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  1. Have you ever been to Long Beach? Specifically, to the neighborhood where LB Poly is located? No kid that can go to Mater Dei is going to LB Poly.
  2. SoCal people who think 50 degrees is freezing. That said... the games I attended at Sac State were freakin' cold, even by NorCal standards. For a while, all of the state games were in SoCal. Now, if the big games are in SoCal, the rest are in NorCal and vice/versa.
  3. Do you plan on putting money on the D-5A game?
  4. Not being able to send runner-up teams forces up some teams that would normally be playing in lower divisions in the north. Narbonne being eliminated forces some teams higher in the south. It may end up being a wash. But, they still didn't make the divisions up in the same was as in the past. Seems that the SS made a push to have their teams match up against other sections and they got that in place. I'll still be watching, either way.
  5. They'd be hard to pick against. Garbers is a really good QB.
  6. Except that I would guess that everyone here would take CdM over SC.
  7. It appears that the CIF went way out of their way to preserve the order of the SS divisions. They also went out of their way to have as few SS-SS matchups as possible. Also curious, it appears that the SS D-X winner, Crescenta Valley has opted out of the state playoffs. As a result, Bishop Union has a bye in D-VIA.
  8. My takes: D-Open: Obvious. DLS vs SS D-I winner. Advantage for SJB, but I think MD was a tougher matchup for the Spartans. D-IAA North: Strange placement of Oak Ridge. No ranking service had the Trojans anywhere near San Mateo Serra, much less higher. Still, could be a good game against Central, but the Grizzlies are clearly the favorite. D-IAA South: I would have personally put Corona del Mar here instead of Sierra Canyon. SC beat Grace Brethren by 6, while CdM blew out the Lancers in the 4th quarter of the SS D-III title game. Still, this will be a good game. D-IA North: We've seen this movie twice already. San Mater Serra has already faced the CS D-II winner and neither game was particularly close. Good chance this will be a third time. D-IA South: Huge mismatch here, too, in my opinion. CdM clear favorites. But a potential Serra-CdM game looks pretty good. D-IIAA North: Have I mentioned that I've felt that the NCS has been overrated all year long? I haven't? Ok... the NCS has been overrated all year long... there. Right now, I would say that Elk Grove is a 2-score favorite. D-IIAA South: I think Pacifica should have been placed here instead of Aquinas. This is still a pretty decent matchup, but for the wrong reason. D-IIA North: Manteca is among several teams that could have been placed here. No big problems for me, although I think McClymonds could have been higher (over Clayton Valley, at least). D-IIA South: Holy mismatch, Batman! Pacifica should crush the Patriots from Birmingham.
  9. D-Open: De La Salle (NCS D-I) vs St. John Bosco (SS D-I) D-IAA NorCal: Central (CS D-I) vs Oak Ridge (SJS D-I) D-IAA SoCal: Sierra Canyon (SS D-II) vs Helix (SDS D-Open) D-IA NorCal: Serra (CCS D-I) vs San Joaquin Memorial (CS D-II) D-IA SoCal: Corona del Mar (SS D-III) vs Oceanside (SDS D-I) D-IIAA NorCal: Elk Grove (SJS D-II) vs Clayton Valley (NCS D-II) D-IIAA SoCal: Aquinas (SS D-V) vs San Juan Hills (SS D-IV) D-IIA NorCal: Manteca (SJS D-III) vs McClymonds (Oak) D-IIA SoCal: Pacifica (SS D-VI) vs Birmingham (LACS D-Open)
  10. Not only is this not true, it's not even remotely true. San Mateo Serra has played multiple games closer to DLS than Folsom has in any of their attempts at unseating the Spartans. Serra has led DLS twice in the 4th quarter. This actually would have been a great year for the Padres to have played the Spartans.
  11. I always find it curious to see everyone dismiss Calpreps until it's convenient for them not to.
  12. I wouldn't put money on MT beating Folsom a second time. I absolutely would put money on Wilcox beating Pittsburg in a rematch. San Mateo Serra has surprised me with their resilience in the face of losing their QB. Their D is better than I thought it was going to be. I think you could fairly suggest: 1. DLS, 2. Serra, 3. Folsom. If you were to throw Central in the mix, it would be 1. DLS, 2. Central, 3. Serra, 4. Folsom. Would be awesome to see Serra flip that second spot, though.
  13. Nah... just trying to determine whether you think Centennial or Mission Viejo is the #1 public this year in CA. 'Cause if you think it's the Huskies... Just saying one needs to be wary of glass houses.
  14. But, losing to a 3-loss team would be perfectly fine, I guess. Right?
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