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  1. IMG would smoke BC by 3 TDs….
  2. Nike should’ve gotten the top team from Oregon to play a team with some recognition like DLS Ca or Allen Tx.
  3. St Louis doesn’t crack the top 100?
  4. How often has the 1&2 rank teams met in the finals?
  5. Arizona vs Gonzaga, remember where you heard it first
  6. 14 months lay off won it for Lopez. If I was Teo I’d take the win and run with it. I can only see Loma improving a 2nd time around.
  7. Make IMG sign a contract. No player is allowed to play against IMG and transfer to them.
  8. I’m going to go out on a limb, MD vs MD will happen at some point of the GA vs Bama game.
  9. I believe the banning probably has something to do with the poaching. IMG and SFA would still be great if they join their local league.
  10. Do you have a players per state stats compared to MD and SBJ?
  11. MD and SBJ needs to develop their local all star team whereas schools like IMG and SFA players are more than likely at the height of their talent from all over the country.
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