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  1. Getting Ready for Steak Dinner at Charlie Palmers in Reno… 🍻
  2. The Article Says Trillian Harris’s is BS’s QB?….. That kid was Class of 2021 and Went to 4 or 5 High Schools in So Cal and Could not win the Job at either MV or SM…. 🤣🤣 Good luck to him and all the other College age Kids playing against High Schoolers at BS…. 🤣🤣🤣
  3. So why doesn’t Rollo Flex His muscle and tell the CIF to let them play whoever they want?…. MD is so far above Bpard in what they do that they should be able to play whoever they want and so should SJB!! The CIF is so stupid,,, They just need to look at the NCAA as an example to messing everything up!!!….🤣🤣
  4. A prime Example of Internet/Home schooling so you can stay back and play with High Schoolers when you are a 20 year Old…. 🤣
  5. Bad Event for The TL…. SM my very well lose to this TX team which will overall hurt the TL…. Servite should be in that game but unfortunately TT’s ego got in the way and they bailed…. The MD vs Milliani game is a Joke, but can’t Blame MD for that since everyone else is running scared…. So you have 2 Totally Overmatched teams and 1 potential competitive game….. Boring…. At least the last one had a great WCAC Team in GC, a GA Team Milton and SFA which was #3 in the Country…..
  6. Even so, they could have tried programs like LBP from So Cal or PITT from Nor Cal…. Instead they pick a D10 team that is going to lose 50-0…. SJC should be Flat out Embarrassed scheduling this game….
  7. 20 year olds playing against HS Kids is a Joke….. If you are 20 Years Old Playing Football and You are not good enough to play against 20 year olds, Then you are not good enough to be playing Football…. It’s pretty simple, Home Schooled and On Line Schooled people should be able to understand that…. Even though it’s a concept that Apparently One Private School person does not…🤣
  8. So You’re saying This Kid was class of 2020 and has now Recalssified to 2022, Two full years, and he even went to Junior College??…. 🤣 What an Embarrassment!!!….. I Know, I Know, “Covid Changed Everything”….🤣🤣
  9. The Fact they are Playing Stellar Prep is all I need to know about SJC…. I guess they had enough of DLS, SJB and MD so now they need to pummel Division 10 Steller Prep just to get a win over Cali….. It’s a Joke, that Under Armour $$ must be drying up out there…..
  10. Then why were you “Cooperating with the investigation”……🤣🤣 #Loser….. 🤣🤣🤣
  11. Whatever Dude…. Plenty of Scammers have always Claimed “I do It out of the goodness of my heart” only to be caught scamming…. Nothing in life is free, there is always a Price…. 🍻
  12. THEY WERE A FRAUDULENT SCHOOL So No It Was Not…. There is no Denying That….🤣
  13. Seriously Dude???…. Whatever Race the Kids are at Steller Prep they done Deserve to get Beat 50-0 just so their Coach Can Stroke His Ego…. You wouldn’t understand that thought because you yourself are just exploiting these kids for your own gain….
  14. You also claimed that USA Academy had the Greatest HSFB Schedule of All Time…. And They were a Total Fraud… So There’s That…. 🤣
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