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  1. Ha!!!...🙂 They get a raw deal on their seeding... My vote is that if MD beats SJB then CC gets the #1 seed for being undefeated!...🙂 Too Bad for CC, my vote doesn't count! I think CC can knock one of them off in the playoffs... CC has a better defense then usual...
  2. You spread your own shit??? That just sounds gross... Maybe you could have the "Folsom Shower Boy" help you wash it off???... Here is some footage of you, I mean him in action after another great Victory over nobody last night!
  3. I went to the game last night with @Blueliner, @PrepGridiron and met @Gridiron Godfather It was such an Awesome time!!! I just finished watching it again while enjoying my left over Rocco's Pizza!!...🙂 Here is what I saw- I saw was a fantastic HSFB game with 2 National Powerhouse teams battling it our for respect and pride in what is the most important game to date in their seasons! BG needed this game for their Pride and national profile and DLS NEEDED this game MORE for their Pride and to show them selves they are a better team this year vs last year when they were blown out at The
  4. 😂😁😂... Dude, You are killing me with the "Shower Boy"... All I can picture is Folsom Dude running around the Locker room after the Chaminade game "Snapping Towels" yelling "Way to hang 70 on them Guys!"... 😂😂😂 ..... Then the Folsom Players responding... "Who the hell is this crazy person snapping us with Towels, get him out of our locker room please!!"
  5. Spot On!!!!... They will have loss #3 tonight, and lose to at least Serra and Bishop Amat in their league and 1st round of playoffs so I am counting 6 losses....
  6. 😂😂😂^^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^😂😂😂.... "Folsom Team Shower Boy"....LMFAO!!!!!.....😂😂😂
  7. And what exactly would that have proved?... I Can answer this! That Folsom the paper tiger can beat a so cal team that has at their best won a D2 title, but this year has only a few returning starters... Another Folsom Facade of scheduling... Chamanade couldn't beat La Habra, CDM, Upland, or any team that is playing in the nobody cares division in so cal... They likely couldn't even beat the top 25% oif the Down SFL league this year either... they were even worse then Jesuit and Antelope so that just goes to show how down chaminade really is this year... Nice try Folsom..
  8. Spot on post!... Plus, BG is going to play their Superbowl this year against DLS because if they win this game they become relevant as usual!... unlike Folsom who is again, irreverent as usual.... BG Plays to win and beat national teams so blowing out the over-matched Nevada teams doesn't mean as much to them as another win over DLS.... I mean if I was Bosco and saw that game last week I would send my JV team to play Chaminade and Have my Varsity scrimmage themselves... It would be much more competitive... I think this is a close one with DLS pulling it out 21 to 17... Running the ba
  9. I Can Help! Nobody Cares... Honest answer! Chaminade in a upset by 17!
  10. 🤣🤣🤣...THAT^^^^^^^^^^^^^🤣🤣🤣..... The Folsom Psych ward fully on display with his multiple personalities...🤣🤣🤣 They don't need to take away their internet access, they just need to stop letting @FolsomPrisonBlues@ServiteTier6Irrelevantout of his straight jacket!!!....🤣🤣🤣
  11. Especially with Folsom's O-Line!.... I herd they are the best 7 v 7 team in the state!.... 7 Sacks!!!...You cant make this up!....🤣
  12. This thread is so Hilarious I don't even know where to start!!...🤣🤣🤣 I will get this out of the way now... Chaminde-only a few starters and lost all their good players, Yet scheduled Cal preps #5 and #1 Bosco back to back... and didn't have their fans, coaches and boosters, like Folsom did when they had to play DLS in the Open play in game, write to the CIF and cancel the games....🤣🤣🤣 Win or lose, Hopefully Folsom's coach gets some advice on how to challenge his team to compete against real competition, and stop setting fake 91 TD records against weak competition.... Before this gam
  13. Call me naive, but that seems dangerous!....😂😂😂😂
  14. Absolutely Hilarious Thread!!!! LMFAO....🤣🤣🤣🤣 I started reading to try to learn something about TXHSFB instead I find myself extremely confused... How in the hell do you "Piss Up a Rope"??? That just doesn't sound possible! It makes more sense to "Piss On a Rope", that seems possible... I totally understand "Pouring Piss Out of a Boot"... Although I don't know why you would piss in your boot in the first place... I am sorry, I am from CA so these concepts are new to me....🤣🤣🤣🤣
  15. You are so right! Chaminade plays Bosco the week after for goodness sakes.... Folsom has built their whole season around this game... I am sure when looking at the DLS game film Chaminade's defense is terrified of the physical O-Line that gave up 7 sacks... It would be an upset though as Folsom is ranked #5 in the state by Cal Preps and Chaminade is only #10 in the LA times... Polls are so meaningful when the game is played on the field... That's what was so impressive about DLS shutting out Folsom... I mean Cal Preps had Folsom ranked higher and winning in the ever so accurate "Project a
  16. I'll go First! Chaminade in an upset by 17!!! Actually, Never mind, Because nobody cares..... 😉
  17. I am very flattered that you are rattled by me.... Enjoy the Avatar! Winning!!! Chaminade in an upset by 17!
  18. No Kidding! And now that psycho has stolen my Avatar... Apparently he has no respect for those of us who are proud to have served our country in the Military... Weak move @FolsomPrisonBlues you really have issues.... Chaminade in an upset by 17!
  19. LMFAO!!!! 🤣🤣🤣.... Spot On!!!!
  20. CC will not be an easy out by any means in the SS D1 this year... The issue is since they will likely be the #3 seed they would have to go through both MD and SJB.... That is a tall task having to beat those 2 teams back to back... What would be interesting is if MD beats SJB and CC goes undefeated, is there any chance CC would get the #1 seed since technically MD would have 1 loss on paper and Bosco would not be a league champ?? That could make things interesting.... Mostly wishful thinking though...;-)
  21. You hit the nail on the head here!... SF on the road will be no walk in the park and Buchannon will be a huge challenge after what is sure to be a very physical close game against The Bishop... DLS s is moving right into the toughest part of their schedule now, nobody has challenged them the first 3 weeks... Looking forward to see how they fair in these next 3 games, and I cant wait to see them play The Bishop in person!
  22. God Bless John McCain, A True American Hero! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! And as a former Navy Man.... GO NAVY!!!!... #SEABEES
  23. Yes! and hopefully they represent well so they don't make DLS scheduling them meaningless... My biggest worry about Folsom is their QB play and O-Line... Hopefully they can protect him against the very physical so cal teams... We all saw him against DLS, not very good against real competition... but Chaminde is a young team so this should work well for Folsom...
  24. I watched the game and what I saw was BG 's O-Line was the issue, they could nut run the ball. But their QB at one point had completed 9 passes for 225 yards or something like that so they did move the ball with big plays, BG's QB was just running for his life back their had many incompletions. I don't think he completed even 50% of his passes due to the pass rush. When the field shortened up BG could not get in in the end zone due to their lack of running game and the pressure being put on their QB on what seemed like every play. If I remember correctly their score was on a 20+ yard pass
  25. Great Point!!!.... Only loss I can remember is against MD.... But my memory is foggy (Especially at 11:30 on Saturday Night) so don't quote me...;-)
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