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  1. Then maybe you should not be advising others that they need more than ten minutes to 'lern', like it takes yourself... So brilliantly profound..... So how often do you argue with yourself ???
  2. Not this week..... But at least you are keeping your '100% wrong' streak alive tho 👌
  3. Dishonest is claiming to know how others received pay raises...without knowledge. Dishonest is quoting some economic theory, instead of the real world...especially when corrected. Dishonest is calling others dishonest, because you....as quoted above...."can't accept the truth" as "This is or was a sure thing" Would you like any more definitions to try to actually understand the words you use? I can easily reference most any of your posts and find dishonesty for you..... would that help???
  4. Well played....😆 But that's the most transparent screw up by you on the original claim...🤣
  5. Well....At least you admit to the Sandbagging for fear of saving face.... ….or saving rankings.🤣 Maybe I was hoping GA would win for all the fun it would create....🙄 Of course I can't go overboard with those Daisy Chains you guys are so fond of.... Then I would have to change the GIF.. Now that I think of It....I like SJR better than JSR.... So thank you for helping me decide on who to root for tonight 👍
  6. What? Oh, You depreciating your Ga teams again, before a big game? Why do you always do that?🤔
  7. 100% incorrect again.... Never received an "automatic" raise in my life, and performance reviews were mandatory prior to any raise or promotion. Even the best performance review would sometimes not receive a raise if a company had a bad year... That is generally how private industry works and provides incentive... Now that you realize how wrong you are....go ahead and see if you can answer you own brilliant question 👍
  8. You must find yourself asking WHY? quite a lot....
  9. I'm not obsessed with it, it's merely a running topic on this board.... I only jumped in when you claimed a win... while many on the board claimed you welched... Yes, I need to judge for myself...so I asked YOU (the source) for clarification/explanation. Go ahead and look back Now I've seen you always avoid disclosing the actual bets wording at all costs, and while your pointed to "proof of win" propaganda newspaper article is nice, you display a very apparent lack of reading comprehension and describe it as even more slanted than it is written... You may have won and you may have lost. But as your only explanation, what you have presented is nothing but a memorialized accusation. Unsubstantiated accusation, may win some fancily worded bet for sure.....but not in my book... Cheers ! PS: Yes you also claimed "computer flagging" and I needed to explain to you what that even means....but on closer review, you have no evidence at all of any 'computer' flagging in this case (as pertaining to anyone). .....got any??? In fact your offering (the disgruntled lawsuit against the bank) implies as part of the complaint, that certain accounts were NOT being flagged....(for the person who believes computers over a person's opinion 🤣)....but you must have an explanation for that one too.... right???
  10. You could always explain to the board the actual wording of the bet..(wording can make a huge difference) ...and prove your case but you won't you must enjoy your daily pretzel dance....
  11. Whether you "won or lost" a bet means nothing to me....truth is you made unproven accusations here (when pressed on the betting episode) and consistently stuck to June's "bank investigation" as offering proof to the board that you "won"...something Now as you have shown nothing else, and just going by what you have presented, it is evident that you do not even comprehend what you have claimed in the past. You can win a bet with something else, but not with what you have argued here.... You may have already settled your bet with GSB, but have not shown that either. So all you have here are accusations, and dancing, some pretzel twists, and a claimed win.... You can easily point to where or how you won any bet if you think you did, but refuse that simple explanation in favor of being flippant. So you get from the whole board what you get.... Pretty simple stuff.... cheers!
  12. how may times are you going to ignore the words EMPLOYEES and their superiors were notified.<<<that describes the process, continue reading, that describes the person...it is correct as written, and only one accuser is reported on record. You think the FBI is going to open an investigation based on one persons allegation??..LOL..<<YES... did you know that is actually their job, and they would be negligent otherwise? Besides that, ongoing investigations into DB started under O's administration .and a "disgruntled" one at that according to you??<<<actually not according to me...according to her own lawsuit against the 3rd bank in a row to fire her...please stop.<<<truth hurt? Maybe if you say 'uncle' 🤣 ..lol..bullshit "flagged accounts"...says you?...I trust the computers over you Ronnie...<<Awesome ....please point to ANY reference of a computer here showing anything... Saying they are used by DB does NOT say they flagged anything here.... .months ago??...the article was written 3 months ago?<<YES it is old news..and the House Dems are actively investigating Duetsch bank<<<can you show any investigation against a person? a bank paying a fine would mean very little...BTW: hoping for some other person to be caught up in a net where they are not the target is called FISHING....and I hear you are a pro at that 🤣 4+5+6= you need to retire from the bench Judge Judy...you're losing it...🤡 ...ask GSB...he LOST the bet..not me...😉 🤡
  13. 1) Yes one accuser with a very suspect allegation, and zero evidence....and you have not (and apparently cannot) show another... 2) Yes we have already entertained your bullshiat "flagged accounts" fantasy...Read closely...the only supposed 'flag' was this one persons allegation...and you have not (and apparently cannot) show any other 'flag' or selection by any computer. 3) Regardless this was all reviewed by the FBI months ago, and the only target/suspect listed in the current investigation is a bank, and not any individual you placed bets on.... 1 + 2 + 3 = you lose this one as well.... BTW: what ever happened to you winning when the Mule report was finished? ...and when is the Pizza party? Cheers! BTW: Whenever you are pressed for anything of substance, you always try to runaway like a child....why is that? ...can't you hold your juice?
  14. I was always guessing that there would be a few acronym scapegoats....on both sides... I see nothing that changes that.. The one thing that you can probably count on is that this will be stretched out for another year or so, until the election... A few fired and the top acronym guy from 'History' will probably do his best Ollie for the show...sounds about right.... So far it's shaping up like several other regime changes. Just sayin'
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