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  1. I would say 2013. The only team that really threatened them was Desoto. 2012 team was the one that lost to Coppell during the regular season. But they had a solid D also. 2014 was the team Murray had to save a bunch of times because the better teams scored on them in bunches.
  2. Well...his coordinators "kinda coach" them up lol.
  3. I should read entire thread first. Lol
  4. Yeeeah keep the light grey. I like the white top, red pant combo. But I swear they lose every time I see them wear them.
  5. Fish fertilizer??? Well...I guess it stinks less.
  6. The Mrs and I both got Pfizer. Both of us had arm soreness and fatigue (which is supposedly normal from these shots).
  7. Define Most??? 🤣🤣🤣 You'd be amazed how many Longhorn, Aggies, Razorbacks, Roll-Tides, Sooners etc. are in Louisiana. Don't be fooled just because of Southern LA. Not everyone is Pro-LSU.
  8. Exactly my point. You think 5-Stars are gonna pass up the chance to play in the SEC. Also...Compare Academics at UGA to Georgia Tech.
  9. They had this problem in the 90s also. Can't always play the "State Pride" angle and expect them to stay. Can't keep them all.
  10. Georgia fights with Georgia Tech (ACC). If Tech ever gets the right fit and it'll be like the 90s again for them. Only thing saving UGA is the SEC label. Imagine if GT was in the SEC. As for LSU...IN the State...yes. Only "player" nearby...NO! You got Bama storming Louisiana for players...Not to mention the Mississippi schools to the East, Arkansas to the North, and the increasingly dangerous A&M out West knowing that they can now play the SEC card scoop up Louisiana talent (and Jimbo knows the pipelines).
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