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Bold predictions for the 2018 hsfb season


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IMG and SJC will be interesting but I think the most significant early season game is the first week:  DeMatha at STA.  I believe DM (who traditionally might have one transfer) for 2018 have seven including a jr four star and several others who could be outstanding.  Last season’s losses had impact.  After four WCAC titles in a row DM wants to return to the top.  It will be interesting since three WCAC teams are ranked in at least somebody’s top 35 nationally.

For DM it may all come down to their q.b.

And for those (like myself) who are huge fans of Beau English, he is now at UVA.

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24 minutes ago, FootballGuy said:

Bold prediction: despite all the talent that grayson, archer, north gwinnett, and marietta has, none of them will win 7A. Colquitt will win 7A... and they'll be representing GA in the geico bowl series....finally. 

They might get offered but when they make demands that every jv,  freshman player and booster club and td club member has to have a all expenses paid week at the event location then geico bowl series will tell them to go to hell and will pick a team that won't run the bills up into 500k range 😂 

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2 hours ago, Eddyr2 said:

IMG will lose St John before they lose to MD

Also idk if you know the gorman curse the best All American on every team that has played at going since 2015 has got hurt in the game (trevon Grimes sta , chase Lucas chandler, Marshawn lloyd dematha) 

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