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  1. Ben a while since PNG has made it this far.
  2. He's talking about the upcoming Tekken 8.
  3. I don't care too much for either of them...soooo....
  4. I thought he was kicked off the team?
  5. Iirc it was just an experimental phase for the larger schools. Smaller schools were classified before season started based on enrollment size. Whereas 6A schools had to wait until playoffs. As for the travel...I think the smaller schools just preferred neutral sites.
  6. In Colorado ATM for 2 weeks of training. It's...nippy. Not as bad as I thought.
  7. NS (Team speed) Timpson (Points will be scored) Longview (Aledo can be ran on...Which is what Longview does best) SOC (I'm leaning towards Argyle...but can they get enough out of the passing game?)
  8. Anyone have faith in Vandegrift?
  9. I just want to know who our OC will be. I saw where Deion got one of A&Ms Defensive Analyst.
  10. My flight to Thornton, CO is at 5pm today...I actually had to google where that was.
  11. No. QBs don't play Defense. They gave up over 300 passing. Clemson had over 200-yds rushing...but you stopped giving the ball to Shipley. Blew an early 14-0 lead. Yes...D.J. was absolute s***....but that L is on the coaches.
  12. L is still an L. But then again sometimes Scoreboard doesn't matter in Texas (ask Texas Tech).
  13. Does it matter??? Hell We've seen teams move UP in rank after a close loss. 🤣
  14. That punishes teams in East and West Texas...imagine winning a district and having to travel 3-4 hrs.
  15. Not the guy I wanted... but eh...Maybe he can eek out a few wins with his recruiting prowess.
  16. I started doing random picks when I fell out of the Top 5. I quit caring after that...made it more fun to pick.
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