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3 minutes ago, RedZone said:

by those Rummel Raiders....worst Rummel game I've seen this decade.

Going to have to get better. That's a fact





That's the panhandle Florida for ya. The Lousiana killers!

Man Lousiana is sooooo bad. Escambia is just a good team in their area. They would get ran off the field in South Florida. They would never make the playoffs. 

And they are beating the breaks off state ranked Rummel. Lmao!

crazy thing is Escambia made it to the red zone twice and came up with nothing early in the game. This should be a running clock 

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I think losing 3 quality coaches in the last 4 years has finally taken it's toll on us...lost our LB coach this year as well to John Ehret, DC there now.


OC to Nicholls State, DC to De La Salle.......


....we do not look like Rummel, at least NOT tonight. Another 6-5 season if we don't get it together quickly. Can't seem to keep kids healthy  either which is really troubling to me.

Oh, well. Not the end of the world.....Always a Raider!




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36 minutes ago, Nolebull813 said:

Do your time management a favor and stay away from that bum of a state. It's a waste unless someone is just trying to fill a slot. No elite teams. Would get ran off the field by any name brand squad 

I am watching Dunne vs Byrd...Dunne winning 14-7 in 3rd qrt.   This is not high level football.  

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Just now, Texasball said:

I am watching Dunne vs Byrd...Dunne winning 14-7 in 3rd qrt.   This is not high level football.  

Yeah. Evangel gets clubbed by 2 oos teams. John Curtis the flag bearer for the state was in a fight for their lives against an average TAPPS team. A team that would lose by 5-6 touchdowns by any top 6A team 

Lousiana is just not good football to be honest. It's the little sibling to Texas. Oklahaoma is better. You guys get more competition up there 

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Boy....yall REALLY do get yall rocks off hating these North Louisiana teams do yall.

It's been stated throughout late spring that NONE of the Big North LA schools are that good this season...Especially in NWLA.

Hell even the 2 that are "good" this season were said to all have issues with one in the Top 5 that ALL Louisiana posters felt was too high (And SHOULD have lost this past weekend).

These are the 5 legit Top 100 CAPABLE team in LA this season...

Catholic, Zachary, U-High, John Curtis, Karr,

If you want a 6th...Keep an eye on Destrehan or West Monroe if they somehow finish undefeated and win State.

ALL but one of these teams are in SOUTH LA...Also...Three or Four of these teams will most likely fall out people's Top 100 because they all will play each other eventually in some form or variation. 

Ex: Catholic just beat Zachary the other night.

It's a down year in North LA (As expected).  Quit expecting "Top-Level" play where there won't be any this year...

As for the BOB games...Teams need to quit giving Louisiana schools chances to win...We'll GLADLY take advantage.

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2 hours ago, Frosty4024 said:

As for Texasball and Nolebull.

We all know you hate anything involving Louisiana football...So troll on.

Can only see what one of the idiots is babbling about, but neither have "teams". Must be nice floating from thread to thread being ignorant assholes with no fear of "their team" ever losing.

The stuff "little dicks" are made of, believe that.


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