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What up Texas?


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1 minute ago, HurricaneNick said:

Katy looked like complete dog shit last week against this same team. Westlake embarrassed them from start to finish. Katy is not good this year. Guyer looks a lot better. 

They did. Westlake rattled Katy, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.

I probably should’ve seen the blowout coming after their game with Summer Creek but I was being a homer.

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11 hours ago, MD87 said:

Not that Westlake was really in the conversation for the MNC anyway with its vanilla schedule, but you're definitely not if you're down in the 3rd quarter to the #34 team in the country, win or lose.

I swear y'all don't make sense sometimes...

The "#34 team in the country" plays the "number 2 (or whatever) team" close for 3 quarters and the number 2 team suddenly becomes overrated or isnt MNC material...

Like we didn't see Mater Dei struggle with Servite earlier in the season...

Stuff like this is why I never take this "MNC" stuff seriously these days.

Whatever helps y'all sleep at night 🤷🏿‍♂️

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@Horsefly@Gametyme@Champa  @Frosty4024 @Cracker  @SeaShells21 etc. 

Thanks to each of you as we discussed Texas HS Football, and the playoffs.  What makes our Football special is we all know the Brooks boys at Shiner as well as the QB at Westlake.  Our football culture is unique, and we have had the privilege of watching Westlake own 6A for the last 3 years beating our elite teams and coaches.  Katy, NS, ET, SLC, LT, Guyer etc and hang 40+ on everyone this year.  Coach Dodd the best 6A Coach ever going out like a boss.  A 2 Time National coach of the year.  A whole City rooting for SOC.  SOC has a grandfather that was on that BTW team in the 50's who won the PVIL championship and the last DISD to win a Championship till yesterday.  He had 3 Grandsons starting for SOC yesterday.   SOC played in front of over 45K the largest crowd at State.  Over 212K attended this year.  4th Largest all time.  How cool is that?  Again our State Champ doesn't lose Out of State.  If you lose out of State, the depth in Texas will get you.  You could see all those building up Dville just hoping they would win.  When the people I knew here was telling me each week that the defenses in the DFW was not strong and that would catch up to them. They lost to a Freshmen QB and had a defense they couldn't just line up and run over.  I was truly rooting for coach Samples.  Stephenville and China Spring were 2 strong 4A Squads.  4A beat elite 5A this year.  3A Franklin and the Washington boys.  I would pay double to see the Washington boys vs. the Brooks Boys in a 3A vs 2A Battle for the Little Guys State Championship.  Here are their stats in their championship games.  Really enjoyed looking forward to next year if the Most high is in agreement.  Good year, great football and of course you Homies.   

RUSHING No. Gain Loss Net TD Lg Avg. 

Bryson Washington 17 171 6 165 3 66 9.7 

Bobby Washington 18 102 6 96 0 19 5.3 

Doug Brooks       16     210     0     210     2     79     13.1 
Dalton Brooks     31     196     2     194     3     45     6.3

Denton Guyer (14-2) vs. Austin Westlake (16-0) •  Attendance: 32302

Duncanville (13-2) vs. GP North Shore (15-1)•  Attendance: 42544

Dallas S. Oak Cliff (15-1) vs. Liberty Hill (13-3)•  Attendance: 45769


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