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  1. Your description of how SF supposedly eeked out their win over DLS seems to conveniently overlook how the Lancers pretty much dominated in the first half. Yes, DLS was able to come back to take a lead late in the 4th, but you again discount how SF still drove the length of the field with the game on the line to get the win. Yes, they are a power rushing team, but the winning score in that game came through the air. Beating DLS is no small feat, no matter how you slice it. You sort of claim to be a NorCal fan, but really, you support DLS and always just shit on everyone else. As for St. Francis' chances, it sort of depends on how the SoCal team comes out of the blocks. In previous state bowl games, running NorCal teams have (at times) been able to lull supposedly much better SoCal teams to sleep through a half. They would often then ignite the SoCal team by turning the ball over in a key situation, but that isn't something that this Lancer team has done much this year. This is a pretty disciplined team. Not a lot of penalties, either. The last two SF opponents have been able to score on them, but that negates two factors: 1. Menlo-Atherton's offense is actually pretty good. I believe one or two of their WRs and the QB are supposed to have D-I offers. Eventually, the Lancer D adjusted and shut it down. 2. Aptos is coached by Randy Blankenship, which means they run the Wing-T really, really well. I'm guessing that it's been something like 20 years since SF has seen that offense and it can be hard to stop if you're not used to it. As sort of a benchmark, Campolindo is going to be playing for the NCS D-II title this week. Aptos beat them 49-0 (they were up 42-0 at the half). The key to beating SF is to force them to pass. Yes, they can pass in certain situations, but that's not really what they want to do. In both of the cases above, the Lancers eventually wore down the opposing defenses and rumbled all over them, particularly late in the game. In the first game against this week's opponent, Serra, the Padres could get no stops at all (0 punts). Their own powerful offense really struggled, particularly in the second half. Both Mater Dei and Servite have explosive offenses. If they come out firing and jump out to a big early lead, SF won't be able to respond with their own passing game. But, if there is any early hesitation, the Lancers aren't a team that you really want to give momentum late in a game. MD's defense is deeper than Servite's, so I think they'd manage this better and would be less likely to wear down. SF has two backs that are pretty good. One has shown plenty of breakaway capabilities, while the other is an absolute bruiser... no fuss, just wants to run through you. The bruiser also plays on D and can be a playmaker. If whoever the SoCal team is comes out firing and gets an early 21 (or so) point lead, it will probably become lights out once SF has to abandon their running game. If they don't for any reason, I still think they will probably outclass the Lancers, but it could be a frustrating 2-3 quarters in doing so.
  2. Jordan spent years getting ripped in D-I when they had no business being there. Like Ned from Calpreps suggested. These 10-0 teams love the accolades and to strut around while being the big fish in the small pond, but the minute they’re told they have to prove it, those tails go straight between their legs.
  3. Dude, seriously. Reading the various Twitter feeds of SS people complaining about some 10-0 team that got bounced in the first round like somehow there is supposed to be some sort of entitlement for them to go 11-0. Their reward is supposed to be getting to feast on some poor 5-5 team that is forced to play in a higher division because someone else in their league happens to be traditionally strong and they drag everyone else up along with them. So many crybabies. So much sense of entitlement.
  4. St. Francis wins 56-28. Great performance by Aptos, but the Lancers just wore them down.
  5. Lancers have blown it open now. 49-28.
  6. St. Francis goes up 35-28, with 9 minutes to play.
  7. Mountain View St. Francis is tied with Aptos at 28 with 3:04 in the 3rd qtr. Lancers clearly have not had much experience facing a wing-t offense, which Aptos runs extremely well. SF ball.
  8. If it's any consolation, I never found you appealing in the first place. 😜
  9. SM Serra was dropped way too far, IMO.
  10. This is what the SS, and the CIF as a whole, wants to see. Fewer blowouts.
  11. Yes, but they just whipped their top rival in that division. I was hoping that one of the public schools could possibly give them some trouble, but I don’t think so from what I saw today. I don’t think anyone else in the CCS can match how physical SF is.
  12. Statement made by St. Francis in NorCal. They pretty much manhandle San Mateo Serra 44-21 to win the WCAL title, secure the CCS #1 seed, and fully position themselves as the NorCal Open Division representative. RB ViliamiTeu breaks WCAL league rushing record. Teu also had put up 185 yards against De La Salle earlier this year when the Lancers upset the Spartans.
  13. I suspect this says more about Sierra Canyon than JSerra.
  14. Seriously. 12 pages? Do we really have nothing better to do?
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