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Why won’t Republicans oppose Nazis and white supremacists?


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Stephen Miller, was mentored by Richard Spencer..at Duke, it's a fact.

Richard Bertrand Spencer (born May 11, 1978) is an American white supremacist. He is president of the National Policy Institute, a white supremacist think tank, as well as Washington Summit Publishers. Spencer rejects the label of white supremacist and considers himself a white nationalist or white identitarian.

Who is trump's right hand on immigration? Stephen Miller

Not a freakin peep from wing nut here.

Miller has long been on a mission to stop people that many conservatives view as undesirable migrants—mainly people of color—from settling in the country. Salon put him in the category of those who cloak their racism “behind Trumpian slogans about making America great again.”


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We are not apart of those groups but they have the right to speak and have their opinions in this country as long as violence does not ensue. Now I know charlotesville will be brought up so let's address it.....neonazis had a permit to be at that location. Anita did not. If antifa does not show up illegally there would not have been an issue that day. 

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4 hours ago, Drummer61 said:

The publication that RZ cited are far left Marxist sites.....The most dishonest out there and the temple where the shootings took place embraced Trump and the head Rabbi would NOT BLAME TRUMP.....So, RZ is fishing at the bottom of the cesspool, where he lives, for things to post....He's as dishonest as is Andy Lack,Ted Turner,CNN and Maxine Waters, just to name a few..

You denounced the Jewish Chronicle even though you don't know the first damn thing about it, NOW

.....denounce Stephen Miller, grandpa.

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7 minutes ago, Hardcore Troubador said:

C’mon, RZ, something tells me you’ve got it figured out.  Don’t be shy, share!

Of course we have it figured out. 

They failed the test and it couldn't have been an easier one. Go figure.


Did they dispute any of the "facts"......of course not, they never do.


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11 hours ago, RedZone said:

Lets do a test.

Every wing nut on this forum denounce Stephen Miller and say he is skinny ugly white 128 lb white supremacist. One, who is feeding hate into trump's ear daily.

Do this and we will be impressed. If you can't do it STFU about other people and in general.

Or we could just call u a fucking pig racist. 

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