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College football quality opponent opinions


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I love college football. But I had some serious thoughts last night:

We bash all these various high school teams if they schedule even one "cupcake" team outside of their respective leagues. We bash great teams for taking on even a slightly lesser opponent. My question is why? We tear apart high school teams for running up the score yet encourage teams like Ohio State to drop 80 on Southwest Missouri State. 

We take this mindset into Friday nights, yet turn around on Saturday and root on teams like Alabama, Washington, Clemson, Michigan, Wisconsin, etc................ for basically playing absolute nobody's outside of their leagues. We think it's great! Appalachian State, Ball State, Southwest Louisiana Christian Tech....... you get the point.

My question for discussion is why? Why the different standard. 

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12 minutes ago, ECHS05 said:

Because haters are always gonna hate on somebody else for something.

Lil' Wayne had it right when he said , "I dont give a f*** about no haters, as long as my b*tches love me."

I get the haters thing. 

But seriously. Why the separate mindset between HS and College? In your opinion. 

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