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  1. 不不不不不 A 1-5A team making a serious run at state??? Did the Lafayette and Monroe area schools suddenly get DRASTICALLY worse??? STAHP while you are ahead...I agree with you on MOST of the post.
  2. As someone who has lived in Bossier Parish over 30-years and knowing what Melissa brings to the table... Melissa by 2-3 scores. Benton is a smallish 5A school bumped up because of massive growth in the Shreveport/Bossier area (Mainly Bossier side). They play hard...but they are usually undersized on the lines and have below-average secondary play like all of Bossier Parish. Melissa could just run it down thier throats and hit them with play-action when Benton starts to load the box. With all that said...Props for Benton playing them instead of weaker 3A and 4A schools and Northwood. (I take that back...I just saw Newman on the schedule..) Sidenote: Argyle is moving up to 5A...Melissa will run that district now.
  3. The D actually did a good job. Cant do things like take points off the board or call bonehead play while your strength is working and expect the D to hold up. That puts more pressure on the weak link (Tannehill). Y'all can blame Tannehill....I'll blame the dumb playcalls.
  4. Where's my pen??? I'm finna apply for OC for the Titans.
  5. See what I mean there??? You have King Henry and we trying to run option plays...不不不
  6. I'd take the game check and just hand the ball off all game.
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