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  1. No Team in Nor Cal Has Any Idea what They are in for In The Open against a Team Like MD other then DLS…. It will be “Shock and Awe”, That’s why DLS plays Teams Like SFA, they may take an “L” but they won’t be surprised at the size, speed and physical play that is Awaiting Them in The Open…
  2. More then 8 teams is Ridiculous for SS D1, it should actually be no more then 6…. What they should really do is what San Diego does and just go to as low as a 4 Team Open Bracket if they don’t think 6 would be competitive…. All we need to see is MD, SJB, Servite and Cen10 this year, we don’t need to see the rest and it would make the D2 playoffs awesome…. Just think, this year if there were just 4 teams and MV was Dropped, we could be looking at MV vs DLS in the D 1AA SBG…. That would be much better then DLS vs a San Diego Team as they already beat San Diego’s #1 team by 4TD’s….
  3. That is a great question…. Assuming SF or Serra Gets the open, I would say If Rocklin wins out they play DLS in the D1AA Game….. If Folsom Upsets Rocklin in The Playoffs and wins their Section then it becomes more interesting…. I would say that a 2 Loss Folsom Team would drop to D1A and the Central Section Champ would be against DLS assumeinh they have no more then 1 loss…. But if the Central Champ has 2 or more losses and Folsom Avenges their Loss Against Rocklin and wins the Section then why wouldn’t they match up Folsom and DLS?,…. it will be great to see how it all plays out…. It looks like a Long Shot that Folsom could beat Rocklin if they played again, but who knows…. Anything can happen…..
  4. Rocklin was D2 but the win over Folsom put them in D1…. They can do no worse then tie for the SFL so they are automatically D1 by winning the SFL because it is a D1 League…. Rocklin would have to lose their last League game to Grant who is awful, to even Tie for the League Title…. Rocklin’s last game is against a 3-5 Pleasant Grove team so Rocklin should be 10-0…. So yes, Rocklin and Folsom will be in The Same playoff Bracket probably at opposite ends…. Folsom Should finish no less then the #3 seed unless they drop one of their last 2 games…. Folsom should handle Whitney, Granite Bay will be the tough one… GB is currently tied with Folsom for #2 in the SFL so if Folsom drops that game They could drop to the 4 or 5 seed in the playoffs….
  5. Wow!!… That is wild!.., The Talent on that Grant Team Is Crazy!!!… Ridiculous that Nevada Union didn’t make the playoffs and some other team with a 4 or 5 loss record probly did!!!… This is als why Nor Cal needs a Full regional playoff…. if We had a “Open”style playoff, 1996 DLS with a 4 year winning streak would have has to beat a team like 1996 Grant…. That would have been an Awesome Game!!!!… Which team won that section that year?…. Assuming it was Grant but I have no clue?… 🤣🤣🍻
  6. 2 Cali Guys Running this and all we get is a bunch of NJ, OH, TX, and GA game that Screw me every week…. 🤣 Well, except for The Sierra Game I Blew This week so Never Mind, apparently no matter what state it is I just can’t Pick em…. 🤣🤣🍻
  7. Great Post!!!… That is crazy to think your team didn’t get in at 7-3!!…. Whe I was a Junior we made the playoffs with a 4-6 record in So Cal!!!…. We made it in on a Coin Flip, we were 3-2 in League in a 3 way tie… The worst thing was the team knocked out was either 7-3 or 8-2!! (I Can’t Remember)…. We got Blasted by Newport Harbor in the First Round of The playoffs…. 🤣🤣🍻
  8. Outstanding Analysis of Rocklin!…. Great Post!… 🍻
  9. Actually they are Much Better then Folsom, remember Rocklin’s starting QB is out for the season and they rolled up 40 points in Folsom…. They have great Size and are Very Physical, Big fast receivers that can catch and Their Defense is the real deal…. Last year Rocklin was thought of a real threat to beat Folsom, and Folsom pulled a Folsom Move and Cancelled their league game…. Rocklin Needed the Game moved from Friday to Sat and Folsom Declined and Cancelled the game and instead scheduled a lower level team that they Boatraced…. I watched the game tonight, although it was an awful broadcast, so I have seen Folsom play Twice against their 2 Best Opponents, and I can say this about Folsom…. They are Not a Well Coached Team…. They try to out athlete you and note to Folsom, they don’t have great athletes like they had in the past…. Rocklin Physically Dominated Folsom, this Folsom team will be lucky to make it to the quarter finals…. Rocklin Reminds me of SFMV…. If SF or Serra can hold on to the open bid, Rocklin vs DLS would be a Terrific Regional Play in game for D1A…. 🍻
  10. Folsom will not be in a SBG… They have to win their section and there is no way they will do that…. They just got blasted by 33 points to a team with their Back up QB…. Folsom is Soft and Poorly Coached, they will be lucky to get a “Quarterfinal’s” Patch this year… 🤣🤣
  11. The Folsom Prison Psych Ward on Full Lockdown Right Now!!… 🤣🤣 @frankyjames and @DLS_Spartan Crapping all over themselves right now!!!…. 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Folsom will Decline a game with Vista Del Lago next year just so they can keep their #1 in Folsom Ranking…. 🤣
  13. Is it Too Late To Make Changes???…. 🤣🤣🍻
  14. Sorry Guys, my bad…. Ok, just move DBP to 1 and my 1 pointer to 5…. I am not even paying attention to any of those games otherwise I would have had Catholic Memorial higher then 2…. 🤣🤣🍻
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