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OT: what distance from an athlete's home do you still consider local???


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when people talk local talent at the high school level; what is meant by local talent?  For example the four kids from BC listed in the other thread about how far from home they travel, in miles, to school. Which of them do you consider local?


when people talk local talent at the NCAA level; what is meant by local talent?  For example, I consider Sean Clifford from St X as local talent for PSU.  Is 7 hours of a drive still considered local at the NCAA level?  Do we ever call players like that "regional" talent?

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Local talent at hs level should be the school or school district that's dedicated boundaries to where you live. My son goes to a hs in another city but it's 1/8th a mile from our home, city is zoned that way as a example. 

College level local talent would be from the state at major college and Smaller level and JC would be surrounding counties and cities? 

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We've got 22 high schools in 437 sq miles in Gwinnett.  18 play football.  In less than 10 miles from my house I can be at 7 maybe 8 different high schools.  There are kids from at least 5 high schools in my area that all played rec ball together, go to church together, socialize together yet attend different schools.  That's all within 15 minutes of here.

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Colquitt's definition of "local" is kinda like Facebook.  Our county...any bordering county...and any county that borders a county that borders us...are all considered "local".  The only exceptions to that definition that I know of...is the states of Alabama, Florida and Michigan.  Wait a sec...I forgot about North Carolina.

But we're expanding.....




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How long does it take someone to drive to work?  There were a pool of GS 13's who commuted almost 80 miles each way to work for a government agency in Arlington, VA.  (110-120K or so a year) Their houses in Charles county, MD were a quarter to a third of the price of a house in Arlington.  They took turns driving and all four of them, over three or so decades, learned how to sleep while another drove.

Their salaries and homes made it worthwhile.

I believe the same would be true for an athlete:  their future would make it worthwhile.

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