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3 minutes ago, TheMaximumHornetSting said:

Its 40 degrees in Jacksonville... 

And my blankets in the wash machine washing.... 

And the heater aint helping.... 

Id love a hot sub right now.... 

is 40 degrees cold? My man U can’t even see your breath in the air at 40 , 😂 40 

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1 hour ago, imaGoodBoyNow said:

is 40 degrees cold? My man U can’t even see your breath in the air at 40 , 😂 40 

40’ in Jax is bone chilling cold, did some of it on a fishing charter with 6’ chop. My brother in law from Wisconsin blew my offer of gloves and a coat off .... had a stream of snot flowing out both nostrils and teeth doing the gator chomp. 

Oh, and the backlashes he was picking out because he didn’t wanna familiarize himself with a level wind reel the day before. Casting in wind and 40’ wasn’t shit until you’re in it for a half day charter. 



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Now I know what you're thinking... 


Well I was going off memory  because I didn't wanna use a GPS.... 

And instead of going south from the start I went straight across Birmingham,AL... and kept going.... shouldve known once I got to Shreveport I was wrong but nope my pride wouldn't let me admit I was wrong.... so I kept going straight.... 

Once I got to Dallas I realized I was way off course... 

I called my aunt and told her..  she laughed for what felt like an hour before she helped me get back on course.... 

Moral of the story F**k Mississippi.... 

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On 1/10/2021 at 11:10 AM, TheMaximumHornetSting said:

The longest drive I ever made by myself was out to Houston,TX to visit my aunt... 

From Marietta,GA to Houston,TX... 

It was a test of strength and patience because my dumbass went the wrong way and ended up in Dallas,TX.... 

You know they came out with a new invention they alleviates the need to deal with that crap. Kinda like modern 20th century technology to get from place to place.


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