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A LOTTA chatter about the Falcons prospects on ATL Sports talk radio today!


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Word has it, that Julio has been working out with T. O., during his hold out!😲 but NOW, all seems to be forgiven, and the contract is signed sealed, and delivered! NOW, it's Sanu, Julio, and Ridley! Talk of a SUPA BOWL is in the air in the ATL! Only thing IS though! They have ONE itsy bitsy problem! They STILL have the SAME FUCKING QB, MATTIE MICE! And NOW, they have him for LIFE, or death, after a 50% PAY RAISE, after accomplishing NOTHING! He is 0-4 against his hometown and alma mater's city! You can hear his ass squeaking, every time they take the field against the Dirty Birds! And it ain't likely to change! And before anyone says that the Falcons lost because of their opponents being bad asses! Consider that, during the Super Bowl season, the Falcons ONLY ASS KICKING LOSS was against a Philly team that MISSED the PLAYOFFS! If I was the Falcon D, I'd put a wanted poster out on their QB! Because HE, and HE alone, has cost them TWO SUPER BOWLS! The Falcon D gave up 14 to Minnesota and 15 to Philly! But the Offense has scored 23 points in EIGHT quarters against the Philly D! The Matty Mice reboot will go down in history as their SECOND WORST move EVER! The WORST move you say? It was when they traded a seldom used clip board holder to the Green Bay Packers! His name was .................................................................................….BRETT FAVRE!

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