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Georgia State Title games

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Freakin NG is over to the dark side already.... GSB musta bought popcorn and soda yesterday.    NG sold his soul for 7.50.... bgw


Cut it off after the first touchdown because I wanted the shutout badly. Only 7 points though! Just know the lads are gonna turn it up! Catching up on the DVR now fellas! Wish us luck #IBelieve

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Just now, hardhit1 said:

That’s the game I wanted to see but I can tell you a few of those over the years that don’t pan out😩

I honestly believe with our defense this year and Xavier at qb we had something for Grayson. 

Losses of personnel happen though. Couldn't overcome it. 

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2 minutes ago, BUFORDGAWOLVES said:

Well, GHSA put in a new transfer rule for what Grayson did....

We’ll see how that plays out. 


I wouldn't say "for what Grayson did" exactly, although they seem to be a magnet for shady activity. 

This one was all on Del Rio, Borders and Garcia. 

What it will do is make folks be sure they have it right on the first pass. I hope the deeper penalties for the schools rule they're supposed to revisit potentially implementing this off season passes too. 

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