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Where is Sammy Swordsman and all his names?


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1 minute ago, FolsomPrisonBlues said:

I am not. But I shall include his other known names in tags below. They are as fake as your local Florida candidates diploma!

@The Colonel

@The Comish

@The Stache



Haha just read about her. Her campaign manager says she has no time for fake news. We know who's footsteps she is following in.

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1 minute ago, BraceFace69 said:

@PrepGridiron didn’t iunjust tell him to stop an hour ago?

He told me to stop saying your name. Which I did.

Are you that dumb!? My god!

If you were as obsessed with your craft, as you are HSFB (weird), you'd be starting! But no! A HS game in Concord on a Friday night is more important. LMFAO!

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7 minutes ago, FolsomPrisonBlues said:

So you want the mods to protect your identity (which I already know) on this forum, but proceed to post GIFs like this?


@PrepGridiron what do you think I should do about this? 

I think you should drop it. I recognize the GIF and other things from @BraceFace69 and that both of you are antagonizing the other but the scales tilt more heavily to you. So, I'm sure if you stop, he'll stop. I feel like I'm babysitting. Jesus

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