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Happy Fathers Day.

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Yesterday I went to visit my Uncle and My fathers graves. Whilst in Tifton I decided to pay a visit to what remaining family I have here. 

Unfortunately my visit took a turn for the worst as I sit in the hospital with one of my Great Uncles in Critical condition.  

He got caught in a housefire this morning He saved his wife and his Grandkids. But by the time Me and 3 other of my cousins got their it was to hot to do anything. We couldnt get in... 

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God took the strength of a mountain

the majestry of a tree

the warmth of a summer sun

the calm of a quiet sea

the generous soul of nature

the comforting arm of night

the wisdom of the ages

the power of the eagles flight

the joy of a morining in spring

the faith of a mustard seed

the patience of eternity

the depth of a family in need

Then God combined those qualities

when there was nothing more to add

He knew his masterpiece was complete

and so He called it...................................


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