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The Lime Sink Week Six Georgia Top Ten


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Well gurus....most everybody has played at least half of their regular season games for 2018.   There's been a few surprises and a couple of stalwarts who are annual members of the Top Ten.   Everybody knows who they are...but let's get to the shockers...shall we?


1.  Archer - The AJC says they're the hottest team playing in Georgia right now.  Never ever discount the AJC.  They are the ULTIMATE football gurus for Georgia.

2.  Rome - I've told you before...there is no way I'm giving Shorty Reid and his team top billing.  But on the AAAAA Georgia boards...they are the 2nd coming.

3.  Walton - As long as they have that All World WR...Walton will be a player in the Top Ten.  Wait a sec...ain't he a Senior?....(Smile)

4.  Colquitt - The Packers are continuing to grow as a football TEAM.  A major shutout to our young WRs and to Mr. Harden (QB) as well.  Keep grinding.  And to the Blackhats...keep making us proud.

5.  North Gwinnett - Still the 2017 defending AAAAAAA State Champions.  Region play is coming up.  Then it's gonna get REAL.

6.  Lowndes - The Viking horde destroyed Valdosta.  The last time the Vikings scored 57 on the Cats...the Valdosta coach said bye bye.  Last Friday night...Lowndes scored 71.

7.  Lee County - Just a AAAAAA team that should be playing in AAAAAAA.  And they just happen to be undefeated and reigning State Champion in AAAAAA.

8.  Parkview - It pains me to put the Urange up in the Top Ten...BUT...sometimes ya gotta do what'cha gotta do.  The Panthers are playing strong.

9.  McEachern - After being slightly upset by Colquitt...the Injuns are slowly gaining their confidence back.  It's gonna be a tough trek for the Perrier Tribe...but ya never know.

10.  Grayson - The Green Meanies are more than likely a Top Five team.  I'm just picking at Fred.  It was a strange game Friday night.  Colquitt got punched in the mouth in the first half...but they didn't flinch.  I think the conditioning of both teams showed in the 2nd half.  Combine that with the Hawgs ratcheting up the defense a tad and putting some pressure on the Grayson QB.  And Mr. Leggett was a man of a mission.  But while we'll smile and relax a tad...I would bet good money we'll see them again...in the playoffs.

And those just outside....

11.  Milton - Not really sure about them...but I do think they're dangerous.  Ask Archer.

12.  Brookwood - Not doing all that bad for a school who doesn't have a football program (ECHS).  i was told they graduated EVERYBODY in 2017.  The Parkview/Brookwood game will be intense.

13.  Blessed Trinity - Just adding the required church team.

14.  Buford - Wow...I am surprised.  I fully expect the Wolves to be Top Ten by year end.

15.  Marietta - I don't know why.  But just don't go writing the Blue Devils off...just yet.  If they only had their illegal players....(Smile).


That's where we stand as of this morning.  Who knows where we'll be in the coming weeks with Region play on the horizon.  Some much football to play.  So little time.  Ms. Violet is cooking blackeyed peas and jalapeno fritters.  I gotta go for now.   Catch you gurus later....




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