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  1. Please Mr. Something, Something Trail, No More Veer!!!... We can’t take it anymore!!!... God Bless Something, Something Trail, this never gets old!!....🤣🤣
  2. I don’t think DLS had any guys on it last year either, they don’t have a bunch of D1 guys.... But when DLS played STA and SJB last year Shamir Garrett was clearly the best player on the field in both games... Along with DJ of course... Also, keep in mind the MD running Back On the list is from Nor Cal.... 🤣
  3. After a week Celebrating “420”, it is finally “Sunday Bloody Sunday”.....🤣 As @Cossacks would say “Tits” made some killer home made Bloody Mary Mix!...🤣🤣 Cheers Brothers!!!....🍻🍻🍻
  4. You guys all got me going on the “420 Theme”....🤣 This is a great beer from the San Diego Area (Carlsbad) from a Brewery called “The Hop Concept” or THC....🤣🤣 My local store up here in Not Cal has it... Awesome beer, super smooth with that “Dank” flavor!!!.... Big hitter with 8.5 ABV in a 16 oz Can!....🤣🤣🤣 Cheers!!!!🍻
  5. HA!!!.... I Just watched Death Diving, Dodge Juggle and Moxie games... Facing the reality I just spent 4 hours of my life I am not getting back!!...🤣🤣🤣
  6. So does this mean The QB Guru Clarkson’s Kid has no shot or will there be a QB Competition?.... Or will he just transfer and become JSerra’s next QB.... 🤣🤣
  7. HA!!!.... With a name like “Shoes” you better be Fast!!!....🤣🤣
  8. Didn’t Servite Lose to SJB by 1 point last year when SJB had the top QB in the country?.... SJB no longer has that and as far as I know Servite returns almost everyone, most importantly their QB who will be the top QB who will be the Top QB in the TL this year.... Maybe they won’t beat MD, but they could certainly end up playing for the D1 title... They only have to beat MD or SJB 1 time in the playoffs to get there.... I don’t think it is that far Fetched.... The MV game will tell a lot.... If Servite wins by a couple of scores then they are a legit threat.... If they lose then
  9. Yes.... Servite goes at least 1-1 if not 2-0 in league and makes a run at the D1 title this year....
  10. I think the computer has some sort of Virus or something....🤣🤣....
  11. Not only that but DLS is a “No Lose” Game for Folsom.... They win, they go to the Open, they lose they can still go 1-AA and it has no affect on their rankings..... When the result of the game was win or go home, Folsom Cried their way to “The Folsom Rule”.... The team Folsom needs to play to get respect is Cen10 and it is obvious Folsom is dodging them.... If Folsom loses to Cen10 their “Status” and rankings would be crushed.... PITT traveled to Cen10 in Back to back years so Folsom has no excuse.... Folsom is just flat out afraid to get Blowen out by Cen10 and be exposed as a
  12. Agree!!!.... There was no Public vs Private crying when LBP was Rolling.... It was actually the other way around!!!.... 🤣🤣 They had as dominate a run in the Southern Section as we have ever seen!!!.... Including the current day....
  13. The “computer” must have 2001 DLS confused with 2001 “De Soto TX”....🤣🤣
  14. This computer you refer to has obviously never watched actual games before....🤣 2001 DLS had at least 4 future NFL players on the team with a veer QB who was good enough to make it to the NFL.... They also beat the #1 team in the country on the road.... 2001 DLS has their place in HSFB history... They put their streak on the line against the #1 team in the country... And Won.... 🤣🤣
  15. Then you would have seen Matt Gutierrez throw 6 TD passes against MD as a freshman.... That DLS team had I think 4 future NFL players on it.... as did 2001... 1999 DLS and 2001 with MJD would be just fine against 2017 MD... totally different Veer when the QB is 6’3 and can throw to future NFL players like Demitrius Williams.... The whole “Once In a Generation” Team thing is way overblown... Great Team, MNC all they way.... “Best Ever”, Certainly Debatable.... But that is what makes this fun!!!...🤣👍🏈
  16. I just don't see what makes 2017 MD better then 2018 MD... I think 2019 may have actually been the Best team, Still cant figure out how they blew that lead to SJB, other then the injured secondary...
