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  1. The Travel is Definitely an issue…. The only Cali vs FL games I remember were all ESPN games…. DLS vs Lakeland, DLS vs STA (Twice) SJB vs STA and There was a game with LBP vs Miami Northwestern but I don’t think that was on ESPN…. I am pretty sure the Los Al vs AHP game almost fell apart until ESPN stepped in and paid for Los Al’s Travel…. High Schools just don’t have the revenues needed to play cross country games….
  2. THIS^^^🤣🤣🤣🤣….. You are officially My Favorite Poster!!!…🤣🍻
  3. Wake Me up When SJB Schedules an OOS team that can actually! Beat them…. your Whole post was a Complete waste of words….🤣🤣
  4. Good for Cen10 and These Kids who are making the Life changing Decision to play for the great Coach Logan!!!…. Coach Logan is one of the Greatest to ever do it!!… These kids will greatly improve their games by playing fo him!….
  5. You were not far off as KM was Definitely rumored to be Transferring to MD but it never happened… It hard to keep up at times with all the transfers!!!…🤣🤣🍻
  6. I am 99.9% positive Kendall Milton finished at Buchannon…. DLS played them his SR year at home and I remember that I was going to go to the game to see him play but heard he was hurt and not going to play so I didn’t go…. Raleek Brown wanted to go to MD from day 1 but there was some reason he spent his 1st 2 years in Stockton…. DLS would have loved to have him when he was a Frosh or soph but he was going to go to MD no matter what…. I know I spend alot of time on the game day drink thread but I am pretty sure I am accurate about these 2 things….🤣🤣
  7. That’s for all sports though including Girls sports…. SJB is an all boys school and I know there is no way that MD has 40 Football transfers my guess is it’s lower then 15…. Plus, these kids going to SJB are all Juniors and Seniors I don’t recall hearing about any Upperclassman transferring in to MD but @HurricaneNick @Bodysurf or @MD87 would know better then I….
  8. The real question is, Has SJB hit 40 Transfers this year yet??…..🤣
  9. I am with @Cossacks it Thursday so let’s party!!…🤣 I am at Calicraft Brewery in Walnut having a Cool Kidz Juicy IPA while my son is at his Hitting lesson…. Just hoping he doesn’t ask me to throw him extra BP when he is done!!!!….🤣🤣🍻
  10. Agree with this!!!… Playing the Teams BG played Last year is Nothing like the Size, Speed and Execution MD Brings to the table….. No way will BG scores 30 on that MD defense…. Last year MD had 4 wins over National Top 10 Teams, BG has not played this level of Competition in years and the last time they did they were Blown out…. I am thinking it will be like a 35-17 type of game with MD winning…. Not sure why everyone is underestimating MD this year like they are “Beatable”…. They only way MD loses a game is if the kids take an opponent lightly…. That won’t happen this year like it did against Cen10 last year, they learned their lesson….🤣
  11. You have to give Rollo and MD credit though, they were crowned National CHAMPS Twice by USA Today (94,96) which back then was the only game in town…. You didn’t have all these other things Internet polls and stuff…. It’s just a different ERA now, and MD had a long dry spell until they sued to have the Rules changes and opened the Floodgates…. Kudos to them for adapting….
  12. Unfortunately For MD, DLS’s Legacy will Always outshine MD’s because MD had to sue the CIF to change the rules so MD could get transfers and compete with DLS, Cen10 and SJB…. No matter how many State Titles MD wins, DLS won theirs without having to have any rules changed or take in mass amounts of Transfers to field teams with 20+ D1 recruits….
  13. Forsure!!…. DLS HAD to start scheduling those games or people would have made a Mockery of the streak…. But DLS played MD in 1998 and MD was a Heavy Favorite in that game and was the USA Today National Champ in 1996…. MD was also the Pre Season #1 Team in 1999 but took a bad early season loss…. But MD still won the SS Top Division Championship…. And of course LBP was “Guaranteed” to Break their Streak in 2001 and was #1 in the county and the overwhelming favorite in that game…. So 3 of the 4 years DLS was Not the Favorite in the Biggest Game they played…. After Beating LBP though, DLS was pretty much the favorite in Every game that played….🤣
  14. Agree that MD suddenly Stepped up their Schedule starting in 2017… I would Say also that MD was not Favored against IMG in 2018… MD had a Brand New QB and On paper IMG was the Better Team with Better players…. I would even say that BG was probably favored when MD ended BG’s 50+ Game Winning Streak in 2017… MD also ended IMG’s 30 something game Winning Streak in 2018…. They also Beat SFA in 2019… SFA has only lost to MD, STA, and IMG in like the last 4 years but has also beaten IMG twice…. SJB has no OOS wins on the Level that MD does, Just losses to BG and STA and SJB is Ducking rematches with both and they are Ducking SFA… I don’t think MD will Slip Because they are a real national power where kids are now going for 4 years and they are taking in far less transfers which is better for the program because all the great players want to go there as Freshman….. They have also proven they can beat the top competition the Country has to offer and they have won More State and Mythical Natty’s then SJB has…. SJB didn’t even make the section finals last year….
  15. I am Totally with @Antt on this…. Since 2017 when SJB lost to STA, Name 1 OOS team SJB has Scheduled that could actually Beat them…. They could have scheduled IMG lBefore the stupid Chicken CIF rule was put in place like Cen10 (Twice) and MD did…. SUB has Not even played SFA who has been a Top 3 Program in The country since 2017…. But Somehow MD played SFA on SJB’s Home Field…. I mean come on, if you rally wanted to win a “Natty” and think your team is the best and will “Play Anyone, Anywhere” like JN likes to say, How the Hell do you allow MD to play that Team on your own home field?….. Even DLS has played SFA and Cen10 had them scheduled in 2020…. All the teams listed Above are Lower Tier OOS teams except for STA, not one of those teams was favored to beat SJB and even DLS beat SJC…. Negro is afraid to play OOS teams that can actually beat them…. He would rather slide by and let MD do the Heavy Lifting and Fluff his schedule with Lower Tier Teams and just try to beat MD….. I don’t care how Great my dude @HurricaneNick thinks SJB Defense is this year MD is going to beat them Twice…. SJB hasn’t come close to beating MD since DJ was there…. Plus MD has a hell of a defense coming back as well!!!…. And let’s all keep in Mind that SJB lost by 3 TD’s to Servite in the playoffs last year…. 🤣🤣 Also, the mass transfers in to SJB tells you that Negro is not getting the best Players as Frosh and are not good at developing players…. MD took transfers to get the thing going, now they are stacked with 4 year players and hardly any Transfers….
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