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Purdue hammering the Buckeyes


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Poor, tiny, undersized, inexperienced Boilers with a fraction of the budget OSU has... put a whoopin' on  the Buckeyes and quite possibly the most hated HC in college football.

Better believe my kid is happy, endured misery with Coach Hazell at the helm and and a AD that clowned all over football for swimming, diving and non revenue sports.




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4 hours ago, Nolebull813 said:

What did Urban Meyer do to you guys besides bang your girl and whoop your team? 

Its ok to dislike Ohio State based on their success the last 100 years or so if you are a hater, but to hate on Meyer seems petty. 


Ok, Meyer bailed on the Gators, cultivated a culture there that is unsavory...win at all costs, character takes a back seat.

Then the latest debacle with an assistant coach, wiped cell phone etc., these are what we know and rumors are it's the tip of the iceberg.

You're not really asking a serious question are you?



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