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  1. proof vaccine makes people crazy.....LOL https://rumble.com/vgqh15-madlad-takes-j-and-j-vaccine-vial-from-cvs-to-send-to-lab.html 😲
  2. like now like over Panama...that didn't take long LOL
  3. Check the live feed... thing is cruisin' 15 minutes later, and it's probably over another continent LOLOL... That is just current position..... they got no clue as to calculating the drop they say 🚀 🙄
  4. LOL .... We can see 👀 who is in the rabbit hole on a Sat night 🤣 I just gave you the live tracker link above 😝 you forget already ??? 🐰
  5. update... no Artificial Aurora tonight. due to high altitude winds 🌬️ Look for purple skies tommorow night 🤷‍♂️
  6. Here's the competing live feeds... The crash from China roulette wheel.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29HGFep3Zek ("live" Youtube doesn't imbed, but you can see where it's at now, etc.) or the light up the whole sky neon purple... https://video.ibm.com/channel/nasa-tv-wallops (Launch goes live a bit before launch window around 8pm, but check the intro lol) 🤓
  7. Let me guess... the 5⭐ 🏈 rating is supposed to be better.. ...amiright ? 🤓
  8. The TODAY show DOES put out some random shit now doesn't it 🤣
  9. ....and all you get on TV, is clips of armagedon ?!? What's with all the movie clip hype ? PS: should we hope that Nasa magnetic needle rocket doesn't hit that thing ... or not? 🤔
  10. to divide. to disassociate sometimes people think they have something to gain by doing that. go figure.
  11. Just another day in May... Mr Rubythroat found a woman The Swallows set up camp in their regular spot, on the stable's front porch, A junior Cooper hawk came in to attack and wound up getting attacked, right back... ...by the pack 😲 ...and I was just saying to my wife, that I was not wanting to have to pull another snake off of that pole by the nest, to save any chicks. 🤷‍♂️ Maybe that Cooper hawk will grow up and learn to wait for the snake LOL. PS: BGW always seemed to like my dog's helmet LOL, well you can tell him (or quote it so he can se
  12. Looks 👀 like NASA is going to spray a big Chemtrail tonight...😲 (a little barium vapor is not harmful to the environment or public health) Whole eastern seaboard can watch 👓 tho... Why they seem to center over DC tho ? 🤔 NASA Wallops May 8 Rocket Launch Visible in Eastern United States A four-stage Black Brant XII sounding rocket. Credits: NASA A mission to explore energy transport in space using a NASA suborbital sounding rocket launching May 8, 2021 https://www
  13. Some people say that's a LOT more..... you know... W-O-R-K !!!
  14. Some people say "Work" just means that you get paid for it... and If pay is your only stimulous, you might be doing it wrong 🤷‍♂️
  15. Dude....BE A MAN (remember? 🤣) Just drive down to Baltimore and pick up some wrought iron rail straight from the foundry. LOL (only half joking, they got a ton of iron cheep they sell to the public and some real nice chit. 😉 Might want to check if they are still open tho first )
  16. Stagflation... every raw material is skyrocketing if you don't see it coming (majo inflato in the pipes) your a fool... russia is getting off the petro-dollar and others will follow (even tho they been tryin for years, they got a legit shot this time) lose the world currency and your salary won't be worth shit. just sayin' PS: so how many spam calls offering to buy your house, property etc. has everyone gotten lately....bet they will offer you a "good deal"...
  17. so which distorted view are you looking at.... since now all of a sudden you seem to agree it gets distorted 🤓
  18. hahaha fools arguing job "estimates" are just plain silly 🤣 did they revise last months yet ? when they revise these numbers next month....you know... ....will your argument look more stupid then ??? 🤓
  19. You can't teach beginners luck... For the uneducated...It's always a gamble... Just sayin' 🤷‍♂️
  20. That is like saying if you have a black friend you can't act in a racist manner against others... Still no excuse. hope this helps. 👍 PS: you STILL not believing the man's own testimony ???
  21. sounds like fauxi with his vaccine... wasn't he supposed to study any impact on black people first too ??? you know... because everything must be separated into those compartments just for you...
  22. like you denying the same works both ways ? your Anus is flinching again, it's time to change your diaper. 👍 Hope this helps 👌
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