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  1. Yes that's the same 'dictionary' quote from her reply....I still think it's a hard sell.... probably just like my sarcasm would not hold much weight in the court if I presented it to the public as "actual and factual news"... but I guess it does depend on which dictionary you use....... πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ PS...Dictionary google constantly changes with the 'news'... FYI: If you wanted the whole story from a legal perspective it sounds something like this...
  2. Pssst...he's the Governor, not the mayor, so you might want to rethink that question... It's nice to know that you, ala nooner, know "virtually nothing about him"... but are willing to champion him, all the same... πŸ€”
  3. You know she is being sued by OAN for slander right? You should really read the response she submitted to the court 🀣. According to her, 'literally' means you are NOT supposed to take it 'literally'...🀣 so no need for a retraction or apology. Yea....like that's gonna work πŸ˜†
  4. Troll


    Born Boiler Redshirt Freshman Long ago, in the red-bricked land called Purdue, in the shadows of Ross-Ade Stadium and Mackey Arena, lurked the ancient courtyard of the classic grand dorm known as Cary Quad. There, on the first sub-zero night of the second semester, an annual unsanctioned gathering would snowball into β€œThe Nude Olympics.” Thousands would flock to Cary … Betty Co-eds and Jugheads alike, most of the latter drawn by a fetching catch-phrase that surely was first coined on Madison Avenue … β€œThere’s supposed to be girls in it this year.” And, despite all members of the fairer sex showing nothing but better sense, again, the event would begin with a bang -- a cap pistol or a fittingly unsanctioned firecracker -- and a mini-mob of madmen would be off and running, wearing shoes, hats and nothing else. Lap after lap around Cary’s crowd-lined oval walkway would follow, counter-clockwise as well as counter-wise, followed by more and more laps, with various frosted participants dropping out for their dropped trou. Finally, after 45 minutes or so, with an inspired half-dozen marathoners having far exceeded the best efforts of local cross-country teams of the times, the survivors would link arms and cross the finish line together, as if to show that all were winners, drawing cheers and beers from the huddled masses … and interviews by a local radio station, the only thing undercover, its call-letters temporarily changed to WHOO WHOO. Yes, the founding fathers of the Big Ten also became the founding fathers of Streaking. Oh, say, does that invisible banner yet wave, o’er the band of the free, and the race of the brave? 🀣
  5. Troll


    LOL...wound up dating a professor's daughter there... Yea, that distracted me just a little bit πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ BTW: since they stopped the 'actual' nude olympics decades ago....you probably misinterpreted the reference...🀣
  6. Certainly fair enough... In the mean time...hypothetically speaking, assuming all hospitals had beds available, and you contracted it.... What country's hospital system would you prefer, if you had the choice? πŸ€”
  7. Troll


    Old school, breakfast at the quad, and after the nude Olympics, it's downtown Chauncy's for fast food rabbit... 🀣 Kudos for your kid....he did better than me πŸ‘
  8. Troll


    Man that's a small calzone....like what, two bites? 🀣 OK so funny story....go off to college in the midwest...big University, flyers for no less than 15 pizza joints, that will deliver to the dorm rooms in hand. Called the first, order a calzone.... Reply was: What's a calzone?.....Me: click. Called the second.....tried to order........What's a calzone?......click etc... etc... By like the eighth or nineth place I'm losing hope, and explaining to the guy on the phone how you make them.....Reply: Hey that sounds really good.....Me: can I get one.......Them: No πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ So I wind up ordering a pizza from like the last place....wound up with something rolled out with a rolling pin, cut in squares 😲 like a sicilian, and topped with worse than ketchup... Moral of the story?......Don't buy a pie in Indianna Hopefully things have gotten better... 🀣
  9. BTW....I see a 5.88% death rate for the EU..... and a 1.72% death rate for the USA...... Probably THE most telling 'statistic'.... πŸ‘€
  10. quick question.... Hopefully without being accused of 'sticking up for some system'..... Take the latest "numbers" for the virus.... any ones, you pick... Which SYSTEM stacks up better? the 'Capitalistic' USA healthcare 'system'... or the 'Socialized medicine' EU healthcare 'system(s)' ??? πŸ€” Even with all the BS from both sides? πŸ˜‰ PS: Yea that one was stolen from the 'conspiracy theories' thread πŸ‘
  11. My understanding is that instead of wheeling dead bodies out the secure back..as normal protocol...in NY they are photo-oping a perp walk style parade for the cameras, right thru the public areas and out front door/public sidewalk..... Makes sense...πŸ€” News Hype News... a real pandemic deserves real coverage...
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