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40 yard dash run by a peaking sprinter


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37 minutes ago, HawgGoneIt said:

He is near full speed in one step. Amazing launch. 

10yds per second. 



Coffee needed.  Let's try that again lol.  40 in 4.12,  66 yards in 6.45  (26 yards in 2.33 ticks), yup, even at full speed that's what he's cranking.  

What is the human limit of the 40?  Coleman is really close.   Under 4.1 would be the next step I suppose.   Getting to 4 flat or less?   I don't think Ben Johnson's doping levels to win Gold (and stripped) could enable that.   Now if De Grasse wants to give the 40 a shot right now, no problem! :)   Go for it!   4.12 is the standard.  


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On 5/2/2017 at 0:55 PM, World Citizen said:

That man is faster than me.  What's your guys fastest 40 time?  Mine was 4.4 in full pads when I was a youngin.  Might be 7-8 today. ?

Never timed myself in the 40. Ran the 100m in middle school and my best was 12.5. Got taller and was faster in high school, but never ran track in high school.

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