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  1. I'm not...Magnolia West 2 losses last year was thier district showdown with College Station and against Ryan in the playoffs where they almost came back... They're very capable...
  2. Wellp...we now know our 4 from 5-6A. Just a matter of order. Allen, Guyer, Prosper, McKinney Braswell is done...
  3. I started to pick Taunton too ..
  4. After last week I don't care if they couldn't stop air... Run me my 7...
  5. Probably will be...but it will be done only to save face. Not because of the actual reason.
  6. How you drop the ball wearing a glove??? 😒 Also...He has to be Canadian. An American Baseball fan would have sacrificed walking and dove off the wall for that ball.
  7. I'mma drop A&M myself if A&M Offense don't stop acting like they got 40-secs to call a damn play...(Jimbo).
  8. They started the season there. They won't be there this coming week.
  9. Also....How far we drop Pig Sooie considering they almost lost the week prior?
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