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  1. silly question, gold has more luster, but there is no accounting for taste... PS: I thought you already knew... to get what YOU like. duh. 😜
  2. You should listen to him...👂 COVID-19 vaccine could make people more likely to be infected by a virus. What? (bitchute.com) PS: straight from the 🐴🐴👄....... BTW:
  3. Bullshit smells...👃 ...it stinks actually. 💩 Stop manufacturing and producing bullshit... and people might start to believe you. 👍 PS: like nut's post above... permanent heart damage for your child, but hey no problem here ☝️ BTW: Trying to tell people what to think... ...don't fly too well either. 🪰
  4. No worries, His "Trump vaccine" (bigly FASTtracked btw lol) will get him through the season... 🤣 PS funny how 66 agrees with T... on some things, no? 😆
  5. PS: you got him this time 🤣 BTW: you go... ....Don Q 🤡
  6. nice link no need to even click on it... as the title tells you everything you need to know 💔 PS: but according to you... heart-inflammation after-covid-19-vaccine-is-real 💩
  7. Psssst... You need to add "Living in"... to Your thread TITLE. 🤡 PS: how is the weather there ? 🤣 BTW: 🤡
  8. No worries... according to science and "basic immunology" the vaccine will be entirely "useless" by spring. 🤓 PS: BTW: we are at as high a rate of infection now, as we have ever been... ...go figure
  9. Learn how to read 👍 So spending increased... and all the money, that they allowed corporations to delay paying, came due at once ... PS: nice cherry window you got there...🍒 🤡 BTW: 2.77 trillion in deficit with record spending... ...and 66 is trying to brag 💩 🤡
  10. c'mon ....lol you just posted this Because I said I was wrong about this once 😜 PS: It is pretty funny tho...you know... ...listening to all the 'lefties', act all "righty" like. 🤣 BTW: that PS ☝️... ...might be a reason for not alot of takers. 🤷‍♂️ (like none...LOL)
  11. Have not seen that content, but it looks like good stuff 🤣 👍
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