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The Mask/s of #winning


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hsfbfan is the perfect example of this phenomenon. Simple version.

Everyday he checks into the off-topic forum and is #winning for 8-14 hours. "we", "we", "we" and "we"....

When hsfbfan finally goes to sleep after #winning all day it's "he", he" he" and "he"

1-He hates where he lives.

2-He hates his parents and has threatened to kill them.

3-He hates his parents for hating him and thinking he is a failure in life (his words)

4-He hates his job

5-He hates universities and colleges for not helping him.

6-He hates immigrants and wishes he could be on the front line to mow them down.

7-He hates the Spanish people who live on his street.

8-He HATES "fill in"


The real question is how many million hsfbfans are there in this country? How many wear the "#winning mask" proudly with no conscience whatsoever?

Scary thought indeed...

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The only thing conservatives hate is democrats trying to ruin this country with outrageous extreme policies, and their obsessed attempt to destroy the country with border crashers just for votes. 

They are so thirsty for power they would cripple every important establishment that makes the country thrive just to attain that power. 

That is textbook evil 

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