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"ice" arrested a man driving his pregnant wife to give birth. She drove herself to the hospital


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Had he not been in the country illegally, she would have not been knocked up by an illegal alien and this would have never happened. 

It baffles me how people can support other people commiting illegal crimes. It's almost as if they have an agenda 🤔

I guess while we're at it, I don't mind shoplifting anymore. Anyone can go into any store or house and take what's not there's. 

Thats my chosen crime to ignore. 

Whats yours? 

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8 minutes ago, Drummer61 said:

Liars and those who don't care about the ILLEGAL INVADERs or those that break the law are worse than those who violate said law...They excuse bad behavior and lawbreakers by blaming the good guys who enforce our laws...RZ is an enemy of America IMO.   He justifies bad behavior with his worse behavior by giving law breakers a pass...That is obstruction and  is, in of itself an egregious crime....RZ is a criminal....👽👽

Martin Luther King said the people that are silent about the KKK are more of a threat than the KKK themself. 

That rings true all across the board. The people who support and are complicit with illegal invaders involved in drugs and human trafficking, as well as economic, educational and medical chaos on the country's legal citizens are just as bad as the people committing the crimes 

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