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National Powerhouse LoveJoy Blown out by Banneker 😏😏😏


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3 hours ago, Sportsnut said:

This staff is not prepared for this job. Never has been.

The current coach made a statement that scared the hell out of me when he took the job. 

He said, "We are going to play big boy ball"

 We were already playing big boy ball.

 They will not recover until he is gone.

So what will drive replacing the coach(es)?  

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1 hour ago, Sportsnut said:

Hopefully the kids and their parents.

I have spoken to several and they are not into this.

I spoke with parents on Friday and some are in agreement that something needs to be done.

This is year 5 of his tenure and we have not won 9 games in a season since he became coach. 

 We have made the 2nd round once. Three 1st round exits.

We have not lost to a county team since 09' but I think that is going by the wayside this year.

I could write a book and title it "Death of a Program:.

We have had star players leave for other programs.

Roswell went to the ship with our QB a couple years ago. 

Yes, that was our QB.

Hapeville Charter, Class AA State Champions did it with one of our QB's. 

The QB the last 2 years left and is now at Stephenson.

 This guy has to go.

Well, the four most consistent winning big programs in SO CA (MD, Cen10, SJB, Mission Viejo) all have one thing in common. Long tenured, well respected, successful coaches.  Mission Viejo has a new coach this year, so we’ll see how that works out.

Hope you get a new and improved coach.

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6 minutes ago, Sportsnut said:

"Lmao @Sportsnut thinks they can compete with 7A.  Lmao.  No wonder why you don’t play OOS"


As a matter of FACT, 

Lovejoy has beaten 4 of the top 10 in 7A




North Gwinnett

Never played 





Have lost to




So be silent,  voice of a 3 team state.



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2 hours ago, Sportsnut said:

Bring what up piglet fan?

I know you are not trying to speak on speaking of one's team?

Not as much as you bloviate on Colquitt.

Besides, if you were waiting for me to bring something up, you no longer have to wait.

move along.


As expected, you are still heart broken.


Ok, I'm done trolling for now.

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21 minutes ago, Sportsnut said:

You know I know Colquitt's history and all.

Being irrelevant before 09'.

I wish we had you back on the schedule.

When we play Colquitt, we go to the ship.


You folks better do a lot more than put us on the schedule if you want to play for another 'ship bud.

How is that QB looking? Still better than the top rated QB in the country?

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