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Targeting is Pure crap.

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5 hours ago, DownSouth said:

but the rule needs better clarification.

The reality right now is it will always be a judgement call like most every other penalty.

A guy can almost pull down a WR and not get a flag.....A guy can breath on a WR and get a flag.

I think if you want to play 4 quarters though you better follow the rules and hope you get a good judge if you bend the law. lol

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56 minutes ago, concha said:


All that's missing from making this the most wonderfullest hit of all time is a prison shank to the kidney. 

Head and eyes down, crown of helmet sighted in...



He's proven to be a dirty player......to me anyways.

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Maybe they need a "targeting rap sheet".....if you are a first time offender you get a 15 yard penalty and you go on file....2nd offense, kicked out of the game......3rd offense kicked out of the game, miss the next game.....4th offense kicked out for 6 games......5th offense, miss a season.



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On 1/12/2021 at 4:32 PM, BUFORDGAWOLVES said:

Are you sure you wanna go this  route, doesn't really matter whether it small, large muscle groups or behavior for that matter it's not something that can be corrected in a short while then you add the glare of the spotlight, pressure and intrinsic/instinctual drive to that mix.

There's no time to think about these things on the field, and if was so easily eliminated per your logic why would a player knowingly put themselves out on the biggest stage in the case of Skalski in his senior season... Skalski didn't go into the game thinking that.

There's argument that Field's turned... I get that but led with the crown... that is the rule.

So, it's gonna take a little time to correct.


I make my living mostly with my brain and not my back any more.  I fully recognize that when rules change it takes a while to adjust but it has been over two years.  It is not like moving a basketball goal up or down a few inches that can throw off muscle memory.  If the kid is as smart as you say, he *should* have been able to adjust by now.  I often say habit is a strange creature so I could cut him some slack if it was right after the rule change but two years?  Not buying it.  My seasonal job is probably 90% improvisation.  I never know what that room full of kids (and adults!) is going to ask or do but I try to prepare by saying what if?  I find it improbable that his coaches haven't worked with him and the others about not making that mistake.  If not, that is a huge coaching failure.  If he can't handle this stage he dang sure isn't going to be able to handle it at the next level.

I think we will have to agree to disagree on this one.

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On 1/13/2021 at 4:21 AM, DownSouth said:

If done correctly they could break it down in a similar manner to running into the kicker and roughing the kicker.

Maybe targeting I would still be an unsportsmanlike warning but not an ejection while targeting II would be for blatant cases.

I agree with ya, as it is some nice football plays have meant a kid gets tossed in the 1st quarter like Skalski got...I’m absolutely in favor of protecting kids, but the rule needs better clarification.

I've had a theory that this why the game seems to no longer have dominating defenses.  Everyone says that this is "because of how good offenses now play" .  Maybe so but I'll disagree - a big part of most great defenses was that they would fly to the ball as a unit and hit hard.  How do you do that as effectively when the greater half of your mind is worried about when and how to pull up while simultaneously trying to move full speed to the ball?

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