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  1. saw that 🤣 PS: Oh no....not the popcorn
  2. What makes you think I am not familiar with your complaints ? Ever hear of Lakewood NJ ? They work the system, stick to themselves, and will have a dozen baby toys on the front yard and sidewalk of each house....They will run the school board only to take the money to fund their own private schools.... village to raise a child mentality...usually espoused by the left......so why all the hate ?
  3. At least SOMEBODY gets it... LOL....
  4. Oooooooh OK 🤣 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8866415/Chris-Cuomo-threatened-fine-apartment-building-seen-without-mask.html https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/central-ny/ny-state-of-politics/2020/10/06/cuomo-defends-not-wearing-a-mask-at-news-conference https://nypost.com/2020/07/24/anthony-fauci-denies-hypocrisy-after-watching-game-without-mask/ Two is 🤡 nice tho... scary stuff....
  5. try not to deflect too hard 🤣 🤡 You never said did you finish voting? PS: I asked a while back what it would feel like to vote for a guy with a criminal indictment to address... time to upgrade that to plural....as in several countries... ...maybe even half a dozen. 🤡
  6. I thought he made a good point too... But then kind of just went off the rails...
  7. hmmmmm..... someone could ring his doorbell for trick or treat dressed as one and TikTok the results.... 🤣
  8. an original quote I assume ? 🙄
  9. I'll bet it's those little kids playing outside that gives you the most 🤡 fear 🤡 PS: ever notice when you go in some neighborhoods that's the first thing you see?
  10. importing foreign labor during epidemic lockdowns... would essentially be just another example of putting dollars before lives. so it's a reasonable proposition. Oh and all those gym owners who aren't allowed to run their business? Well they can just learn how to code...according to some 😝
  11. Pssst...single...available...and entirely a 🤡 "set up".... Is that REALLY the very best dirt they could find...you know... to try and smear the messenger ?!?! 🤣 PS: the pink tutu must have gotten you all 🤡 excited BTW: do you know what the "panama papers" 📰 are?
  12. nobody cares about your tax write offs as compared to say having your executive branch being on the take... ...to half a dozen countries 🤡 PS: are you already done voting ?
  13. stop posting bad links borat....
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