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Found 9 results

  1. With so many tragic events happening on a daily basis, many are turning back to the study and practice of religion to ease their worries ... But as we look for biblical teachings that will bring comfort, we find stories that only bring more unrest .. I found this post on Twitter that makes reference to HOMOPHOBIA and the biblical outcome of that condition .. The source of this issue can be found in the Christian Bible Genesis 19:24 on the topic Sodom and Gomorrah ... NOTE : There has always been a debate over the true interpretation of this story, from both the straight and gay religious communities .. Which, if debated in this WOKE age of social media, would make for interesting content. #Genesis1924
  2. FUTURE HEADLINES @Socialdamus " It Is Gay To Be A Heterosexual " We all know that under the present set of social norms , being gay means that a person is attracted to the same sex. But what happens when we are reprogrammed to accept the idea that being attracted to the opposite sex is gay - and being attracted to the same sex is not ? .. ➡️ #ItsGayToBeHeterosexual ⬇️ RETWEET • LIKE • COMMENT NOTE : Turnt Out is a variety show hosted by ex transexual porn star TS Madison that airs on Fox Soul. The Black Boule is an organization allegedly elected to oversee the affairs of black people.
  3. MOVEMENT TO FREE AMERICA FROM STD'S idea conceived by @Socialdamus Because the LGBTQ community unjustly carries the stigma of perversion and promiscuity. I feel they should lead the movement to force the government to aggressively develop or release the cures to the last few incurable STD'S. Those being ... HIV · Hepatitis B · HPV · Herpes · Gonorrhea SEE LIST And even though perversion and promiscuity is not exclusive to one particular group of people. Having that title unjustly or not gives them a greater power to be heard when they collectively protest against it's damaging effects. And if nothing else, this movement will make it "safer" to practice perversion and promiscuity. And not just for the LGBTQ community, but for all of us ... #FreeAmericaFromSTDS
  4. Calling All : Licensed Psychiatrists Could my TRANSSEXUAL belief that I am a gender other than the one I was assigned at birth be the result of a DILLUSIONAL DISORDER that I am unknowingly suffering from ? And if so, should I be receiving mental health therapy for this disorder ? And because this is a severe disorder, can I claim this condition as a disability ? #GayIsTheNewDisability
  5. " research shows that they are a community of gay male and female christians that believe jesus was and is a lesbian woman , which they feel sanctifies lesbianism as a religious practice "
  6. Attention All Podcasts ♨️ This Discussion is for BLACKS ONLY Topic Selected by @DTBVersion This topic invites black heterosexuals and black homosexuals - To debate the most effective path to gaining total equality between whites & blacks in America. The Topic is - " Does a Black member of the LGBTQ community have a better chance at equality than a Heterosexual non member " ?
  7. Wikipedia - A subculture is a group of people within a culture that differentiates itself from the parent culture to which it belongs, Subcultures develop their own norms and values regarding cultural, political, and sexual matters. The ultimate goal of a subculture is to establish a state or territory of it's own.
  8. By @SOCIALDAMUS : There is an unspoken theory among the black conscious community that being Black and Gay particularly in America has a deeper purpose that is a continuation of the civil rights movement. And an extreme interpretation of the Malcolm X by any means necessary philosophy. And this tactic if it is that is perceived as a way to separate from the injustices black people endure, and this is causing non gay blacks to become racist against gay blacks. A racism that stems from a perceived equality in regards to civil and human rights that they feel only gay blacks can enjoy.
  9. ( Financial News ) Do I actually have to be GAY to profit from the culture and lifestyle ? ... NO From Relationships to Entertainment ... The "gay for pay" occupation is becoming a legitimate practice among heterosexuals. " With the rise of unemployment and the lack of education and job skills, this highly lucrative practice requires neither " ... Many see this as the perfect alternative for urban dwellers who see selling drugs, rapping or playing sports as the only ways out of poverty ... #Gay4Pay
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