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  1. Crafty Creator

    Some California news

    Don’t try to make this more than what it is kids stomping their feet to get what they want. They talk about wanting to graduate early and the problem is MD won’t allow it. In order to graduate at all you have to pass your classes and be in good standing. Mater Dei has rules and good luck to the boys, I hope they do well wherever they end up. For everyone who said MD sold their soul, win at all cost... as you can see that’s not the case. I commend the Monarchs for not bending to these kids.
  2. Crafty Creator

    Some California news

    Hopefully Darion will stay, but’s ricks already gone.
  3. Crafty Creator

    Strength and Conditioning Top Programs

    Nope it means they work and train hard, all year. You know other programs that train with Navy Seals?
  4. Crafty Creator

    MD Recruits Go Back To Public School

    I’ve never even been on the NorCal Board. The NorCal people spinning what they want. I stand by parents will do what they want with THEIR kids. It is what it is and you can take an excerpt here and there and make it what you want.
  5. Crafty Creator

    MD Recruits Go Back To Public School

    I’m sorry, did I quote DLS? No I said they are making it sound like they were duped. How about you stop worrying about what MD does and worry about your team. I never made excuses for Mater Dei, I merely stated what actually happened. WOW WHAT A CONCEPT, to actually say the truth, instead of making things up to fit you agenda or hate. Believe me no one at mater Dei is crying, if these kids came in with no intention of graduating that’s on them. I’m not sure what you want us to own, that kids want to come to Mater Dei because last I checked no one was holding a gun, no one is forcing them to go there No one is making them get up at dark o clock, no one is the cause for whatever commute they choose to make. These kids CHOOSE to make the sacrifices, stay late for practice, do the work because no one does it for them, the work is hard and these kids think it is going to better prepare them for the next level. So I don’t know what you want me to say that will make you feel better?
  6. Crafty Creator

    MD Recruits Go Back To Public School

    McCoy and Nimmo had been preparing for early graduation by taking extra classes and summer school courses to get ahead for a couple of years. They had to get approval to carry the heavier class loads.
  7. Crafty Creator

    MD Recruits Go Back To Public School

    If you have completed the required classes at MD (that you have to get permission for) you can graduate early. But this something you have to prepare for. The three discussed in the article were told they would not qualify for mid year graduation when they wanted to transfer in and they agreed. When the semester was over two of them did a work around and left Mater Dei. The PARENTS took them out to home school then so they could start Spring ball at the colleges they committed to (by the way they did a signing in December at MD) . When they found out the colleges wouldn’t accept the credits from the home school program they had no choice but to return to their previous high school. The third kid had already been on contract and rather than trying to straighten out he chose to leave and go back to his previous high school. So please tell me how this is the fault of the school. Parents are going to do what they want with their kids. For DLS to make it sound like they were duped by this recruited up team is bs, these three were of no impact and two of them didnt even play in the final game.
  8. Crafty Creator

    SJC 2019 Football Schedule

    3 football players, one was a Senior, the Other two are going to hurt. They were starters.
  9. Crafty Creator

    It’s still all about the stache

    Congratulations to all the coaches nominated especially the Stache! Nominated by the Los Angeles Rams @NFL Announces Nominees for 2018 Don Shula NFL High School Coach of the Year Award https://nflcommunications.com/Pages/NFL-Announces-Nominees-for-2018-Don-Shula-NFL-High-School-Coach-of-the-Year-Award-.aspx
  10. Crafty Creator

    NorCal poster says

    Are the other two teams MD and JSerra?
  11. Crafty Creator

    Team of the Year Nominees

    Mater Dei Jserra Oaks Christian Duncanville
  12. Crafty Creator

    5* Mater Dei WR Bru McCoy callling out Maxpreps...

    The biggest difference is that MD dominated the los and the clock, avenging the first loss, keeping SJB off the field. That is strategy, part of the game. Both DV, NS and Allen were all comparable, a winner was ultimately determined by a last second (3seconds) Hail Mary pass that could have gone either way. So how do you choose? How did they meet expectations? A winner was determined but the games were close.
  13. Crafty Creator

    Final Polls of 2018 (2018-12-27)

    Agreed, all it showed was how close DV kept the game and NS wasn’t a better team, they only edge out the win in the last 3 secs with a Hail Mary. I watch the entire game both teams were good. Human polls let their emotion of the game get the better of them.
  14. Crafty Creator

    USA Today MNC is...

  15. Crafty Creator

    MD 35 - DLS 21 (F)

    Good game De La Salle!