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3/19: 4,200 infect 5/6 1,2 mil infect & 73K dead, 6/25 2.4 mil infect & 123k+ dead

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Damn it, BDrop! How am I supposed to give you shit now that I know that you're not some awful hideous monster with a wart on his nose on the other side of that keyboard 🤣 ...thanks for sharing😎

I'm outside plenty. Going on walks, projects in the yard...feels good. I don't go to movies much, but have watched about the same number at home now as normal. Had take-out for dinner last night to su

100 day anniversary of when I started this thread.  I have updated the number of infections and deaths above. In the last 50 days there are literally another 1.2 million infected (total now of 2.

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16 minutes ago, NorCalRuss said:

They’re counted if they’re claimed. It’s not hard to figure out clown...

Im sure all 20 plus mil illegals where claimed and noted.... Hahahaha

What does claimed mean?

You just took a number and then added 20 million to it despite no evidence whatsoever.

That makes you a clown.

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5 hours ago, NorCalRuss said:

You claim to be intelligent... If that were so, you would know you look at things differently on a macro level than micro...

On a macro level, the curve goes something like this __________,______

Ewe are just a sheep falling for the hysteria....

He's a self-absorbed, coward-ass, looney leftist who THINKS he's smart. This guy is the epitome of UN-intelligent, gullible, pussyness. 

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2 hours ago, GardenStateBaller said:

Perception governs reality. #18 of 20. Third lowest. #manufacturedcrisis 



Perception may govern reality until it hits home, then shit gets real. I just lost my cousin, more like a brother, to Coronavirus. RIP Raymond😔

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21 hours ago, CODBEARD said:

United States Deaths Clock


7055 today.. so far


A person dies approximately every 11.59 seconds

Number of deaths per year: 2,720,200

Number of deaths per day: 7,453

Number of deaths per hour: 311




Number of people born in the United States today so far: 9,495

A person is born approximately every 7.65 seconds

Number of people born per year: 4,120,600

Number of people born per day: 11,289

Number of people born per hour: 470


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12 hours ago, HawgGoneIt said:

Idk Big Drop. We've been pretty consistent in taking a stand back approach on here as this is meant to be an entertainment site and not a PSA site. 

I agree with your sentiments where it pertains to this virus, and folks down playing it, but, if you kind of look at it from afar (the site, the interaction, and the posters' personalities through the years) you may realize that everyone is working through or coming to terms with reality in their own ways. 

People question stuff all the time, especially stuff affecting their livelihoods and freedoms. I think we have to allow it, and continue debating it for those that have already accepted what others question. It gets hard, and even disheartening at times, but, if you believe in something enough, you'll find that it's worth the fight, or, you'll decide that it's not worth your time to try saving some. 

 We either care about each other or we don't. If you find yourself sad that someone isn't listening to you, then you have empathy for them. Chance is, if they aren't listening, they don't have empathy for you and need to be passed over by you for your own well being and mental health. You're a good dude. Don't get too far down thinking you are failing at saving the world. Not everyone can be saved anyway. 

In the words of the first lady... Be Best. 

Excellent post... I feel bad for people all the time. I react in my own way. I figure it out in time and some times it takes awhile. If you believe in something, don't take it to heart when someone doesn't believe the same way. If it's wrong, the right way will win out in the long run. 

I know you can not defeat nature, it will have it's way.

Always remember Humor is a good medicine.

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25 minutes ago, Norcalnut said:

Perception may govern reality until it hits home, then shit gets real. I just lost my cousin, more like a brother, to Coronavirus. RIP Raymond😔

My Condolences Also. 

Remember the good times, and the bad, and the times you both laughed together...  

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9 hours ago, NorCalRuss said:

California isn’t shut down. Many are staying home but lot of businesses are still open, lot of traffic out still, high % of people are still working. Our County sheriff put out a memo last night stating so....


Maybe in the central valley, but over here in the Silicon Valley, there is ZERO traffic all day.  A commute that use to take me 45 minutes now only takes me 10.  This sheriff I would recon leans a scosh to the right based on his post.  But go ahead and live y'alls lives in the CV as normal and not take this serious.  We out here on the other hand prefer to go the other way.  Just my .02.  

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