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  1. It is only “Outlandish” to those who don’t understand Football in the OC.... With TT back, Servite is now a Destination.... Of Course Servite looks young, they have 24 Sophomores on Varsity right now... That is an incredible core to have the next 2 years... Also, there is no guarantee that MD and SJB will have QB’s like BY and DJ the next 2 years... And SJB will lose a ton to Graduation and Servite almost beat SJB this year with that very young core... So will Servite win SS D1 Over MD or SJB, I don’t know... Will they be a real Contender and make the Semifinals or the Finals, Definitely!!....
  2. You may be right right, I really like BG... I picked BG to beat ST. louis So I am a believer in the Gales.... If BG comes to Cali next year to play Servite the result may be very different... Just like BG beat DLS by 24 then came out here and lost the next year... BG would certainly be a Semifinalist and a Real contender in SS D1... Just like Servite will be the next 2 years....
  3. I believe Servite will have a Real Shot to win D1 in the next 2 years... That QB is only a Sophomore, and that kid looks composed and he can play... Very Impressed with the quick Turnaround by TT.... I just can’t figure out the BG loss though... Other then when TT “Studied” DLS Maybe he learned that “Hyper-Improvement” is a Real Thing!!!...🤣🤣🤣
  4. I think SDCC will beat Helix in a Rematch in the playoffs... The San Diego Version of MD and SJB....🤣 I believe after beating Cen10 that they were overconfident against Helix and a great Helix team put it on them... Just like MD was overconfident last year after that incredible win over IMG.... And SJB dropped the hammer on them... I agree with you though, it will be a tight one!!... Helix can play, I am pretty sure their RB broke Reggie Bushes school rushing record this year.... They are talented!!!...
  5. I agree!!!... They would be a great Matchup for DLS because they would shorten the game and they are very physical... Dls would have a big speed advantage over then though as that is what can beat them... Cen10 put up 41 points and had 2 TD’s Called Back I didn’t see the game but have seen Cen 10 and SDCC mulitiple times, and Cen 10 is much faster... SDCC is a power running team with a QB that can make plays in the passing game, I think With their style of play they could beat Both Servite and MV in the Southern Section... Those Dudes Can Play!!...🤣🤣 I still believe “The Real CC” is #3 in So Cal... I really like MV and Servite but I believe when all is said and done “The Real CC” will be in the semis against Bosco.... And who knows???... Servite only lost by 1... Does Logan have someone who can make Extra Points??...🤣🤣🤣
  6. So this actually was Foreman’s 1st game Back... Good for him and Cen 10!!!.... I thought he was out for the year!!... I saw the same thing as you regarding Norco, I will say the WB was under an insane amount of pressure all night and the Defense was way overmatched... CC’s offense looked like a finely tuned machine tonight... I just still hate the 2 QB thing but if Logan believes in it I will too...🤣... I think with Forman Back they will make the Semifinals, They can outscore Both MV And Servite... They may score 70 on JSerra!!...🤣🤣 Really hoping for a CC vs Servite or MV game... It’s hard to believe those Legendary OC programs have never played “The Real CC” over all these years...🤣🤣🤣
  7. GA has killed me!... I had Marietta at 8!!!... I have missed on like every GA pick this year.... Maybe I need to start paying attention to the GA Dudes!!!....🤣🤣 I will say, GA has Definitely had some of the best games this year!!!... I just seem to keep picking the wrong team!!!...🤣🤣🤣
  8. Have Been watching this game as well tonight, Cen10 Looks really good and #90 has been playing on D and Cen10 has like 6 Sacks on Defense.... Norco’s Defense is Bad Though.... Corona Del Mar Could easily put up 40 points on them... They are not very Athletic on Defense is don’t see them Getting past the Quarter Finals in D2....
  9. Was watching SDCC play so I went with this new one from Stone out of San Diego!!..🤣🍻 ”Fear, Movie, Lions” Double IPA... It is really good with a Citrus finish!...🍻
  10. SDCC is up 35-14 over St. Augustine with 3:33 left.... SDCC’s RB Watson has 4 TD’s... Tight game at half with Both teams looking good but SDCC just took over in the 2nd Half... They are Big and Physical and remind me of a Southern Section Team... Even with the loss to Helix, this is one of the most impressive teams I have ever seen from San Diego....
  11. 10. SDCC 9. SJR 8. Marietta 7. St. Johns 6. SFA 5. DeMatha 4. Grayson 3. Elder 2. St X 1. CTK
  12. @Sammyswordsman said Servite would beat JSerra by 2 TD.... Almost!!...🤣🤣
  13. HA!!.. 🤣🤣.... You are so right About Angel Stadium... Definitely a lot of Awesome HSFB games there over the years!!!.. It’s too bad they don’t play there anymore!!...
  14. It would be Better then QB1!!..🤣 They would Certainly would have to Include Folsom up here in Nor Cal who is #1 with 15 Transfers in Football this year alone...🤣🤣
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