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  1. yes... every time 👍
  2. the superior attitude was calling out pictures as childish... The correction was simply noted for all to see. as you accuse others, you only expose your own self... yes ….way to live.
  3. Sounds like something a dum scrubber bot would say...🤨 Picture is worth a thousand words , and while everyone else is running around playing shorthand, your doing long arithmetic... very poorly I might add... you can TOTAL that one right? It's only a sum....not say a %
  4. If truth permeated your world you would not limit your communication form to simply contrived prose... If truth permeated the ignorance, you would realize others have this ability you seem lacking.. Yet you always circle back to your failure of grouping,... and bad math of course...🤣 let that permeate I bit in your 'truthful world'... PS. It's called a picture...🤣
  5. no you are not... Can't you ever speak the truth?
  6. your problem is your groupings...and projection of course... True that all are guilty... but not by their color... and no one is denying that. maybe someday you will figure that one out... but if not, you will STILL need to come up with a better argument...your accusing the rest of the crowd of what they deny or believe is proven wrong by everyone's mind who reads it, because you are not reading theirs correctly... so self-defeating so nut like
  7. actually it's 'moronic men' killing and it is not limited to white.... Same as thugs in the ghetto are not limited to black... You only argue in 'Totality' remember, so what's your tie in to 'white'? some percentage? 🤣 You have not passed that math class yet, remember? looks like your own mouth is arguing with what your own ass is spewing... and apparently the only thing you (are trying to) admit to, are false assumptions
  8. I know...Mr. Humor 🤣
  9. Spike Lee should remember that in the past ... He could not play basketball either... even tho he's still....stuck on repeat...
  10. And you are smart enough not to baalieve everything you hear in the main stream media either.... Maybe that's the sucker setup... make the mass media so f'n piss poor, that even the politicians look better.... Seems to be working like a charm for your orange buddy at least.....🤣
  11. Lolol Yeah! and I'm not bribing anyone...😲
  12. Good to know. I did a bit of college in the Midwest, and not a bad place to do it...👍 Will mention it to her. And thanks. She needs to check out options, and while she is more than qualified, I'm not so sure she will get accepted into half of these schools she's looking into....
  13. That's FANTASTIC! Sister's kid just finished Columbia Law after Georgetown. That school set her up nice and she graduated with an insane salaried job waiting. Other sister's kids went to Cornell, another William and Mary, etc. That's the problem, my daughter's the competitive type and thinks she must go to a 'big name' school...and she's following major achievers. We checked out Princeton last week (in spite of the fact/problem that it's basically just 'Liberal arts') and she loves the campus, the student body though?...well... weird little misfits, and that is being nice... It's like she switched up gears wanting medical now though, because that's a long haul route where I don't think undergrad even matters much past getting you in Medschool. Also, retired but not rich, and was not planning for 8 years of bills. Some schools now seem to have 7 year programs or automatic acceptance to their Med schools following undergrad. I think she needs to get in one of those if she is going to do it. If anyone has info on which medical programs kick ass now, let me know!
  14. Guess that depends on whether he's walking that golf course, or riding the cart...🤔 Did You forget about all the 'time away from the office' complaints? 🤣 Homie logs miles remember? Golf Count Cumulative Hours 177 1708:22