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  1. I’m sure you’ll be on the SoCal side. I’ll be looking on from the NorCal side. The gf is surprisingly coming on Friday, but I’m solo on Saturday. Just checked on tix and they’re still not out yet.
  2. Anyone going to the Saddleback games?
  3. Ok, I don't usually get involved in the non-football topics (and this will be my last for a while), but with regards to the stock market... 1. The market is not the economy. Stock prices going up does not mean companies are doing well, nor is the opposite is true. My company's profit has had 20+% growth for the year, yet our stock price is down about $100/share. 2. The last time I had steady growth was during the Obama years. It's been pretty erratic since. Part of it had to do with something called COVID-19. 3. While the DJIA or S&P are selectively picked stocks, the entire market generally tracks with them, unless something is known to be very problematic with a particular company. My personal portfolio is tied more closely to NASDAQ composite movement, even if all of the stocks or funds are not included in it. It's a game of perception as much as anything else. 4. People still day-trade and I get that. But, people also go to Vegas in droves. Someone above said it before, but the market is just legalized gambling. 5. If people look at the market in terms of the long-term, then it's not always bad for there to be drops from time to time. If the market only went up, then your purchasing power decreases with each passing year. A drop here and there can position you for higher returns once the market returns to normal. 6. People panic sometimes over the market, but always seem to forget that we've had drops or uncertainty before... a lot. This recent drop is not the outlier. The steady growth we've had for the previous decade is. As I state in #5 above, some of the good times are actually a result of it. But, if you treat the market like #4, then you're not reading the disclaimers close enough. 7. All of these daily reports on the stock movements make me shake my head. "Stocks drop over concerns of Chinese protests" and "The market drives upward in anticipation of a good jobs report". Um, no. Stocks went down because more people sold them than bought them. Stocks went up because more people bought. That's it. One or two days after the 'Chinese protests', the market went up 2%. What, did the investors get over their protest concerns? Most people probably didn't even know that protests were happening. "Momentum of 5 straight growth days are lost when concerns over political uncertainty"... no, people sold to take home the profits of those 5 days. Then, after they cause a panic of a sell-off, they buy back to drive the prices up again. Rinse and repeat. 8. There are a lot of ways companies can manipulate stock prices, such as buybacks to reduce public inventory. Some reports indicate that many CEOs pay is based on the stock returns, rather than actual profit. 9. We live in a global economy and ours is better than just about every other industrialized country. With regards to gas prices... 1. One of the main reasons the costs were so low two years ago was that a lot of people weren't driving (again, COVID). This drove down demand, while supply remained steady. Basic economics suggests that prices will drop as a result. 2. Trump literally got the Saudis to produce less oil as a result of #1. (https://www.politico.com/news/2020/04/02/trump-calls-on-russia-and-saudi-arabia-to-cut-oil-production-161368). Make sure part of the blame is positioned correctly. 3. The Keystone XL pipeline was for Canadian tar oil, not our own, for exporting. It would not have impacted our gas supply. 4. Gas companies (and many others) have experienced massive profit windfalls during these price hikes. When the MLB artificially kept salaries down for profits, they got sued for collusion. If the entire gas industry does it, I guess we call it 'free market'. 5. Russia's invasion of Ukraine has had two major energy effects: a) the total supply of oil has decreased, which drives up costs; and b) accelerated the move towards renewable energy sources, which should eventually drive down costs (including those for healthcare).
  4. I think the notion of a "rivalry" is overblown. Either you're better than your opponent or you're not. So what if the weaker team gets up for the game. The stronger team does not? Now, I think the second part is significant. However, most pollsters will only give that so much consideration. If a key player goes down and that team loses a couple of games as a result, those are still considered losses. Teams will still get dropped... maybe not as much if the pollster has all of the info, but they'll get dropped.
  5. When the games take place matter. I do agree that the first MD-JS game is a black eye for the Monarchs, but it is far better to have the blowout take place in the second game. It makes it look like something got corrected, while the opposite is true in the reverse.
  6. Using a situation that includes MD and SJB as the benchmark does not work by "any league in the country". Put a St. Joseph's Prep or Desoto in their place, and those teams aren't beating Santa Margarita, Orange Lu, or JSerra by 40+ consistently.
  7. Regardless of your opinion on this, when these games happen matter. It is far better to struggle with a team in the regular season, then blow them out in the playoffs than have the opposite happen. Why? Because people don't always have long memories. They want to see teams finish strong, not regress.
  8. They were higher last year because they: Beat Servite twice Beat Corona Centennial Beat St. John Bosco Beat Duncanville and... were undefeated. 2021 MD's schedule overall was better than 2022 SJB's, plus the loss drops them. Had they beaten MD twice, you might have seen their rating be more similar.
  9. The Trinity teams (even outside of MD and SJB) don't typically take the number of non-league losses that they did this year. So, either the other SoCal teams got better or the Trinity teams were down.
  10. I've been very consistent with this. You never know what will happen when top teams meet.
  11. Miami Northwestern finished the year 6-5. Not much different than SJB beating Orange Lutheran twice... except for the fact that they didn't struggle in either game.
  12. Excuse me? Which Miami public school played BG this year?
  13. The question was with regards to league or district play. The question was with regards to whether the Trinity was horrible, which it wasn't as using one or two ultra-elite programs as a measure is not accurate. The question was not in regards to whom they scheduled in non-league play. Also, given that the topic is with regards to an MNC, I would point out that the teams you listed may impress writers for the Miami Herald, but probably not nearly as much outside of the Miami metro area.
  14. But, any talk about how you don't have to leave your area and still be considered as a front runner for an MNC is 100% Texas.
  15. The closest district win for MC was 34 points this year.
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