  17. HA!!!... I Hear you on that!!... Do you have any insight as to why MD won't play SFA this year?... Did Rollo and Biff not have a "Warm Fuzzy" at last years game?.... MD Played IMG and SFA the last 2 years... Bosco is really the team Ducking... There is no reason they should not play SFA this year, it is obvious Negro is protecting his record with that... Playing East ST. Louis or whatever is a Joke... It's Like when Folsom Claimed they were playing "A Perennial So Cal Power" a couple of years ago when they had "Northern Nevada's Best Players" and ended up with a 4 win Chaminade tea
  18. I think the funny thing is, all the Sudden MD and SJB are turning down games against the Tier 1 Teams.... This doesn't make sense, because if you have a Recruited up all star team, why wouldn't you play anyone who is willing to play you?... Especially when you cant fill your schedule... Sounds like Both Programs are doing some "Ducking" this year in order to protect their records with untested QB's and be in the "MNC" conversation, Rather then Challenge themselves with the best Competition...
  19. 2017 MD would not have Beat 2018 MD or 2019 MD.... Those 2 Teams Played tougher competition and hold wins over IMG and SFA... BG post Tate Martell and BC were not on the level of either IMG or SFA.... Plus SJB wasn't nearly as good in 2017 as they were in 18-19... I will take the team that had a comeback and win against IMG rather then a team that never trailed against lesser competition... I know MD had a Star Receiver sit out against BG, but 2017 BG was not anything like 2016 BG with Tate Martell... I think The Greatest Team from CA ever was 1999 or 2001 DLS... Those 2 teams had th
  20. I heard the same thing from several DLS friends the other night that the SFA game fell through due to funds, but I did hear that they are still trying to make it work and AV is OK with not playing if DLS and SFA can make the game work... I just don't see how it is possible at this point, the people I spoke to said it would be like the Folsom situation a couple years ago when the game was announced late and DLS found AV another opponent... That game was logistically easier especially cost wise, for SFA you have to fly cross country so I just don't see it without a major sponsor like ESPN..
  21. This was Pappy Van Winkle 10 year on Valentine’s Day.... My wife and I spilt this along with a Burbon Chocolate cake.... It was incredible!!!!.... Well worth the $50 for a 2 oz pour if you are up for that!!!... 🤣 Since it was Valentine’s Day, let’s just say I got my money’s worth in this one!!!...🤣🤣
  22. I know they still have a Couple of Stanford Commits at VC but I think their big loss was pitching! They had some Dudes the last couple of years!!!.... It is too bad that VC and DLS didn't figure out a way to play each other the last couple of years... Easily the 2 Top Nor Cal Baseball programs with VC winning 3 Straight CCS Open Titles and dominating the top league in Nor Cal... And DLS with like 5 Straight NCS titles since getting knocked off by that great College Park Team with 8 D1 Players from Pleasant Hill!!!...
  23. Good Question!.... I know At Oregon he changed his name for some reason... I lost track of him though.... I am not the best at following players after HS.... Talented Kid though, thought he had a real chance to play in College....
  24. For a half... Then DLS blew them out... I was there as well T. Waller was Servite’s QB and started out very well and the DLS fans were very nervous.... I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to see a great OC Team like Servite come to DLS..... After all, I did grow up in The OC....🤣
  25. The Double O is an Awesome HSFB setting.... It looks so cool when the sun is going down and the lights come on with the hills in the background... You are so close to the field, it is great, I just wish one of the ESPN games were there next year.... I am with you that watching from the end zone is the best.... Before they had the stands there you could get right up to the edge of the field....
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