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Georgia Maxwell ratings after week 2

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10 minutes ago, HawgGoneIt said:

I kind of like the way the top 20 looks as far as which teams are in there. Of course as I've mentioned, BT and Cartersville shouldn't be top 10 imo. ELCA should be behind both of those two. Kind of move everyone else up a little to fill the spots around them. Move Colquitt behind Lowndes and Parkview. It's shaping up to be a pretty decent ranking with teams still yet to play to give us all a look at what we think about the product they bring. 

I kind of don't like Warner Robins ahead of Valdosta because of the head to head, but, I won't argue a lot about it because... idk. Watching the game stream, it seemed like Warner Robins defense was kind of gassed early but Valdosta couldn't really capitalize and then by the time it was over I knew Valdosta would find a way but they probably should have lost. 

I'd love to know if Archer was covid hit with quarantined players or something with how they bit the pillow for Warner Robins. Seems kind of difficult to gather some of that type of info sometimes, and not many folks want to talk about it because they don't want to get shut down. 

I spoke with a player for Archer and they said that the lightning delay threw them off balance. They also hinted a change in QB, which could lead to more success for the future.

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1 minute ago, GardenStateBaller said:

Yes, BT is a member program. Marist too. Not ELCA. Yet. 

Surprised you haven't workked with Coach Gess yet. 5 titles in a row, impressive victories during that span, PRIVATE school, small roster. They might've even beaten Eastside Catholic instead of Marietta...lol.

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