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Rare footage of ORabidOne


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On 6/1/2017 at 1:10 PM, Nolebull813 said:


Ha! That's Exum Miller. 

P.S. never ever buy a car from Georgia Car Credit! They'll sell your account to a finance company like Wells Fargo and continue to take payments from you afterward but keep the money. Then when Wells Fargo finally gets all the paperwork straight you'll be payments behind.

Actually you can't buy a car from there anyway... closed down and gone. Should have went to prison probably. 

Went and opened another lot in the next county down, and got shut down for fraud there too. I think maybe even got arrested for that one after being warned once for doing something similar, contunued to do it and got arrested. Never heard what came of it though.





Of course no reflection on Exum, he's an alright guy. He just does silly commercials for money. xD


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