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  1. I agree... we should have let the kids play already like all the other states did.... All we did did out here is steal these kids Last year of playing HSFB and stunt their social growth, it’s embarrassing.... Texas pulled off a whole season including fans... Are we not Better then TX in Cali???...🤣🤣🍻
  2. Definitely, Coach got some bad advice on that one, great catch!....
  3. I Disagree.... It would be more like 17....🤣🤣🍻
  4. Yes, I couldn’t Imagine Sierra Canyon going to the Trinity just to be battling it out for 3rd or 4th Place.... The Mission league is the perfect place for them.... They can win that league and get a good seed in the playoffs so they don’t meet MD or SJB until the Semis or Finals.... They are already playing all those teams anyway.... And The Angelus League was some great Football!!!....🍻
  5. Couldn’t agree more about Folsom, they lose to the open level teams and can barley beat the 1-AA teams, and they Duck the best So Cal teams... They are a Fringe top 10 team at best... Never been a fan of rankings, I like to see it played out on the field and yes, Cal Hi loves DLS, but who doesn’t?... DLS is Awesome!!!...🤣
  6. Event though 2009 DLS Losses were to Northwestern in OT by 1 and to The #1 Team in the country Bosco, You have a case for Servite 2009, but come on, how do you think Servite would have done vs those 2 teams?... And Los Al “Jobbed”?.... You actually think that los Al team would have stopped MJD and DLS which both ST Louis HI and LBP could not do?.... In they “They Didnt Play on the field so we think they would win” Cal Hi Rankings, Los Al and Servite were Both Ranked right where they should be #2 Behind DLS.... 🤣🍻
  7. I actually agree with you on Jones, I am more impressed with him then I was with Tua.... My overall point was, I have never been Impressed with Bama QB’s as a whole.... It’s easy to look great when you are surrounded by the best players and your team is so much better then everyone else except for maybe 1 other team each year.... The Best College QB I thought I ever saw was Vince Young.... A Brilliant player who made the players around him better.... He Even too the Titans to the playoffs in his rookie year.... Then he just totally Flamed out....🤣 You just never know how these g
  8. Montana won 2 Super-bowls and was a BS PI call against Ronnie Lott in the 83 NFC Title game away from going to a Third BEFORE Jerry Rice was a 49er.... He was throwing behind an undersized OL and used his skill and mobility to make plays in the NFL.... He had a bunch of No Name guys around him until 1983 when they drafted Roger Craig and traded for Wendell Tyler.... Montana was a 3 rd round pick not a Hyped up 1st rounder like these Bama QB’s.... Bama has had 3 good QB’s in the NFL, Stabler, Namath, and I think Bart Starr went there.... Other then that, no Bama QB’s have done anythin
  9. Not surprised at all, I have never bought into all the Tua Hype.... Anyone can look good and win at Bama throwing to a bunch of 5* NFL Caliber Receivers while protected by 5* NFL Caliber Linemen.... Just look at AJ McCarran and Mac Jones... I would Actually Take Mac Jones over Tua based on what I saw thIs year, he looks more NFL ready then Tua did....
  10. I am not sure, But as soon as that Dude was Nicknamed “Baby Jordan” he had no chance of living up to that kind of Hype.... 🤣 The only player who ever looked like a “Baby Jordan” was Kobe.... But Kobe is of course Kobe....
  11. HA!!... I am pretty sure That was Harold Minor who went to USC....🤣 If I remember correctly, Kory Minor played football for UCLA...
  12. Isn't that Joey Freshwater??...🤣🤣
  13. Desmond Howard just called this a “Defensive Felony”....🤣🤣
  14. Bama just looks Scary good.... My only question is how the hell did Ole Miss put up 40+ points on these guys???...
  15. I have been there Twice, Highly Recommend It!!!.... The Food is outstanding and for wine go for the “Rita’s Earth”, “Bien Nacido Vineyard” or “Sanford and Benedict Vineyard” Pinot Noir’s..... 🍻
  16. 34-31 OSU on a last second FG.... Ian Book Could not make any plays against Bama.... Put Justin Fields on Notre Dame and they would have scored 2 or 3 more TD’s and may have Beaten Bama.... OSU has more speed in the secondary then ND and I thought ND’s Defense played pretty well against Bama, their offense just couldn’t do anything.... Looking forward to this game!!!.... Should be a Great One between 2 Powerhouse Programs... 🍻
  17. What’s even Better is TX A&M trying to say they should be in the playoff because they beat FL and “7 Straight SEC Wins is better then Ohio State”.... Thank Goodness Bama Blew their Doors off so bad the Committee couldn’t put them in so we don’t have to watch that mess.... This is just another example of how meaningless the Rankings are this year... With Teams playing Conference games only and no Intersectional games, these rankings are just a Farce....
  18. HA!!!!.... And of course You Can’t forget the Wine!!!... Doing Brunello di Montalcino.... I normally would go with some Cali Wines, but My Mom Loves Italian wines so I brought these out to TX instead.... The 2006 is from the year My son was Born and 2013 Was a Anniversary gift from my mom so we figured who better to Drink it with then her!!...🤣👍
  19. About to Start Grilling in TX!!!... I picked up these 2 IPA’s from Austin and the Always Easy Drinking FRIO 6.0!.... I haven’t tried the IPA’s yet, the frios are going down way to easy!!!...🤣🍻
  20. You do realize that ND only Beat SC by 3 points last year and 7 points the year before.... Sounds like SC “Probably won’t ever win again”.... The only thing that Probably won’t happen again is ND being in the playoff with both SC and Stanford on their Schedule.... They lucked out this year because they got to play a full schedule in that awful ACC this year and they caught Clemson when they were full of injuries.... The same injury filled Clemson team that almost lost to a 6-5 BC team the week before.... ND is nothing special except to ND homers like you.... With a regular schedule
  21. Hardly.... Stanford is 7-3 in the last 10 years vs ND and USC has won at least 10 of the last 15.... Both of these teams will beat ND regularly in the Future as they always have....
  22. These examples of uSC squeaking by bad Conference opponents don’t apply because anyone who has watched College football over the years knows that Teams in the same conference always play each other tough and sometimes the bad teams even rise up and upset a top team.... Just look at Ole Miss and the SEC.... Ole Miss took Bama down to the wire and put up almost 50 points on them, more then any other team.... Ole Miss put up 35 on FL as well.... Ole Miss played an “Intersectional” Game against Memphis and was only able to put up 10 points in a Loss to the best intersectional team any SEC tea
  23. Just another example of how this yeas rankings are meaningless with no intersectional games.... Their win over BYU was great, but BYU would have likely lost to any PAC 12 team they played.... You have San Jose State ranked 18 and Oregon Ranked 21.... I have seen San Jose State play several times and am really happy for their success, but they would lose to OR by 2-3 td’s.... And if ND had their annual game with USC that may have ended any talk of ND in the playoff, because SC could definitely beat ND this year.....
  24. And if the Jets Just played a Prevent Defense they would have lost 6 in a row....
  25. 100% Agree!!!... I think SC is on the big time upswing as shown by their recruiting, but they won’t get there without a different HC.... The O-Line has been the most glaring weakness to me this year.... Once they solve the O-Line they will be right back in the National Mix.... And I like Slovis but I am sorry, I don’t know how JT loses the job due to injury, that was a bad move by Helton.... I just don’t see Helton as a National Championship Coach....
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