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  1. Jaleel White is launching his own cannabis brand, and yes it includes 'Purple Urkle' Jaleel White played Steve Urkel on "Family Matters." (CNN)Actor Jaleel White is joining the growing list of celebrities who have launched a cannabis brand. 🤓 https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/17/business/jaleel-white-urkel-cannabis-trnd/index.html 🤣
  2. just published defense article https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/40054/adversary-drones-are-spying-on-the-u-s-and-the-pentagon-acts-like-theyre-ufos
  3. Well Turkeys here are just some singles with no flocks yet, but the bloom has just started so a lot of birds are coming in... Lots more to come, but it's still already a show. 😁 so I took a few shots for you...enjoy. Some Spring Birds.mp4
  4. NO WAY !!!! BUT THAT'S YOUR IDOL WHAT WILL YOU DO NOW ??? just keep on posting about him 🤣 PS: You might have to ask the OP if he can change the title of the thread for you...🤓 🤡
  5. learning how to shoot him several times.... instead of just once ??? 🤔 LOL
  6. Troll

    Good listen

    FIGURES you would watch watch some shill spewing BS and think it's discussion time 🤣 now that you have dumbed yourself down 🙄
  7. Troll

    Good listen

    FIFY 👍 PS: if you even wasted a minute watching him after nut put out his first video... you got played. 🤣
  8. I've heard several "internet doctors" (so take it for what it's worth lol) claim it's irresponsible to vaccinate people with high levels of pre-existing antibodies, but apparently that's not the way this is being rolled out.... 🤷‍♂️
  9. Psssst....stop bragging about your limited capacity. 🙄 True or not ??? 🤓 yeah.... you probably are better off....you know... just Shutting Up 😘 🤣
  10. well put .... ...I just highlighted this piece so #stopasianhate could see it. 🤷‍♂️
  11. Not to Hijack a thread, but beenie boy LOL had a guest on that I thought explains how pretty simply... founder of Wikipedia, to discuss what's gone wrong with the platform.
  12. nothing wrong with moving to center...🤷‍♂️ (at least you get to see 👀 both sides ) (
  13. well that is certainly better than taking one side, and not understanding the other.... go figure
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