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  1. Yes, he said that is the position they Obviously lost the most, but they are excited about the young talent they have there especially the sophomore class.... But he said they are young and need “Experience” and have a lot of work to do but next year in 2020 he said he believes that if the young, talented kids step up it could be a strength on the team.... I interpreted that is they need more size and speed, and this year will be a work in progress, but I haven’t seen them play in pads so that is just my interpretation....🙂
  2. We differ in our opinion of last years game... If DLS needed to score more against Folsom last year they would have opened up the offense... that game could have easily been 28-0 DLS just as “It could have gone either way” so it is a moot point.... Just look at the Cathedral Catholic game... they are a D1-AA team that shut down Folsom in the most important game of the year... DLS knew they could shut down Folsom’s Offense since they have every time they played so they put the training wheels on the QB to limit mistakes and let the Defense win the game.... That is what I saw, it was flat out great coaching on DLS part.... You create your own luck with 7 sacks and Forcing 5 turnovers... DLS looked like a Open Team Trusting their Defense to win, Folsom looked like a D-1AA Team struggling to score.... And yes last years team was just as good as Browning’s teams, how can you say it was not?... 2014 beat no one, but I guess they were undefeated so Folsom fan can always say “We would Have”.... If last years team ducked DLS like 2014 and cited “The Folsom Rule” then what would make them any different then 2014?... I can tell you, they would have been Back to Back D-1AA champs with a 32 game winning streak so they would actually be better on the field then the 2014 team.... And believe me, the day Folsom schedules CC or MV I will be dressed in Bulldog Blue pulling for Folsom to bring one home for Nor Cal.... Until then, I too will be rooting for DLS to bring home a big win over STA for Nor Cal and Cali!!!....🤣🤣🤣
  3. He got me Fired up about their Lineman which is what we spent most of our time discussing, they feel they have an outstanding group on both sides of the ball.... Since the line play was my biggest concern for the upcoming season, it changed my opinion of the team from viewing this as a “Transitional” year and thinking 2020 is the year it will all come together, to they are closer then everyone thinks to taking down the So Cal Champ which is why a incredible challenge like STA is on the schedule in the first game.... @Blueliner has been nailing it with his assessments of the Linemen and overall posts about the team.... There is a ton of excitement within the program right now... My 55-21 prediction against Folsom honestly comes from my lack of respect for them.... Ever since “The Folsom” Rule I have felt they have purposely Ben dodging CA top teams so they could run up the score and set records and rack up titles against lower level teams that have no chance of beating them to protect their Rankings.... So a 34 point spread comes more out of my own lack of respect for Folsom.... In reality, DLS rarely “Hangs 50” on anyone unless they need to so realistically it’s probably a 35-14 type of game... That all being said.... 55-21 DLS and I am sticking to it!!!...🤣🤣🤣
  4. Yes, the Sarcasm was in regards to @Pops Stating it is a "50/50" game... And stating @Bluelineris "Underestimating" Folsom.... When in fact it is Pop's who is as usual greatly Overestimating Folsom (As Usual) this year by hanging on to last years 2 TD Shutout Loss with Folsom's greatest team ever... What the Folsom Contingent continues to ignore is that DLS will never underestimate Folsom because DLS is the one putting their SBG Birth on the line in these games, not Folsom... I myself said months ago that "This would be Folsom's best Shot at DLS." Since I made that statement I ran into a DLS coach I have known for years and spoke with him about this years team for almost an hour and have read all of Blue's awesome, detailed posts and I have changed my tune to 55-21 DLS.... That is not "Underestimating" Folsom, but just being realistic... What could Folsom Possibly bring to the Table this year against DLS that is going to swing a 2 TD loss with Folsom's "Best team Ever" and the Most Loaded Offense Folsom has ever had?... While DLS will actually bring an Offense to this game this year with new wrinkles and no Training Wheels on DLS's QB this year... A QB who is now "experienced" and put up 21 Point's on MD in the SBG with his ARM and all Skill Players returning, Bigger, Stronger and Faster... Folsom has had 3 Shot's at DLS during their 8 year Run and have been outscored 108 to 38, that is an average of 12.66 Points per game by the 3 Greatest Teams in Folsom History and their "Vaunted" Offenses... DLS has shown there is no problem with shutting down Folsom's Offense, Folsom will have no chance this year stopping DLS's offense because it will be more dynamic like the Offenses that "Hung 40" on Folsom with ease back when Sweeney was the QB... So I say 55-21 DLS, and no one is Underestimating Folsom, just being Realistic....
