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  1. Oh God No! Can you imagine the stress of those following the game?!?!
  2. I saw that! Ball was downed. Refs waved his arms up to call the play dead and down the spot of the ball. That was why everyone stopped. Memphis returner picked up the "downed" ball and ran it back and they called TD. Last I recall once the refs wave his arms to call the play dead... returner can't advance the ball.
  3. Well...people gotta have places to stay while fixing damage from the storms. Some may not have a home to return to.
  4. Stroud won't last the season because If he loses 2 more games (albeit not his fault) tOSU will be quick yank thier QB in search of a spark...Especially if he starts slow like he has the 1st 2 games. As for the Ole Miss QB... Schedule is why he is 3-0. Schedule is why those numbers won't last. The SEC West isn't Louisville, Austin Peay, or Tulane. We both know this.
  5. Y'all got me over here tracking the NL West now.
  6. Oh we can list others...but this ain't my argument so I'll let that slide...for now... Now...Out of those 5 teams with So Cal QBs: 2 of your 5 won't last the season...Book it.(Ohio State and Ole Miss). The other 3 have so much talent around them that you and I could be thier QB and win. With that said: The one at Georgia is the best of the 5 imo.
  7. Shoutout to you. 👍🏿 I thought watching the Dakota's and Midwest schools that I had an advantage. They betrayed me...
  8. I mean Chandler and Hamilton aren't cheapies. They've are normally 2 of the Arizona Big 3. I picked Gorman to win...but the team they are playing ain't no slouch.
  9. Oh hush and take the W 😁 How did ya son do last night?
  10. I didn't think they could. O' bara went off at WR and a fumble on the kickoff swung the game. It was back-and-forth mostly.
  11. He's just being an ass...ignore him. He's done that on multiple threads.
  12. Carthage is "vulnerable." Now's the time for the Buckeyes.
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