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  1. Yes, there is no reason to waste my time watching SJB play a bunch of Tomato Cans that have no chance of beating them while they Duck SFA and BG….. Sorry but the numbers say Kahuku = Bishop Amat…. 🤣
  2. SJB 34 Kahuku 7 SJB 42 Bishop Amat 7 Not so sure that Kahuku is all that great…. I would say SFA is just Overrated…. Agree though that SFA will have their Hands full with IMG, SFA’s Offense has been exposed as not very good for an “Elite National Team”….. Only a Complete Bozo would Rank SFA #1…. There are easily 10 teams that could beat SFA where there are possibly 2 that can beat SJB….
  3. 10. King Philip Regional 9. AB Moeller 8. Byrnes 7. Roswell 6. Male 5. Don Bosco 4. Cathloic Cebtral 3. AHP 2. Eastside Cathloic 1. Lone Peak The one thing I can’t believe is I missed getting my pick’s in last week and I am still ahead of @Cossacks… 🤣
  4. GSB uses your Comp Poll over there…. 🤣 Whats Hilarious is he has to explain to someone why his poll wasn’t included…. 🤣🤣
  5. That Bozo GSB would say something like “The Truth Will Come Out”….. 🤣 That Idiot actually posted that the 5 year SFA kids were not really 5 years they just Lied on their Huddle account to “Impress Recruiters”….. So he basically called the kids he was “Defending” Liars…. 🤣🤣
  6. HA!!!… Do It!… That Douche removed all of my posts all because I questioned SFA’s 5 year players and posted one of the pkayers tweets that GSB himself posted…. 🤣 National High School Football.com https://www.nationalhsfb.com/ It’s pretty Lame, I only was posting there because @Sammyswordman is there and I like Sammy…. 🤣 It is Basically his Marketing for Flo sports and SFA…. The Funniest thing is him handing out a “National Championship” Trophy and a $5k check that he is doing everything he can to hand to SFA…. 🤣🤣
  7. The GA kid may be the Equalizer in this matchup if it were to happen….
  8. HA!!!…. You mean GSB’s SFA account?…. BMORE410 or whatever it is…. 🤣🤣
  9. The Funniest thing about it is, Between me and @Bodysurf and @Nolebull813 , we make up 3/5 of all the real posters that board…. 🤣 The rest are likely all made up handles by GSB…. 🤣🤣
  10. Unfortunately he Banned me….🤣 Now I know what it feels like to be @FreeBird …. 🤣🤣🍻
  11. I know!…. GSB just cannot tell the truth no matter what…. The Ultimate shyster…. 🤣
  12. Yes, GSB is in Full Meltdown Mode overthere, Deleting posts left and right that don’t stuck to his Narrative that SFA is the Greatest thing ever…. 🤣 Thank you for sharing all the Facts on this and giving such great insight into how SFA works…. It’s Totally understandable why GSB hates you so much…. 🤣🤣🍻
  13. Thanks for all the insight!!… All I can say is I don’t Consider a School a High School that allows 5Th Year players and if I ran another High School I would not play SFA…. Maybe the fact that SFA is so Shady is the real reason that MD and SJB won’t play them…. Well at least MD…. SJB wouldn’t play SFA if they were all underclassmen…. SJB is just afraid to lose…. 🤣
  14. There is No Rule whatsoever in High School that gives any player an extra year of Eligibility for Sports due to COVID like what was done in College…. That’s why you only see this Nonsense being done by Schools like SFA that Don’t compete in any state playoffs…. The only one who Claims COVID reclassification is Legitimate is GSB who is a proven liar and is just trying to Crown his Client SFA as National Champs in his Bogus Poll…. 🤣
  15. Thank Goodness!!!…. That was Stressful!!!… 🤣🍻
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