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WK 2 HS Football game Videos


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9 hours ago, DevilDog said:



That catch at 1:50 was crazy watching it on Flo.... not sure how he came down with that...


North Gwinnetts Fumble at 3:00... INT at 3:12 .... the brutal hit from behind at 3:56 that caused a fumble and scoop n' score... INT at 6:18...

too many fuck ups to overcome vs that D. Wekivas D is very physical.

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Colquitt highlight film from GaWebDev. 

My favorite parts are near the end... seeing Carter Boatwright #47 catch his first ever varsity td pass and the pick six by Jay Ward. 


Edit to add:

Standing room only crowd. Mack Tharpe routinely fills up, but, this crowd was as huge of a crowd as I can remember. The stands were full. The endzone stands were full. 

The fences were lined with fans 2 and 3 deep and the open areas in the corners, behind the stands and around the concession stands were packed for the game all the way until the final few minutes when many started leaving to beat the rush. 

Amazing crowd showed up for a battle of two schools that are in fairly close proximity to each other. Also some storylines of the trash talk during the week and an old CRP desciple returning to coach against him in Zach Grage. 

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On ‎9‎/‎3‎/‎2018 at 12:29 AM, DevilDog said:

Back for the 2nd Week in a row.  Last week started with Cali. This week Sorry JAAWJAA your kicking it off.  Great way to look at OOS teams that many of us don't see but hear about.  

Texas joins the fun this week. 


I think you forgot a very, Very, VERY impotent game...…..

what happened withTrinity?



enbareASSing for some I guess....🤔



must be trying not to upset your Texas Buddy 🤣...


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