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  1. This is Definitely Norfleet’s time to shine in the Backfield, You are right on, we haven’t seen his full potential yet because of various injuries but if he can be a power RB like To’To was a couple years ago, and Greer can be the speed back like Garrett was that same year, They will be awesome!!!.... I am really pulling for Hale this year, he may not be a 5* QB but is very talented and everything you hear about that kid is he is a 5* leader and person, really hoping he leads The Spartans Back to the Open Title.... If you make it out for either of those games Pizza at Rocco’s is on m
  2. Rollo’s Legacy will be So Cal’s Greatest HSFB Coach and Second only only in CA to the great Coach Lad.... MD Also had 4 shots at DLS streak and MD got blown out once but came closer then almost anyone else 3 times, Especially against the greatest of the DLS Streak teams except for 1999.... The MD vs DLS series is what really opened the doors for CA actually have IMG a State Champion played out on the field.... The Stache is a Legendary HSFB Coach....🍻
  3. Dude.... You lost me at the “ You guys think Negro is Not a Good Coach Part”....🤣 Remember, this is a National Board, no Coach SJB has ever had has raised SJB’s national profile more then JN.... He has made them a regular contender for the “Mythical Natty” and helped shape the current landscape of HSFB.... The rest of your post was Awesome and right on, but come on man, No one thinks the coaching is SJB is bad and it is just talent, You don’t win the games he has without being able to coach.... 🤣🤣 Remember, MD was so scared of JN and SJB that they unleashed their Lawyers on the
  4. Awesome Post as Always Brother, You nailed it on The Spartans as usual!!!... The biggest question to me is the RB’s, Norfleet is more of a power Back, but I have heard there is some serious speed back there with the others you mentioned, but they don’t have that Big Game type of experience yet.... But this is how they get it by playing in these games.... Also wondering if Zeke will be playing any RB?.... From what I have heard he has had a great off season So I am wondering if we will see him at RB possibly.... He will definitely be their next Big Time Recruit!!!... Its too bad
  5. As a DLS fan I would normally be really optimistic about this game and I do think they can definitely win.... The thing that makes me nervous is how The DLS QB played against STA in the first game last year.... He missed a bunch of open guys that would have totally changed that game.... He did get much better as the year went on and STA had a Monster D-Line so that had something to do with it, but timing is everything with the Veer and who’s know how much practice time Any of these teams will have.... I will take DLS in an upset though Because I do think there will be a big drop off
  6. A Fictional Schedule for a Fraudulent School That Never Really Existed... 🤣 My guess is that it will never be matched again because it wasn’t real in the first place.... 🤣🤣
  7. The Pliny’s will definitely sneak up on you, they go down easy for an 8% double IPA.... My local spot pours them in pints too.... Good thing it is walking distance!!!....🤣 I am with you and @Cossacks, the Blind Pig has always been their best beer... 🍻
  8. That’s over 10 yards per attempt average though, that is Dam good!!!.... I would say that 623 Yards on 60 Attempts is very impressive, If he had 400 yards or so on 60 attempts that wouldn’t be so good and they likely would have lost.... Anyway you cut it the PAC 12 Coach and PAC 12 QB shredded the Defending National Champ from the SEC for 623 yards and 44 points.... It is just too bad that Actual pac 12 Teams can’t do this....🤣🤣
  9. Not True.... Ricks played for MD for 3 years, won 2 State Titles and 2 Natty’s.... He had already committed to LSU while at MD.... He then left MD to go work out at IMG for 6 months with a team that Accomplished nothing on the field because they play for nothing.... Everything he got was because of MD, IMG Just gave him a place to hang out and work out since MD would not let him graduate early....
  10. I had the same thing Last Night, Blind Pig Followed by Pliny.... Russian River Brewing built a new brewery and they have upped the production of those 2 Great Beers so thankfully you see them around a lot more.... The Blind Pig though is still really rare to find on Draught.... Lucky for me my local BBQ spot Has had it for ever since they opened 6 years ago.... Not sure if you can still get it But the “Pliny for President” is really Awesome as well!!.... It is only Brewed during election years, it is an Imperial style IPA but super lush and Citrusy.... I had it on draught but you can buy
  11. No Argument here regarding MD Dominating Servite.... The rest is just Your Opinion.... You could convince me that SJB would take Moss for a 1 Semester Rental but no way would Servite dump their Current QB for that.... TT would never do that to a kid that talented that has been in his program.... Servite’s QB is like one of the top 10 in the state....
  12. How can you say that?.,,, Servite QB has been there since Freshman year and almost beat SJB last year.... What has Moss Done that is any better?.... Why would a coach give up on a player they developed since their Freshman year who has had success in their system and is considered a top QB recruit in the state for a 1 semester rental?.... Isn’t this HSFB where you develop players in your system?.... Or is it Mercinary Ball where have to have the highest star recruit at ever position?..... Only MD and IMG play that way.....
  13. Braiden Huffman-Dixon.... From Roosevelt of Eastvale since I had to look it up ....🤣.... All you have to do is Google “Mater Dei Football Transfers” and the Article comes up...🤣😀... Its not a Scandal, it’s just not HSFB....