  5. So if CC has 1 loss to MD how would they not be in the top 8 if they will their league and all other games?.... I agree with whoever said CC would have to be a 3 loss team AND not win their league for them to drop out of the top 8... The system was designed so the “All Star” teams (MD, SJB,CC) and St. Mission Viejo will have to play each other for the Open birth... Other then another powerhouse team or 2 emerging this bracket is 4 TL Teams, CC and MV plus Oaks and 1 other wildcard.... If teams schedule TL teams or the others I mentioned, then they will have a shot at unseating them in that bracket... The way teams Schedule in So Cal going forward will tell you if they “Really” want the Open or not...🙂
  6. You are right Pop’s, DLS will likely be a 1 loss team when they play and with all that talent and home field advantage Folsom should be a heavy favorite in this game and to claim the Open Birth.... The Reality is that only one team has something to play for and that is DLS.... This is a no lose game for Folsom because they really don’t want to play in the open, they prefer D-1AA where they can squeak out a win against San Diego... Folsom has proven they are afraid of the Real So Cal Open Teams which is why they have purposely ducked those teams, and DLS until last year (Folsom’s Greatest Team Ever), on their 8 year run.... I am with @Bluelinerand see DLS pulling the “Upset” on the road 55-21....
  7. Yeah, it’s too bad, was pulling for FSU since there was no Cal State Fullerton, UCLA, Stamford or any other west coast teams... Would have been a great story... Pulling for Michigan now!!... They seem like the team that has the Magic this year... Will be tough to beat Vandy and Texas Tech though.... Should be a great finish!!!
  8. Ha!!!... The good news for the “Children” of Rainer Beach is that the MD website still shows AZ CC....🤣🤣
  9. Ha!!!... I would feel bad if you didn’t post the picture of the “Red Keg Cup”... That one is so brutal for me I can’t even post about it!!!...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣... Sorry you won’t be there buddy, I was really hoping we could have a Lagunita’s at Rocco’s together!!!...🍻...
  10. Dude.... You have to be there!!!... I am bringing a case of Mickey’s Big Mouth!!!....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.... (See Game-day Drink Thread)...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.....
  11. I am so Stoked STA is coming here too!!!... It will be so awesome to see them come to the Double O, it is going to be an electronic atmosphere better then The BG game last year which was insane!!!!.... Looking forward to it Brother!!!!... I just really have a good feeling about #24 this year and you of all people know how much I thought he was the X factor last year... he will break tackles which will = Big Plays, no one is catching that dude from behind... Prediction.... He out rushes K.Milton in the Bucannon game!....🙂
  12. Heart- 28-21 DLS.... Head- 21-20 DLS... No way DLS gives up 30 points on their home field... Their speed on Offense will create at least 3 Big Scoring plays... DLS’s O-line will be better then people think, they will run enough to chew up clock, RB will be a GREAT position for DLS this year.... But most of all, #20 will have no “Training Wheels” on in this week 0 game.... Its going to be a Classic!!!...
  13. I am with you on this... Unless CC beats MD in game 1 this year they will have to go through both MD and SJB... No one is beating those Dudes Back to Back.... Unfortunately for Nor Cal and Folsom their Best Shot at beating DLS was the last 3 years... That window is now closed... With “Training Wheels” fully off their QB and their Speed on Offense DLS will Steamroll The Best Teams in Nor Cal This year and next...
  14. Ok now I think I may Throw up!!!....🤣🤣
  15. Hell, I thought they were called that everywhere!!!... In the 80’s “Tap Monitor” was like an honor for the Biggest Lineman on the team!!!.... 🤣🤣
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