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  1. You are an Idiot. As long as Guarandoodoo is our QB we aint going nowhere. Never said we would be good with him. Now once he is gone and the 5* Harrison Bailey is at the helms we will be a team to recon with.
  2. Allatoona Bucs would they sniff this list?
  3. Has nothing to do with this but Guarrentano sucks!!!
  4. I noticed no back and forth when the shoe is on the other foot...
  5. Its the national championships and state titles.
  6. Funny because St Thomas has never had a good band and fans never really get too loud or cheer. Players have to rally themselves. Sucks
  7. Looks like you should have recruiting a few of those Broward county boys.
  8. You're schedule ain't shit compared to ours. Better than TENNESSEE? That's setting the bar kinda low for the CHAMPS wouldn't you say?
  9. 20 year senior JG will be benched by the third game of the season. Can't hit wide open ten yard hitch to save his life. He is terrible. 90 missed wide open third down plays. A few beautiful balls throughout the game. Same shit he has been doing entire time in Tennessee.
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