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  1. I still Don’t Understand how he is Eligible at one GAHS and not the other.... Are there Different Rules for the Area?...Is the Fake divorce now ok in that County?... 🤣 Glad the Kid will get to play Though!!!...🍻
  2. The Claim was not Wrong, SJB had the Best win over a Tier 1 team in the country last year and beat all the National level OOS competition they played.... No other team can claim that Except MD.... It just so happens that those 2 Tier 1 teams play in the same league.... Other then MD, The only other team that could claim the “Natty” last year was STA.... But their wins over DLS and a Very overrated ST. Louis team were not equivalent to Beating wither MD or SJB.... STA should have lost to DLS, the Ref’s gave STA that game.... SJB beat DeMatha, OLGC, NV State Champ Liberty, DLS and
  3. Nailed it!!!... If you want to Play for the “Natty” you need to schedule for it and play at least 1 of those OOS “Tier 1 “ Teams!.... Our herwide you just can’t claim beating the Best “National” Competition...🍻
  4. “Handfathered”...... I have no Idea what that is but it sounds Absolutely Awful!!!...🤣🤣🤣🍻
  5. I agree, but winning 2 USAT MNC’s is More “National Accolades” then winning a couple of OOS games no matter who they were played against... Just Ask TX....🤣🤣
  6. Didn’t MD have 2 “Natty’s” in 94 and 96?.... Those sound like “National Accolades” to me.... Not sure how many “Natty’s” BC has....
  7. Who Cares?.... He is Just as Irrelevant as his school....🤣 My guess he is Block’s new Step Brother and they are now living in his moms Basement together and Block showed him how to work a Computer...🤣🤣🍻
  8. You seem to have a Serious Hard on for MD.... Enjoy your Video, you guys will be D6 soon enough....
  9. Dude.... You are an Idiot.... Look at the Crap going on at your school... You are on here trying to smear a mans name with an incident from the 1980’s or whatever.... If there was anything to it Rollo would have been gone years ago.. Again, why don’t you start some threads regarding your teachers Molesting students or assistant coaches getting caught with guns... The funny thing is Your School is Trying Harder then Anyone to be like MD and has completely Failed... You guys can’t even compete with Servite anymore....🤣🤣🍻
  10. @jserralions....This would be a great topic for your next thread....🤣🤣🍻
  11. @jserralions.... Any Commentary or Videos you wish to post????....🤣🤣
  12. @The Comish, @HawgGoneIt.... i respectfully Move this thread be Deleted.... Complete B.S..... I further Move that any discussion of JSerra football Be banned from this board because Frankly, They are irrelevant and Nobody Cares.... 🤣🍻
  13. I certainly did not need to see that...🤣🤣🤣
  14. Neither am I, why would a Legendary MD Alum send his kid to MD to work for 4 years when he will just be replaced his SR season with a 1 semester Football Transfer.... 🤣🤣 Good luck to the young man, hopefully he does as good as his dad, I have always been a big fan of Matt Leinart...👍
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