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Took 28 years but I finally found what it means

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I don't have the fine life you boys have.  I hafta scrap from day to day.   Not only am I old...but I been rode hard and put up wet.   I hafta grill everything i eat cause I can't pay my electric bill.  Add to that...the squirrel population is getting thinner by the day.   I was kicked out of the church for stealing money from the collection plate.  They replaced me with a one-arm man.   In other words...yep, things are bad.  So I'll say it for ya....


I woke up this morning and thought...I could be a Tar heel fan.  I could be a Tennessee fan.  I could be an Auburn fan...uh, wait a sec...HELL NO...I could never be an Auburn fan !!!

All this...and I find a way to persevere.

Doom, Despair and Agony on me....




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