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  1. Notice the part where this “Genius” Poster said “SJB will be Lucky to Score 17 like Servite Did”..... 🤣🍻
  2. Wow!!!... Never would have expected such a Defensive Battle between those 2 Teams!!!... Defiantly a Great win for SC!!!...
  3. This doesn’t Make sense, HS teams usually work on 2 year Home and Home deals or 1 off TV Games.... there is no reason MD and SJB would commit to 4 years of games with a Non League team.... No way this Happens.... Would rather see them Play to TX, GA or FL teams then play 4 games each against SFA, No Thanks....
  4. So Cal Teams Don’t Duck.... That is reserved for Teams afraid to lose Like Folsom.... 🤣
  5. Did you even Bother to look at who they beat?....Servite by at least 17....🤣.... #Tier3atBest....
  6. That’s how it should be for all the MD Fans!!!....There is a Reason CBS or whoever it was did that 1 hour show on the MD vs Servite Rivalry several years ago!!!....🤣🍻
  7. MD Recruited Miller Miss to come play for them this year and MD was going to let him play a semester of football and graduate early.... I am not at all a MD Hater, I grew up in Yorba Linda and most of my friends who went to private school went to Servite.... I have always enjoyed following both teams and don’t really care who wins, I just want both of them to beat SJB.... Just like you are poking fun at Servite for being a “Poverty School”, I am poking Fun at MD for Selling out their “Brotherhood” to win at all costs and compete with SJB and finally be able to beat DLS.... And I
  8. At MD you just see Kids Spitting in other kids faces on TV with no repercussions and Players who transfer in for 1 semester to play football and Transfer back to their “Real Schools” to Graduate.... Servite may be a “Poverty” School as you say but at least they have Class and Discipline.... 🤣
  9. Man, Folsom Having a Rough Year.... ~Beatdown in the Playoffs By Something, Something Trail... ~Kids Kicked out of the Program for Racism.... ~Last week they Refused to move their game for the League Title Against Rocklin to Saturday so Folsom could Avoid losing and Instead run up the score on a weak Lincoln Stockton Team.... Tough times for The Great Paper Tiger...
  10. They need to First DeThrone Something,Something Trail.... 🤣
  11. Agree with this, I am a 49er fan and will be incredibly disappointed if they traded 2 #1 picks for Mac Jones.... He is a product of a team that was just way more talented then everyone else.... Not at all a Believer in Mac Jones..... I am Hoping for Fields..... Hopefully they pick him and a year or so behind Jimmy G he will be ready to go.... I like Jimmy G a lot, unfortunately he just can’t stay on the field..... Mac Jones= Chris Wienke, Danny Werful.... No Thanks....
  12. The thing that is Crazy to me is just based on what is public that is 40 different Mausses..... 22 Suing him and 18 Claiming he is a “Good Guy”.... It seems to me if you are a Hi profile person you would just find a few good ones who Give you the type of “Massage” you are looking for.... Using 40+ Different Mausses just doesn’t add up.... Something is definitely not right here.... Dude is in trouble, this will not end well....
  13. Agree with this.... I give MV a pass for their recent weak scheduling though because historically they have scheduled top teams.... Also they are in the country’s toughest playoff Bracket so they don’t have a alternate route to a SBG like Folsom and the SJS does.... MV plays for the Open, not D1-AA....
  14. That’s Great!.... Plenty of time to fundraise for a Trip to So Cal to play Cen 10 or MV!!!!....
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