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  1. Lesbian Church Gives It's Religious Views On The Subject of Abortion by @Culture Editor Not many people are aware of this but - A little known online lesbian religious group has an interesting perspective on the topic of Abortion. A perspective that has become relevant now that the country is divided on the issue of Abortion. And even more so, now that the supreme court has overturned Roe vs Wade. The church's official Twitter page @LetChristLive plainly states that : They do not condemn nor do they condone abortion. While at the same time hinting to women the possibility that abortion could stop the birth of the second coming of Christ. And that although orthodox religion teaches that this Christ is to be born a Man. There is another possibility that Christ could be born a Woman. And that this possiblity should be considered before Abortion ... And as a man, that is something I find very Interesting in deed !!! FOLLOW THEM @ ⬇️
  2. Christ Killers | Definition by @Socialdamus Christ Killers (noun) 1. A group of pro abortionist. 2. People that give no value to human life. 3. In biblical terms they are called antichrist. ⬇️ RETWEET • LIKE • COMMENT
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