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22 Million Jobs Lost, Over 80k unneccesary deaths ... But Trump's Supporters are Still singing his Praises

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Who would have thought that after 100, 000 unnecessary deaths, these dumb pieces of shit would start breaking them down into Red States vs Blue States if that means anything at all 


If this doesn't prove the OP I'm not sure what does


We're not talking illiteracy or std rates, no need to bring up where Red States outpace the rest of the country

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On 5/23/2020 at 5:14 PM, thc6795 said:

Ok so we all know you are going to do what Massa Biden says. You get to be black today.

I'm brown if I vote for Biden do I get to be a darker brown?

Dumb bitch i dont support Biden, try again


Anytime criticism is leveled at Trump doesnt mean that i'm supporting the lesser of the two evils


But Damn


you brown sucking up to trailer trash... ????


you sound stupid... stupid af


they'll deport your brown nosing ass the second they get fool

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20 hours ago, GardenStateBaller said:

And just like that the China Virus is gone. 

it is huh??...which clown on twitter that you follow told you that??....or is this an original thought?!?!?....🙄

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