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  1. silly question, gold has more luster, but there is no accounting for taste... PS: I thought you already knew... to get what YOU like. duh. 😜
  2. You should listen to him...👂 COVID-19 vaccine could make people more likely to be infected by a virus. What? (bitchute.com) PS: straight from the 🐴🐴👄....... BTW:
  3. Bullshit smells...👃 ...it stinks actually. 💩 Stop manufacturing and producing bullshit... and people might start to believe you. 👍 PS: like nut's post above... permanent heart damage for your child, but hey no problem here ☝️ BTW: Trying to tell people what to think... ...don't fly too well either. 🪰
  4. No worries, His "Trump vaccine" (bigly FASTtracked btw lol) will get him through the season... 🤣 PS funny how 66 agrees with T... on some things, no? 😆
  5. PS: you got him this time 🤣 BTW: you go... ....Don Q 🤡
  6. nice link no need to even click on it... as the title tells you everything you need to know 💔 PS: but according to you... heart-inflammation after-covid-19-vaccine-is-real 💩
  7. Psssst... You need to add "Living in"... to Your thread TITLE. 🤡 PS: how is the weather there ? 🤣 BTW: 🤡
  8. No worries... according to science and "basic immunology" the vaccine will be entirely "useless" by spring. 🤓 PS: BTW: we are at as high a rate of infection now, as we have ever been... ...go figure
  9. Learn how to read 👍 So spending increased... and all the money, that they allowed corporations to delay paying, came due at once ... PS: nice cherry window you got there...🍒 🤡 BTW: 2.77 trillion in deficit with record spending... ...and 66 is trying to brag 💩 🤡
  10. c'mon ....lol you just posted this Because I said I was wrong about this once 😜 PS: It is pretty funny tho...you know... ...listening to all the 'lefties', act all "righty" like. 🤣 BTW: that PS ☝️... ...might be a reason for not alot of takers. 🤷‍♂️ (like none...LOL)
  11. Have not seen that content, but it looks like good stuff 🤣 👍
  12. I'm pretty sure Darter remembers...lol Maybe some day, you will understand it 🤷‍♂️ and that's not a knock, just sayin'...
  13. this is great 👍 Ima save it for the next time you bring up... ...trump 🤡 🤣
  14. basic Logic evades you... 🤡 PS: must be that "fanboi mentality" 🤡 BTW: hope this helps 👍
  15. Your boy joey appears to be suffering from your same ailment... 🤡 PS: BTW: good morning....LOL 🤣
  16. so you are saying that "wealth transfer" and wealth divide gaps... as well as corporate and "big business" dominance, are a democratic, and not republican RESULT ??? 🤔 PS: makes sense 👍 BTW: good job LOL...🤣
  17. Today's... Monday Morning pop quiz... LOL...😝 Buck Quiz.mp4
  18. PS: You should maybe switch to Coffee...☕ ...every morning 🤡
  19. Psssst.... yer pants, are on fire 🔥 PS: and that's a fact ✔️ 💩🤡
  20. Fucked check ✅ WINNER !!!!! ✔️ Runner up !!! ✔️ ...also ran 🏃‍♂️ non-winners. PS: Can we get a round of applause... ....for the Fucked check participants ??? 🤣
  21. nah ...(look around 1:25-1:30 👀☝️) those where Blackbirds, or you might say Grackles had some Starlings the other day, they look more like this... My Video 16.mp4 They do say all three will mix in these mega flocks together tho... soooo 🤷‍♂️
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