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  1. What is the point of setting guidelines if no one is going to adhere to them? The administration set some goals, but the red-state governors just ignore them. Trump himself not only ignores them, but actively encourages everyone to do the same.
  2. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/6415869/ns/us_news-crime_and_courts/t/sentenced-golf-course-prostitution/
  3. Depends on where in OC. If you're in the Fullerton, Anaheim, Brea, or Placentia area, it's maybe 30-45 minutes. In south OC, you could be looking at a good 1.5-2 hrs. For me in HB, it would likely take about 1.25-1.5 hrs. Traffic goes north and east in the afternoon... where Corona is located. The problem is that there are only three freeways you can take to get to Corona from OC. One of them is a toll road and the other two merge together making one huge mess. Actually, the toll road also eventually merges with the other two.
  4. There are a few nice golf courses nearby. In one of them, there was a huge scandal about 10-15 years ago where someone had setup tents near the tee boxes with prostitutes. It was crazy. A bunch of people got busted.
  5. Any stadium with a track around it gets demerits in my book. The city of Salinas in NorCal has two pretty nice venues. Rabobank Stadium is owned by the city. Palma and North Salinas High play here. The best venue in the Central Coast Section, though, is Salinas High Stadium. It feels like you sit right on top of the field. Also, a quirky fact in the it may be the only stadium I've seen where there is more seating on the visitor side than the home side due to the geographical placement within the neighborhood (although, the student section takes the south end zone bleachers as its own). Players enter through a descending tunnel like a college stadium. The city stadium in Napa, CA could be the nicest in NorCal, though.
  6. Do you actually apply the piss yourself to your corn flakes each morning, or do you have someone come in every day to do it for you?
  7. Anyone here ever been to East St. Louis? I drove through on afternoon on the way to the St. Louis airport. 7 of the first 10 houses I saw either had their windows broken or the roof was caving in. I saw all of 3 people on the street walking, one of which was a stumbling drunk in a parking lot. I didn't see any chain businesses... no fast food or grocery stores that I recognized. A colleague of mine worked at a customer site there once. She said that she told them she was going out to lunch. "You're going where? Ok, but once you get your food, come right back here to eat it."
  8. I'm guessing that was to accommodate the time change for SFA.
  9. There were a couple of really good games in NorCal a couple of years ago, but last year was terrible and this one is not much better.
  10. So, was the father a George Costanza/Seinfeld fan?
  11. I'm guessing this is for insurance purposes. In California, there can be off-campus coaches. That said, if the head coach is off-campus and an on-campus teacher wants that position, the school has to give it to them.
  12. So, let me get this straight... if someone wanted to coach a placekicker in Texas, they have to be a certified teacher? All coaches for all sports are on-campus teachers?
  13. Game date? I work in Austin from time to time. I was able to make it to DLS-ET last time this way.
  14. Ok, I know this will draw a lot of ridicule for Folsom, but one question about this that needs to be asked is: Was this an offer for a home-and-home or just for Folsom to visit Corona? That matters. If it was a home-and-home and Folsom declined, flame away. If not, then I think it could be understood. (Yes, I know what Pitt did and I know what Folsom did in games against Cathedral Catholic and Chaminade... doesn't change my mind.)
  15. You now have two people making the same statement. What, players from SJB are getting their info from Prepgridiron.com?
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