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  1. But that being said I always try to give credit where its due. And that kid who plays wr at columbia with the dreads dont know his name but he was DOMINANT! I mean you couldnt take your eyes off him. He snagged everything thrown his way with defenders all over him. His route running was on an elite level if he does everything rigjt he will be playing on Sundays. He was hopkins like. He may have been the beat player in the tourney. At least one of the best for sure.
  2. Yeah ok but I woke up with 8 notifications from you in my alerts. 😆
  3. Yeah ok but I woke up to 8 notifications in my alerts all from you. 😆
  4. Your coaches were going over to the Dillard coaches (Eddie Frazier) rip and freddy flowers dc saying ohhhh aint nothing in broward but st thomas. I was standing right there so dont give me any bs excuse. Again st thomas in the mouth of Columbia coaches and we weren't even in the tourney. You wanna be us so bad reminds me of Venice. I guess like you they thought Columbia was a part of the elites. But Dillard took that thought right out their minds. They were TRASH!!!!! HOT GARBAGE!!!! I mean highlight reel after highlight reel. The kids had the look of what did we get ourselves into and so did the coaches. Walked off with heads down and tails tucked. To Dillard for Christ sake.
  5. Yeah I wasnt there day one. The qualifying rounds? Serious you beat up teams put together by church youth leaders on day one lol 😆 give me a break. The tourney starts on the day you guys got trounced by dillard high lmfao
  6. Not too many losses. They probably have less losses in 5 years than two schools you guys represent had last season. Worry about your own damn schools maybe they could win a big game or two.
  7. Just talking shit I love all florida football but I think if schools put in less effort of worrying about what other schools are doing and start worrying about themselves they would be alot better.
  8. When I say delusional I mean you comparing Columbia to STA. No one cares about your little known fact and no one cares about little ol Columbia.
  9. Again delusional Columbia couldn't beat aquinas JV. I actually got a chance to see them play in 7 on 7 up close in The Villages and they got bounced bad by Dillard first or second round I believe. Terrible play and coaching all around I understand it was 7 on 7 but geesh.
  10. Insecure lol ok. You probably posted it on the florida you seem to think Columbia should be mentioned as one of the best in Florida and that's delusional.
  11. Lmfao I guess this is what you have to do because you have this dream that Columbia is relevant. You wish you had Aquinas nightmares at Columbia High
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