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  1. Maaaan cut the BS. Sick of this double standards daily. If nobody else can say it...Then blacks as a race shouldnt either. I'm sick of this getting a "pass" because of what happened in the past. It's old
  2. Needed that result to happen. SLC was gettin' too big for thier britches.
  3. ...again. 😒 In his defense. He has mentioned that venue several times in the past. (He probably brought up Bama playing the day prior...and the cheerleader competition.) Same post, different day basically.
  4. Do NOT let @ATLien12x pick if this is the case! (For his safety lol).
  5. Then the answer was already found. Your work is done. Me back to OT Shift now. 👍
  6. Last I played was Madden '19 on PS4. Tekken 7 is my main game now.
  7. Ask Georgia about Rabid for the answers you seek.
  8. Late post...but: https://dentonrc.com/sports/football-coveted-defensive-tackle-says-he-is-coming-to-ryan/article_87c284ca-ffba-5e6c-a3ab-ff25bda4c877.html As if they weren't already stout on defense...
  9. And better offenses. But yeeeeah...Y'all D needs to do better.
  10. On the PA LB situation...I believed A&M snitched.
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