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Mountain Goats Are Being Airlifted Out of a National Park Because They Crave Human Pee


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2 hours ago, LiberalDonaldTrump said:

Yes you CAN make this stuff up....

Can't believe you fall for a yahoo headline clickbait....well maybe I can LOL

Apparently they are removing them because their population is now effecting their tourism. 

I do like the fancy headline to get you to overlook the...

"" dealt with via "opportunistic ground and helicopter-based lethal removal of mountain goats"

and side with the species ENTIRE removal...

also noted the other fantastic reasons for species elimination...such as an animal pawing at the earth being detrimental to nature, and their only being 'native' there for the last hundred years or so.  The 'Pee Licking for vital nutrients' was certainly well played to viscerally and detrimentally  sway the jury ... standard Yahoo stuff.

But the bottom line is NO, they are being massacred for reasons being entirely different from "getting vital nutrients from pee" .

Wonder where all the tree hugging lefties are on this one...certainly they are not all 'Yahoo heads'....




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19 minutes ago, Sportsnut said:

Child hush.

Speak when spoken to.

You and her favor.


"Piss and Vinegar" is not the 'put down' you think it is...

piss and vin·e·gar
vulgar slang
noun: piss and vinegar
  1. aggressive energy.
    If you don't think it fitting just let me know, and we'll find you a better descriptor.... 
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11 minutes ago, Sportsnut said:

We are talking Jersey so Piss alone will do.

I certainly hope you are not Delusional again ….because I care...

and so I'll just give you another clue...

Hint: The thread is talking about Goats being slaughtered in Washington state...absolutely nothing to do with Jersey...

So I don't know how to help you with your Jersey obsession, but maybe you can start by figuring out who "WE" is...

As you are the only one fondling your NJ obsession. 


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3 minutes ago, Sportsnut said:

I will let you know what I understand.

I said what I meant.

I know what I am talking about and don't give a damn what you think I am talking about.

He said they were being moved and I said my bit and still mean what I said. 

Evidently, ""we"", does not include you so

STFU and mind you own business or offer some insight into the original topic.


here's my contribution...


and if you don't like the new group..... you can GTFOOH...

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20 minutes ago, Sportsnut said:

Snookie Show?

Saw enough of Jersey already.

Did that at Dix.

Nothing to see there.

It becomes a question of Peach's or Piss.

Guess who wins?

Snookie et al are the invaders that come to the Jersey shore because their place is a shithole

If you saw Jersey from Dix, then you are damn straight you saw nothing there (except maybe some Piney's) LOL

And I live in the Garden.... Peach tree orchards can be seen from my window (tastier crop than Ga most years) vs all that piss in Atlanta.

I guess I do agree with your 'winning' philosophy...  

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3 hours ago, Sportsnut said:

One has to be careful what one allows inside ones mind just as one does with ones mouth.

Thanks... that might explain something.

Have been meaning to send you something given to me …..that I believe was meant to share with you...

It does take an open mind, and every time it seems the time, I am prevented...

would you be open to my walkabout (or visionquest)  the day after my ban?  

probably should ask you first. 



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28 minutes ago, Sportsnut said:

Why are you getting banned and why are you going thru this at this time?

Maybe I shouldn't but I assume that point has passed for you. 

If I am not on  the same page,

please explain.

My ban was self imposed, as I needed a break or change....

When I saw the opportunity to exit by possibly making a point out of it, I gladly took it.  I was not really offended by your "plagerism" so do not hold that against me. 

Yes that point has passed for ME. But a gift was given to me when I thought of you, so I have felt obliged to allow you to see it.  But these synchronicities are not under my direction, so I simply ask to find my path. 

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Just now, Sportsnut said:

I take no credit for most things I post here. When it comes from me, I will say so. 

You control you. Why would you try to wear the shoe that society has fixed for?


I wear my own shoe and find my own path.  As I said, Yes, I used you for my exit, and to whatever degree it effected your online persona (LOL) I do apologize.


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1 minute ago, Sportsnut said:

Nothing you can do to affect any portion of my life.

Nothing of note is remotely connected to you as far as my being is concerned. 

A passing thought fits you and you presence for this period.

This was not my intent, simply the path I travelled.  As I said, I feel obliged due to circumstance.

I can only message this in pictures, and as you seem to have an aversion to them, perhaps I am mistaken and should not feel so obliged?

As I said, I have not directed this.

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