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  1. Is it a huge concern that I (currently Texan) actually liked the Massey Ratings for Texas? Thankfully the Louisiana one is incomplete...because...No. 🛑
  2. Not! It will not be happy. 1. My Pups hate fireworks 2. I live the Amazon life. (I plan on skipping anyways. But that double-time on top of the holiday pay is enticing).
  3. I'm assuming Middle School? (After reading the other posts...I will admit this post zinged over my head...My bad.)
  4. Wait...you actually took up for Saguaro? 🤯
  5. Warning: South Panola is solid...but not as good as 2010-2020 years. They're TRYING to get back there though. Some of the smaller schools might surprise you too.
  6. Mississippi actually has some pretty good football. It tends to get overlooked a lot. Picayune, Madison Central, Starksville, Oak Grove are usually good just to list a couple.
  7. Tennessee....No. Bama...No. Not Top 10 anyways. But I also don't know what this list is based off of...So this can change. Personally I'd have Pennsylvania and Illinois over those two. South Carolina is a sneaky state fwiw.
  8. Y'all get baited wasaay to easily. 😎
  9. No. Big XII Politics (Ahem: Texas) did that. But now on top of that they aren't getting Top-end national talent like they were in the 90s. Can't blame Frost...much...
  10. Nebraska was already dead. Financially...it SAVED Nebraska.
  11. Course I wouldn't. I don't follow/care enough about 95% of anything involving "Politics." If people want to go after each other's throats over which party/wing gets to screw over our nation first...by all means be my guest. If it doesn't concern me...then it is what it is. Less stressful life that way.
  12. Meh...don't really care on this one. It's well-known that the better baseball teams are in the South (and out West). Weather and other advantages. From little league up. Grats to Mississippi Schools on the Men's side for finally winning something in the "Big 3" the past couple seasons. Kinda wanted Arkansas to win it (they have a QB from my old high-school on the team). My Wife said HEEELLL NO! Go Ole Miss. (She wanted an SEC team to win it even if it wasn't A&M...just not the rival one).
  13. 1. Just go ahead and drop #18 out of the equation right now please. They're just gonna disappoint come playoff time...again. 2. Never thought I'd see the day a San Antonio team is ranked ahead of Allen. 3. Did #9 finally find an offense to go with those usually stout defenses? 4. #20 & #24 are ranked too high. Why are they even ranked??? #24 needed a major oops to even win the 5A title. #20...Stahp It. 5. I have this feeling in my gut #21 is too low. I can't put my finger on it. I don't know why. Call it...hell I dunno.
  14. Well course it's depressing when ya normally regarded as the poorest state in the nation. Ya just gotta pick the right spots. Note: Jackson, MS ain't it.
  15. Maaaan cut it out. 🤣. Get off that Sam BS. (Remember how Sam got that job btw...but let's not lose focus here). Card was named starter 2 games. After Pig Sooie beat the breakers of y'all (A game Thompson "turned heads in") Thompson was named starter. You think pressure from the fans had nothing to do with that??? Thompson stayed starter until Iowa State game btw. But ya knew that.
  16. Didn't need to see that...😒
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