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  1. closer inspection and some other angles.... That's not hitting the water....that's creating the water out of thin air.... Shock wave condensate..... My problem is still from the one angle you can see (what looks like an epicenter ) RING of condensate form outside (just next to) the column of fire....play it in slow mo... Of course you know that the "lightning bolt" that hit that chinese skyscraper last night was originated from the ground (it did not strike the ground as reported). We've been seeing a lot more ground seepage lightning lately... BTW: T came out and said his advising generals thought it was a bomb or attack by the "look" of it...for what that's worth, but I go by the video...not the commentators....a good video to explain explosions....
  2. Yes that is what I am saying (but it's a second non concurrent one)....now look at the video...fireball to right...white shockwave to left foreground...the epicenters are not the same.... goodboy has it right...top explosion sets off bottom boom...
  3. There was an exploding fireball THEN the larger 'white bast' from underground...could have been tanks yes, but not sure if an LNG tanker could even pull off a blast like that....🤷‍♂️
  4. Did you see the clip posted (at :56)? Looks like the blast occurred underground to the left foreground of the (short roof) building that 'flashed' just prior. The concussion epicenter going off in the foreground, a split second later.... that's what is screwy....if it is not an 'impact' and subsequent explosion... then whatever exploded by the building then set off whatever was underground to the left (foreground) of it... 🤷‍♂️
  5. Just saw this.... one angle looks like it could have been torpedoed 😲 (from the water side of the port, there was no missile) initial flash and shock wave epicenter look "off"... at :56
  6. You think it evil if he profits off of the pandemic? how come? 🤡
  7. fauxi is not partisan ...is he? Is the whole medical field partisan too? Fauxi just holds many patents is all... a pre-requisite for the job?
  8. I sure don't see him donating those medical patents to medicine for the good of man.... or otherwise divesting such a conflict of interest to his job... you know... Like most 'real' politicians ....and even a Potus must do... 🤡 PS: what do you call it when someone is 'worse than a politician' ??? 🤔
  9. ...and Fauxi stands to rake millions on all those patents which would need to be used.... you know...for any vaccine.... the type of guy you want running that show? business as usual you say? good luck to your team? PS...no wonder he has a problem with face diapers 🙄
  10. if he's got anything, wouldn't it be a premature ejaculation (like your own) to release it now ?
  11. don't lie... You will be typing more responses.... 🤣
  12. you must be feeling left out...... 🤡
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