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  1. If Lee County bought all the best players in Ga, we would have no problem beating SFA’s eyes out. What they play isn’t high school foot ball. They are a great team, no doubt.... the best money can buy..... so actually, money wins games....
  2. There was no 40 second play clocks😂😂😂. Our play clocks are preset to start at 25 as normal. LCA is just a joke of a team and their coach is coming up with anything he can think of to brush off the embarrassing loss....
  3. Actually Lee showed class and walked right over and shook hands with the other team. It could have been that they brought 35 players to our 158 but either way, Lee wasn’t worry about any post game problems 😂😂
  4. You can speak to the HC all you want. I was there. The team is a bunch of thugs and the coaches aren’t better. The officials threw more flags against Lee for holding. The flags thrown against LCA were legit false starts and delay of game penalties. It seems that they hadn’t played with play clocks or something. The refs called it pretty evenly. By the end of the game, the coaches of LCA were pissed because Lee was beating there eyes out, so they started marching out on the field which was then warned and penalized by the refs. I don’t want to hear any crap about this being GA refs for an OOS game. Their team just sucks and they are not well coached. Another fly by night money grab program recruiting kids that might go to the next level but I didn’t see much talent other than the QB.
  5. Yeah, our defense has been solid, we have a lot of work to do on the offensive side of the ball. Our boys are excited about the challenge. Our defense really wants to see if they are good enough to hang with serious teams. They don’t have big heads and we remember when Archer and Colquitt put us in our place a few years back. We live by Stay Hungry and Stay Humble at Lee now..... no more chain gang incidents needed 😂😂😂
  6. We never claimed the title of #1 in the state. Lee is still building and we hope to be as successful as the power house 7a’s like Colquitt, Milton, Archer, and Hillgrove. We are proud to have been asked to play in the Geico bowl and we hope to represent GA well. I guess I just don’t understand why everyone is being so harsh on Lee. This wasn’t something that we chased after, it was offered and we accepted. What South GA team wouldn’t accept. Down South Georgia Boys don’t back down from any fight. We do appreciate your support though....... As far as the rankings go, you can have em, we’ll just play ball.
  7. Lee co 35 CV 14 lee fumbled a punt on the 1 and it was recovered by cv
  8. End of the first half Lee 14 Creekview 7 they have a solid team and Lee has made several mistakes. Shaping up to be a good one.
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