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  1. What about The Bishop?… Seems like a Natural Fit….
  2. Looks like MD is going to have to Mobilize the Lawyers again and go after the CIF…. This is getting ridiculous, they are going to have a 7 game schedule at this point…. Teams should be able to play who they want… If the CIF were to open this up, it’s not like teams like Corona Del Mar and San Clemente are going to start playing academy teams all the sudden and put kids in harms way…. Stupid Rule and another dumb move by the CIF….
  3. I doubt it was by ESPN because why wouldn’t they?…. They want to be on National TV playing those games, not a streaming service where the game costs $75k for them to travel to FL and Play…. If ESPN would pay for STA to play DLS why wouldn’t they pay to Have STA Play MD?…..
  4. He is still around but not sure going forward…. Lad is Fully Retired Now and TE is really close…. I didn’t get to go to any games last year but I heard he was just with the special teams and I am blanking on the name of the new DC but everyone Luv’s him and he has been calling plays with TE for a few years…. Last spring was such a fluke though, with a full season they will find their physicality…. It’s just really the confidence of playing on those top tier games that this group is missing…. Win or lose, it has always been good for the Kids at DLS to play in those Big Time games….
  5. 100%!!!…. How has this not happened yet?…. The great thing is MD could once again do the Heavy Lifting for SJB and Beat a Team that SJB could not…🤣 My guess is STA is Ducking MD, this way they can thump their chests and say “We Are Undefeated against Cali”….🤣🤣
  6. Most questions since 2004 in my opinion, I would expect them to lose 2-3 games this year…. There is some really good talent and supposedly the So QB is the real deal…. they have some very physical and talented linemen and game breaking speed at the skill positions…. The big thing about this DLS team is lack of experience because you nailed it with the spring season thing…. The SO and JR’s who will be the JR and SR Class this year did no play any ”Big Time” Competition like they usually would…. Their Offense will end up being very good, but their defense was a mess this spring an
  7. Is DLS vs SFA forsure?…. I have heard it is still up in the air to some degree but both sides trying hard to make it happen… Hopeing it is out here in Concord so I can see it in person!…
  8. Who the Heck is Oscar Smith and why does this Dude have a High School that is going for “The Natty” all the sudden …. 🤣 They are Playing SJB and Landing on National “Most Hostile Places to Play” Lists??…🤣🤣🍻
  9. The point is, no one even cares about the context.... This is life in the TL.... Why Complain about it.... The thing about Sondy is he ONLY complains about MD.... He worships SJB and Servite and hates MD... JN and TT must have got that Dude Laid or something....🤣🤣🍻
  10. You have to play Dirty, No way to Compete with the SEC, Big 10 if you don’t.....
  11. OOS doesn’t matter when you hand pick a non competitive team to play just so you can say “Look at us we beat a Team from Cali”..... VM was a 4-7 team.... OLU who was 0-5 and last place in the TL hung 40 on them.... So apparently all we can say about CC is that they are not even as good as a winless team in the TL.... 🤣 Nice OOS win though!!!.... 🤣🤣
  12. Y’ALL should have hung up the phone then.... Like I said, Vista Murrietta..... 🤣🤣🤣
  13. Free Tuition is not the same as paying players Rent so they can move to your area and go to your school or giving them cash which is what Dirtbag RP admitted to.... Free tuition also comes in the form of financial aid and is done in a blind application process that goes through a National clearing house.... So athletes are treated the same as all students applying for financial aid....
  14. Doesn’t count, this is a no lose game for Folsom and Folsom is clearly more talented then DLS and has been every time they have played.... And when Folsom loses they don’t drop in the rankings or lose the opportunity for a SBG because Folsom does not want to play in the open.... Folsom gets no credit for playing DLS, they should be traveling to so cal with all these great players and taking on Cen10, Servite or MD or SJB, but they would rather protect their rankings playing Nor Cal teams and a No Lose game with DLS....
  15. They dipped their toe in the Water with PITT.... This way when they beat PITT by more Scores then Cen 10 did Folsom can Daisy Chain their way to say “See, we are Better then Cen10”.... 🤣
  16. He has 2..... And even better, he just has 1 family, doesn’t pay his players, has never been fired, and has never orchestrated a fake Divorce to land a top recruit.... You are an idiot if you think Morals don’t mean something in HSFB, these guys aren’t paid mercenaries like in College and the NFL, the ultimate job of a HSFB coach is to develop young men.... Rollo has been doing that with morals and by the rules for 30+ years.... Your Jealousy of Cali is just too much, you probably hung a banner after Beating Vista Murrietta then used it to wipe your tears when you realized they are n
  17. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.... UC San Diego is D1 in all Sports not just Baseball.... You should stick to the threads where you Idolize a Morally Bankrupt, Loser Coach who has been fired 3 times, had 2 families and orchestrated a fake divorce to recruit a Cali QB..... 🤣 And just think, that Coach is the Greatest Coach in your schools history.... 🤣🤣
  18. Like having to orchestrate a Fake Divorce?...🤣
  19. Propst is a Joke.... Had 2 Families at the same time and pays his players and fired multiple times.... But at least he is not Recruiting....🤣
  20. The Bishop Being “The Bishop” again would be so Awesome for HSFB on the National Level!!!... Pulling for you guys!!!... 🍻
  21. 1. There is nothing more hilarious then a “Fake Divorce To get a Cali QB” GA Fan whining about Recruiting....🤣 2. Nobody Cares.... We discuss National level teams on this board and they ALL RECRUIT in one way or another.... if you want to play with the big boys you better recruit.... If not, as @Sammyswordsmanwould say to GA fan “Stick to your local Boards.... 🤣🤣 They just don’t all pay money and organize fake divorces like GA Coaches, Teams and Boosters do...🤣🤣 🤣
  22. Hopefully for his sake and the sake of us fans, USC will have a new coach by the time he gets there.... And an O-Line that could run block would be nice as well.... 🤣
  23. I would think so.... The issue will be is SJB has to Beat MD which isn’t happening this year.... MD’s defense is going to be the best in the country.... Since all the Big Time Teams seem to be ducking MD, that tells you who the #1 team in the Country is.... Hell, Based on the way SJB Has ducked IMG and SFA, they wouldn’t even schedule MD if they weren’t in the same league and playoff bracket....
  24. 🤣🤣..... I was going to say Servite or Folsom but that was hilarious!!!...🤣🤣🤣
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