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Kudos to CNN (being serious)..


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For this video compilation. Obviously we don't have what happened during the very brief time he told the cop he was carrying and was reaching for his wallett. Think this was an unfortunate over-reaction by the cops that cost this guy his life. Everyone on the tape appears to be very calm leading up to the shooting.

Better training needed. Also, better listening by drivers who are pulled over but still no excuses for the LEO behavior here. Very likely a heavy handed over-reaction. It is very unlikely the driver was going to make a play for his weapon. His girlfriend and child in the car. A cop at each window. They deserve more than 3 million in payout and the LEO needs to be fired (if he hasn't been already) and convicted of manslaugher (I know he was found not guilty).

Just my opinion. I'm not going soft but there has to be a little more restraint on behalf of LEOs.

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1 hour ago, Sportsnut said:

Yes I have. 


And how many people are already dead because no other alternative was available? **So says the authorities.

And how many cops would get killed with your attitude. See because you pacifist liberals always blame America, police, etc for what they do. Just imagine having a gun pointing at you and have to make a split second decision. Shoot to injure and bad guys can still kill. That's why the police shoot to kill.

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1 minute ago, Sportsnut said:

What is wrong with not wanting anyone to die?

What's wrong with it is if a gun is pointed at you your job is to kill. If no gun is pointed at a cop then there will be no issues. You make it sound like cops wake up and decide today is the day I want to kill someone. 

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