  14. Right!?!... Someone should Barricade the Door of his Luxury Box as as soon as the Falcons get a Lead!!!....🤣
  15. The Head Coach needs to go as well.... He is a “Defensive” Coach and His defenses have blown a 25 point lead in the Super Bowl and now this disaster.... Shanahan took all the Heat from the Super Bowl eventhough he has nothing to do with the defense, but the one common thread in both these historic collapses is the “Defensive” Head Coach....
  16. There was a 3rd one, I think the name was Dixon and I think his school was Roosevelt, but I am not sure.... There was an article in the OC Register by Fryer documenting this... And Yes, I hate to break it to you but Moss was a 1 semester Football Rental and would have Graduated early because he wanted to enroll at USC early and Rollo Agreed to allow him to do that to get him to MD.... He would have met the Religious studies requirement because he went to a Private Catholic school so who cares, But anyway you cut it, he was a 1 semester Football Rental.... So including the Prior 3 tha
  17. I agree with you as far as the Tuition as there are no “Angel Boosters” handing out Scholarships.... All the schools play by the same rules as far as that goes with financial Aid and I believe all the students who apply are treated the same based on their need.... What is giving MD the Black Eye on this and the “IMG” feel is they keep bringing in these 1 semester players who transfer back after football season so they can graduate early and are just rented for the football season, that is not a real High School.... All you MD guys said that Rollo was against that and it wouldn’t happ
  18. Right?!?!.... How could I miss that!... I guess it just feels like MD and SJB just trade off the Title each year!....🤣 I also forgot to add that MD and Poly Tied for the SS Title in one of those Poly Run years in the Grootegood Game.... And yes, I agree, DLS definitely recognizes the years they were #1 in the polls and I am sure Cen10 and LBP would do the same.... LBP was a Great Program, it’s too bad they got screwed by the change in Transfer rules in their league or whatever.... That made it impossible for them to compete in D1 anymore....
  19. Totally Agree!!!... The Mist Overrated thing in HSFB is “Winning the Natty”... I am sure All those poly kids that got Full Rides or played in the NFL over the years from Polty are just fine over Not winning the Natty.... They were like 57-1 with 3 or 4 straight titles in the SS D1 which even MD, SJB and Cen 10 Haven’t done.... Other then Servite in 2009 and 2010, The only other team to win that section back to back recently was Cen 10 I think.. . It is just the IMG, SFA, MD, STA, SJB’s and one good TX team that plays a soft schedule, that care’s about winning Natty's... The rest of the Co
  20. From Elk Grove no less.... No Wonder both MD and SJB are coming up to play Elk Grove Schools!.... Recruiting Trip??....🤣
  21. In 2018 Folsom was Ranked #1 in Nor Cal with 18 Returning Starters and 10+ D1 players.... DLS had 2 D1 players and A soph QB starting his first game and shut Folsom out... In 2019, Folsom was Ranked #2 in Nor cal and Joe Davisson from the Sac Bee called Folsom “The Most Talented Team In Nor Cal”... And they had another 8-10 D 1 players.... DLS had none... DLS got out to a 28-0 lead and the game was never in doubt.... So your comparison of MD vs Cen 10 really holds no weight because when you really think about it, when was the last time Cen10 had The same amount of D1 players as MD?..
  22. Del Oro, St Mary’s, Serra, St Francis, PItt, Modesto CC, Bellarme, CVC, and so forth... There are a ton of teams in Nor Cal who have Voluntarily played DLS more then 4 times.... Cen 10 doesn’t travel, but they have hosted teams like IMG, And were supposed to play St Francis this year, and even-though they have to play MD in the playoffs And they still schedule them.... Until Folsom hosts a team like IMG, ST. Francis, etc, don’t compare their scheduling to Cen 10.... I agree with you that Folsom playing DLS is like A regular season game of Cen10 vs MD, but give me a break, Other the
  23. DLS is a No Lose game for Folsom so they get no credit for that one.... If Folsom loses they can still go to their Safe Space Lower Level Bowl game.... Plus there is a long list of Nor Cal teams that have scheduled DLS year in and year out way more then Folsom has over the years where this year will be just the 3rd time Folsom has scheduled DLS.... Folsom’s best Voluntarily scheduled games against So Cal was A mediocre Cathedral Catholic team in 2014 with “Their Best Team Ever” and a 4 win Chaminade team when Folsom had 18 returning starters from a 1-AA championship team the year before.
  24. I am pretty sure he was.... Next to DJ Williams of DLS, he was the greatest all around HSFB player I have ever seen... Both dudes played both sides of the ball and were the best player on the field wherever side they played....
  25. In 2017 VM was a 4 win team that got their doors blown off by every good team they played..... “GACC’s” 26-7 win was closer to 5-6 Great Oaks 26-14 win then it was to MV’s 41-7 win..... VM Was a good team in the IE in the past, but hasn’t been relevant since they had Sua Cravens In I think 2011-12 And went 1-1 in 2 Epic Section title games against Cen10 Beating them in 2011 and losing by like 2 points in 2012 which was their only loss in those 2 years if I remember correctly.... It really looks like Folsom is pushing for #1 on this years list as Both MD and SJB are traveling up
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