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  1. Players dig the new buildings...
  2. Yeeeah...Glad he transferred out of Burleson now.
  3. Why haven't these 2 schools played each other until this point? Or if they did...when?
  4. Will the world finally know their name??? (Texas State Motto...)
  5. And here I thought Aledo (TX) was going through some things...
  6. I'm going to assume they were trying to get home to their family and panicked. Otherwise...yeeeeaaahhhh no. Not smart. Also...I saw Denton got "snow." I laughed.
  7. I sense trouble brewing at TCU: https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2023/01/15/tcu-fan-base-split-on-potential-hire-of-kendall-briles-as-offensive-coordinator?ref=article_preview_title
  8. Did you forget what Guyer, Prosper, and Lewisville did to Allen? Eagles need work. Maybe actually keeping the coach more than one season will help? That and quit trying to rent QBs perhaps and actually develop the ones you have...
  9. Chargers gonna Charger...Once Again...
  10. Meanwhile...I'm chillin' in the snow up here and y'all folks about to build a Universal Studios In Frisco???
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