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  1. Love'em or hate'em this isn't about the program Holmes. It's about the players risking thier lives protecting thier coach. Take the shades off for a sec.
  2. I've been watching SD football games on YouTube. It's looking like: 11AAA: 1. Roosevelt 1a. Brandon Valley (Got the QB Back) 3. Harrisburg 4. O'Gorman 5. Lincoln 6. Washington 7. The Rapid City Area Schools. (Lord help them.)
  3. It's the year of the Public's in LA apparently.
  4. Ok we can agree on that part. Just not 10x.
  5. Wuerffel also had Bob Stoop's defenses backing him up. Just like Brady had the Pats defenses.
  6. After seeing Ole Miss QB throw 6 INTS (2 Pick 6's) vs Arkansas...I will spare Guarantano...for now...
  7. He's basically the SEC's version of Sean "Canception" Canfield. ("Pac-12" fans know)
  8. Replace it with a Blue T. Guarantano might be able to see it.
  9. ....But at least ours know thier colors. Orange is not Blue. Right @imaGoodBoyNow?
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