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  1. MD would rather play La Mirada and SJB would rather find some OOS team that is equal to La Mirada so both teams can protect their rankings…. Both teams are content with MD’s win over SFA 5 years ago…. MD still has bragging rights and SJB can just ride MD’s Coattails as usual…. 🤣
  2. The thing about DLS is its unique location…. They could shut down their FB program and still have more money the God…. 🤣 The problem is the teams that MD and SJB can build in So Cal can just not be built here in Nor Cal unless you had an IMG type of program that houses the kids…. The talent is just too spread out…. I just don’t see that DLS would go in that direction…. That is not what they are about….
  3. If the last few games of last year were any indication I think it’s safe to say the platoon with Sua is done…. 13 is the better player and he did get better at throwing the ball as the season went on and Sua just seemed to regress…. You are right on about the lines and defense…. I agree that being a top 10-15 National team may be in the past for DLS…. HSFB has just changed and now the Kids don’t feel the need to go to DLS to get Scholarships…. DLS used to draw players from Sac and all around, but with camps, 7 on 7, social media, etc these kids can get noticed without having to commit to what it takes to play FB at DLS with time, commuting, etc….. Heck, look at Joe Mixon, Naje Harris, both stayed at local public schools and went to OU and Bama…. Raleek Brown from Elk Grove went down to MD instead of DLS…. I don’t think it’s a coaching issue, I just think it’s DLS fatigue…. Plus, once Lad retired the whole idea of having your kid play for Lad was done…. He himself was a big draw for kids to go to DLS to play FB….. It will be interesting to see if what you say about Lopez is true, if DLS goes all in like MD and SJB…. They have the money, resources and alumni to do so, but is that really the direction they want to go?….
  4. I know alot of parents there as our kids all grew up together…. I used to talk to one of the coaches alot as our daughters played soccer together but I don’t see him around anymore since our daughters graduated high school…. So I used to get much more direct info…. 🍻
  5. HA!…. The Same OLU that was blown out by Edison last year….. 🤣 I agree, They are garbage and the TL is just a bunch of hype….
  6. They are not playing MD or SJB so a game against any of the other TL teams will be a nice tune up for DLS’s Nor Cal Schedule…. Once Servite imploded the TL became nothing…. No one is scared of any of the other teams in the TL they are all poorly coached and very average….
  7. HA!… Yes, I am not talking directly to either of those guys or anywhere close!!… 🤣 …. I do think that if ESPN wants an OOS game for DLS Lopez will take it…. The one thing I do know is DLS loves their Money!!!… 🤣 I do think the Spartans will play better this year… there are a lot of good and talented kids and families in the program there and the QB 13 played really well the more he played and he if he can throw better he could be one of the best veer qb’s they have had…. 🤣🤣 Hopeful and optimistic for next year both Serra and St Mary’s will be very good next year, it will be fun to watch!!… 🍻
  8. There is a potential OOS game in the works but not with a “Tier 1” National Power type of School, there is also expected to be a game against a So Cal Team rumored to be Cen10…. Other than that it will be Serra, St.Mary’s and Folsom again, although I heard a new Folsom 2 year deal is expected but not a done deal yet as the teams played 4 times in the last 2 years and BOTH sides may want to schedule someone different…. This is what I have heard from the same friends that told me Flanagan had a ankle injury and would play in the SBG and Thompson was out with a Knee injury and it was actually the other way around so we will see how this unfolds…. 🤣🤣
  9. Your Niner Fan Card has been officially Revoked!!!!…. 🤣
  10. I don’t think playing an extra game matters….. since the NFL went to 17 games Both NFC teams that went to the SB did not have a 1st round bye (Tampa and LA)….. The only thing that stopped the Niners last year was Jimmy’s Shoulder injury…. He could barley throw the ball in the NFC championship game…. I agree this one will be on Shanahan, but the Eagles are just another overrated NFC East team…. They could Barley beat Dallas when Dak was out and gave up 40 points to Dallas and lost when Dak was back…. The Giants are a crappy team that the Eagles blew out in the regular season, so why would anyone have expected anything less in the playoffs?…. Even the Seahawks beat The Giants by 2 TD’s this year….. Philly won’t be ready for the speed and physical play the Niners are about to bring…. All the pressure is on Philly, I think the Niners win big this weekend….
  11. No Kidding!!!…. I was bummed!!… so glad the site is back up!!!…. 🤣🍻
  12. HA!…. I wonder if Dak is going to count to 97 to fall asleep tonight…. 🤣
  13. You mean Bosa or Warner?…. They are both on the Niners…. 🤣
  14. That’s impressive for the 49ers!…. The Dolphins, Buccaneers and Seahawks are all playoff teams and SF destroyed all those teams with Purdy at QB…. The Rediskins (who were also destroyed by SF), didn’t make the playoffs but just recently destroyed the Cowboys….. Great run for Purdy and the Niners, The cowboys look like they are in real trouble….. 🤣
  15. Definitely a Bad look for MD…. Especially with Rollo’s “Retirement”…
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