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Southern Lab, La vs Narbonne, CA


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Southern Lab #33 in La and #1137 nationally per calpreps

Reginald Johnson 5-11 175 Junior WR 4stars.jpg
Kardell Thomas 6'3" 355 Senior OG 5stars.jpg
Tyrion Davis 6'1" 230 Senior RB 4halfstars.jpg
Charvis Thornton 5'10" 180 Senior WR 3halfstars.jpg
Tyler Guidry 6'2" 220 Senior OLB 3stars.jpg
Anthony Shaffer 6'0" 200 Senior S 3stars.jpg
Jacques Wallace 6'4" 280 Senior OG 3stars.jpg
Kendarias Moses 6'3" 175 Senior S 3stars.jpg
Christopher Welch 6'3" 250 Senior SDE 2halfstars.jpg
Tyler McNair 5'7" 175 Senior WR 2stars.jpg

Who wins?

California says for the most part Narbonne is hot garbage, inner city school with nothing. Narbonne blown up by St Louis,  HI 47-7 this past weekend

Narbonne #8 in CA and #23 nationally per calpreps

Brandon Jones 5-10 165 Junior CB 4stars.jpg
Jordan Berry 6-3 280 Junior DT 4stars.jpg
Josh Jackson 6-2 185 Junior WR 4stars.jpg
Jordan Banks 6-3 245 Junior SDE 4stars.jpg
JoJuan Collins 6-0 205 Junior RB 4stars.jpg
Elijah Queen 6-4 170 Junior WR 4stars.jpg
Jonah Tauanu'u 6'5.5" 315 Senior OT 5stars.jpg
Mykael Wright 5'11" 180 Senior CB 5stars.jpg
JaMaree Boone 5'8" 160 Senior CB 3stars.jpg
Brionne Penny 6'3" 190 Senior WR 3stars.jpg
Paul Edwards 6'0" 175 Senior CB 3stars.jpg
Tilini Livai 6'3" 285 Senior OG 2halfstars.jpg
Steve Jenkins 5'11" 155 Senior WR 2halfstars.jpg
Sua'ava Tupua 6'1" 265 Senior DT 2stars.jpg




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6 minutes ago, Sammyswordsman said:

Narbonne is probably the better team based on the opponents they are willing to schedule 

Louisiana lost every relevant oos game they played last year. And they were relevant by their own standards. They were mostly no name games. The best "win" they had last year was a 3 touchdown "LOSS" to Allen,TX. 

This year will be just as bad. If Lousiana scheduled as tough as FL, CA NJ and MD/DC then it would not only be worse, but you wouldn't hear a damn peep out of Cajun. 

He can yell all he wants because S Lab doesn't play anyone of note so he can sit back with false bravado while the rest of the country is battle testing themselves 

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1 minute ago, Sammyswordsman said:

Narbonne is probably the better team based on the opponents they are willing to schedule 

Southern Lab is playing the #14 ranked team in the nation in one poll anyways this year.

Going to have to do better than that, samuel...

Based on the Narbonne performance or complete lack of peformance this past weekend who cares who they schedule anyways?



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