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Roughly 20 Alabama forfeit teams opening games due to covid

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I don't think it's fair to hold it against a team if they're community is dealing or struggling Covid and this interferes....  If you can play and you want to... (though I advise against it) that

Building a program up after years of hard work deserves a great home crowd.  Being from Gwinnett County you already have a built in advantage when playing out of county teams so I can understand a goo

If you look up the definition of "sour grapes" there is a picture of Outlaw.  I've never seen anyone online that has as big of a chip on their shoulder about another state and how games are scheduled,

2 hours ago, HooverOutlaw said:

After having the highest rate for 6 months finally an age that has taken the lead drunk college age kids.  Can't be champ forever.  Calling out those 65 and older really hit home Wosinc.

The sheer stupidity of your original thread is what hit home.

And this post is a close second.

The biggest (and dumbest) offenders were always the kids, and still is.


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9 hours ago, eaglesinsider said:

To put UA's case numbers in perspective, they had more COVID cases on campus this week than all of Scotland had in the same time frame. 

College kids,  alcohol and covid is a dangerous mix.

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