indicate immaturity in a man... but more often it is mostly used in the likes of giving "attaboy's" or "that's my boy"....and nothing to do with color. In the Surfing culture, boy is not a derogatory...as in skaterboy or surferboy (also spelled as boi ). Yea boy. So if you assume or take exception to every instance of the term as a racist one, then perhaps it is just you who are 'inexperienced'. In either case it is patently wrong to assume what others mean without asking, if the term has multiple meanings for others and you find yourself offended. And as far as any "benefits" you would have to list those....as statistics are no benefit to me.... I have already listed how affirmative action prevents equal opportunity in education and in the job market (which you refuse to address), so what 'benefits' do you claim are supposed to offset that.....so far as to be some kind of advantage (TODAY)? You have shown nothing but meaningless statistics and conspiracy theory so far..... BTW: Do you think it much easier for someone of "mixed skin color" to see the errors on both sides? I have always thought that the case....but I could be wrong...
  6. That is fine....in which case you should indicate that is your 'opinion'.....and not machine gun post away with claims against others trying to indicate or project guilt on others... You once again state your ignorance for all to see.... Living in Paterson has allowed me to share some of the very same experiences as you, and when being told to go home due to the color of my skin...well... it is quite funny seeing the expressions on faces when informed that I happen to live here. Of course that is only because some perceive me as a Whitey.....even though my grandfather's immigration records specifically list my heritage skin color as 'Dark'.... Guess your intuitive powers might need a little bit of adjustment.....wouldn't you say?
  7. Yes I agree there are important differences.... But those are the webs we weave when one starts to deceive.... How can you impose any restrictions on transgenders and deny them the "right" to be as they identify....100% woman? This was not to try to tangent on the soccer thingy (which I am not up to speed on), but merely to show how tangled things become once you start down that path...
  8. Funny.....but I see 3 very offensive words coming out of your mouth and posted here.... You must be no better than those you accuse.... If you do not immediately ban yourself....you will have shown your own hypocrisy … and utter failure...
  9. That I cannot sell it, does not address the fact that I pay $ for it (as in the whole enchilada) on a daily basis.... So yes, as I own the burden of "paying for it", and since I live here, I can consider the entire country my home. Good thing that you "know", that does not work for anyone.... nice try tho...
  10. I have the same issue with some bible thumpers.... but to condemn the religion for some in the flock, would be like saying all Muslims are terrorists... Happens in EVERY religion as some cannot help themselves but to become zealots or shortsighted. Not generally a product of the religion itself, but more a product of the individual.
  11. Correct ...and if you had a couple asshats in your unit that you were leading, who did nothing but denigrate the unit, you would certainly not be so kind as to just verbally let them know of your disapproval.....wouldn't you. It IS fairly telling that you condone everyone else's divisive remarks yet attempt to hold others to a different standard.
  12. Something is not so....just because you "think" it so.... And your right to interpret, does not give you a right to claim any interpretation that you like, as true... But I'll bite... what do you "think" we have in common? Part of some melanin majority?
  13. To protect the "country", and to oppose those who would denigrate or attack it.... His comments in this case, appear to do both...
  14. You have a right to make crap up.... And you readily admit to doing so here.... You also have a right to be wrong ….and have shown no logical proof or anything that supports your 'made up argument'.
  15. You mean that lady who lobs racist charges against others and has to be censured and words stricken at her job? Was awfully nice of most news outlets to cover those partisan and divisive words, and with little mention of the censure for doing so... TOO FUNNY, that you promote bipartisanship in one breath and toss accolades on others doing the exact same as those you bemoan... Sounds like true 'partisan' posting to me.....
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